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Yesterday, I called Charter Communications to set up Internet service, after AT&T fucked up every order I set up with them. Like, every single one. The gentleman I spoke with told me the technician would be at my pad between 8 and 9 AM. While I was out with Toby's morning walk, I got an automated call from Spectrum, informing me that the tech was en route. It was a quarter til 8. Toby and I hied our way back to the pad and about 10 minutes later, Chase the Spectrum Tech was standing, smiling, at my door. It was 8:06! He had everything set up within 30 minutes, and even checked with the other tech in the van to see if he had a lighter or matches for me. I haven't the ability to make fire at the moment, so I'm starting to feel like Naoh!

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I have two pictures here. One is of what's left of that trailer that burned the other night. The other is of my new sunglasses. Now... about the sunglasses.... I've always had a deep affection for little round 60s Hippie glasses. I wore them pretty much exclusively from the late 80s through the 90s, until I couldn't find them anymore when I'd lose or break a pair. Yesterday, when I went to our local That's a Dollar Plus store to get a loaf of bread for cheap, I stopped to look at the sunglasses. They had about a dozen pairs of little round sunglasses for $1.00 apiece. I had to get a pair! Since I was already saving $2.50 on the bread, I figured a little luxury like these glasses could be something I could afford.

Some folks may think that I'm trying to emulate a certain musician who took to wearing similar sunglasses in the late 80s, but I'm not. It's truly just a coincidence that we have this in common and, to be honest, I find it a tad disturbing, but not so much that I won't wear my sunglasses with relish every chance I get. And I plan on going to get an extra pair if we do good at the flea market on Sunday. So, [livejournal.com profile] falkenna, feel free to cackle at me and get it out of your system, but I reiterate: coincidence. We were wearing these exclusively from each other years before we ever knew the other existed in this Vale of Tears. So, shut up.

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Shortly after midnight, I was rudely awakened by Aunt Tudi urging me to get up, get dressed, and get our water hose hooked up, I needed to go wet the privacy fence in the back yard to keep the fire burning in the trailer park from spreading to us. I flew out of bed and zig-zagged to and fro before I got my bearings and rushed outside. By the time I got out there, though, the fire department had already arrived and was soaking the area much better than I could have with my measly little hose.

I'm not sure what happened to the trailer that Mr. Grizzle used to live in. All I know is that all the metal siding was stripped off the domicile and, shortly afterward, the place was condemned and Mr. Grizzle went to live in a "home." How the blaze started, I don't know. All I know is that it scared the living crap out of me and it took me forever to get back to sleep while I listened to the firemen do their thing.

Before retiring, I got a wee movie of the fire along with a couple of pictures. The voice heard in the movie is Aunt Tudi's, by the by. Southern, ain't she? Barry loved her accent and kept requesting that she say something else. This was the only time I ever regretted working on ridding myself of my accent.

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At least now the eyesore is gone and no one was hurt, as far as I know. I can't be sure of any animals not being hurt, but no people were hurt, of that I have no doubt. The surrounding trees have suffered some damage, but they bounce back fairly quickly from something like this. Who knows how many little birds bought it as a result of the fire, though. Sad.

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