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Despite breaking into a clumsy trot, pinwheeling his arms in an attempt not to succumb to his boot toe catching on a rise in the sidewalk pavement, Flint felt himself topple in slow motion, sprawling across The Osmond Family’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.


“So much for Vampiric grace,” Flint grumbled, pulling himself from the ground as tourists studiously ignored the spectacle before them.  Why were there so many tourists out at 2 in the morning? Flint wondered.  Raising his voice to where he could be heard, Flint groused, “Hey, shows over, eh?  Pictures’ll cost you extra!”


The tourists widened their berth around the irked Vampire, as he brushed the grime from an outfit that already looked grimy and unkempt.  The clothes weren’t dirty, they were just old, well-worn, and much too large for Flint’s slight frame.  It was his wardrobe that was responsible for his fall, because the size discrepancies weren’t reserved to just Flint’s threads, but also his shoes.  Flint’s proper shoe size was between a 9 and 10, depending on the make of the shoe.  The boots on his feet were size 13, and the sole of the left boot was loose and floppy.  Flint called it his rubber flapjack.

Satisfied with sorting himself after the tumble, Flint reached into one of his overcoat pockets and pulled out a wretched-looking cigarette, along with an even worse-looking book of matches.  Without moving from the middle of the sidewalk, Flint struck a match, and cupped it to the cigarette, taking a long drag, then exhaling slowly toward the night sky.


Out of the corner of his eye, Flint caught the disapproving glare of bearded young man approaching him, probably on his way to the subway station nearby, given his non-tourist appearance.  He was in just the perfect mood to not let the silent judgement go without comment.


“Calm down, it’s not like I’m a corporation belching filth into the air around the clock.  I think you’ll survive having to pass me on your way to whatever hipster convention is eagerly awaiting your arrival.  They surely can’t get started with their hardcore smugness without your retro arse in attendance!”


The man stopped in his tracks, his scowl deepening.  But when Flint flashed his fangs in a predatory smile, the scowl turned to dismay, and the young man hastened away, no longer concerned with the peril to his lungs.  Funny how people forgot minor dangers to their person, when they realised their throat could well be on the cutting board.  Flint chuckled, his mood buoyed by the brief encounter. He began to walk again, puffing away and humming to himself.  


Nov. 2nd, 2013 04:37 pm
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Yes, my Tim Roth obsession is still reigning (with a bit of interference from Richard Ayoade ~ look him up, he's a total babe). Problem is, I've run out of picture. 'Til today.


 photo tumblr_mvmpe8YTEN1so3ypso2_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mvmpe8YTEN1so3ypso1_1280.jpg
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Yes, I'm still making these. It's utterly ridiculous, but it's something to pass the time. Besides, the Hooligans really seem to like them. Don't know about the Roth, though. I'm still expecting a Cease and Desist letter from his lawyers on any given day.

I'm providing the link to the TRT playlist, ensuring it'll start with TRT 145. Some are pretty amusing, all are irresistible, thanks to The Roth. Hubba hubba, Waka waka.

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I have been terribly lax in posting the Tim Roth Tutorials, so I am posting the playlist. You should be able to jump to #120, and then they will play automatically. Hopefully you'll like them! Some of them are pretty funny, if I do say so myself. And the Recess Tutorial is HOT HOT HOT. Here you go!

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Yeah, so Tumblr is going to be the death of me. Just when I think I've seen every photo of Tim Roth ever made, that isn't in his private collection in a drawer in his home someone comes up with a totally new image. What does that mean? It means if I suffer, so shall you.

Let us begin with a group of pictures I smushed together in Photoshop. It started off with my making a Cheezburger LOL of Tim Roth, that said "Tim Roth Not Clive Barker," because to me they look uncannily alike. So then I thought it would be funny to find a Clive pic and LOL him alongside Tim Roth. But then I found a picture of Clive in makeup, looking waaaaaay too much like a picture of Tim I already had. The bottom picture is my reaction to it.

That out of the way, let the games begin!
behind the cut! )

I think this will conclude our latest session of eye candy. I think I have some Tutorials to share, too, but that can wait 'til later.
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I had to do very little to alter this picture. Everyone settled perfectly in their respective roles. This is in honour of Jeff Lynne's latest releases, and in anticipation of his albums coming out in October. Can...Not...WAIT. In the meantime, have some more Reservoir Dogs humour.

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I've been a busy bee as far as manips are concerned. Even though I've still been wrestling with "Feeding the Tree," this has been a comforting distraction of sorts. Hope some of these bring smiles to the faces of some folks.

I saw this image of Barbara Bush on Yahoo, and the first thing I thought of was a velociraptor. Now, you will too.

more behind here ~ one is very naughty, so be aware... )

I'm back to trying to write, as well as collect pictures for the most ambitious video I will ever make. Ta.
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As Samuel L. says in Jurassic Park, "Hold on to your butts."


More behind the cut. Click at your own risk. )

Now, wasn't that fun?

I have another image I would kill grannies to share, but I don't think I'm allowed, goddammit.
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If I did enough of these, it was bound to happen.

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I've been lax in posting these, but I do have an excuse; my body seems to be trying to like die or sommat. At any rate, the lessons just keep rolling onward and upward. Number 119 may well kill me, though, for Cadmus/Flint-related reasons. Dear god...

More Rothian goodness here! )
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So I'm back in the bosom of the house, even though I'm spending nights at Janice's and Michael's for the next few days. I'm still not very comfortable being by myself for any significant length of time and, considering I have no transportation for a while, that means I'll be imposing myself upon the good will of the aunt and uncle. It makes me consider even more seriously the idea of chucking it all and going to live nearer to the Mother Unit, if she'd have me. I still don't see myself doing such a thing until Chester has made the great journey beyond, though. I would feel it to be a betrayal not only to him, but to Aunt Tudi as well. So that's not gonna happen.

Toby is another matter altogether. Toby is still a youngster and would be the perfect companion to an older single person, or an elderly couple. He's definitely a one-dog canine, being quite territorial and possessive. I have constant problems with him trying to run the other beasties away from what he considers his and his alone - me.

Smidgen, of course, goes where I go. She's my baby. Period. No arguments on that point, even if it means that I remain in this house until my dying day. The only problem I think the Mother Unit would have with Smidgen is that mah Smidge still has her claws. And she always will. I don't believe in de-clawing. Even before I saw the procedure done, I was against the practice. Seeing how it was done and how the animal suffers during recovery makes it eternally verboten in Tin-land. Soft Paws might be an option, though. I deeply doubt that Smidge would want to engage in any serious discourse with the Unit's birds, seeing as how they're all almost her size and meaner than shit, but if she did become interested, Soft Paws would nip that inclination in the bud without any pain felt by anyone.

I made two Tim Roth Tutorials whilst lying in the hospital. Some of the devout followers of the series (Hooligans one and all) were shocked that I would do such a thing when I was feeling so poorly. Well, there wasn't much to do there, but watch television (not good telly either), try to write (which is hard when you're kind of drugged up), or engage in anything remotely meaningful other than trying to heal. I'm not saying the Tutorials have no meaning. Far from it! It's just that they're very easy to make once I know what the lesson is going to be. I've created a template that I use for each one, so it's really just paring down to what scene I need and changing the lesson number, along with wording the lesson just so. The most difficult bit of Tutorial creation is finding the perfect scene and thinking up an appropriate lesson for accompaniment. That's the trickiest bit. One thing that really pisses me off, though, is finding a wonderful Tutorial, but not being able to create it, because the ripped version of the movie turns out to be in French or Martian, or whatever, or it's scrambled beyond all semblance of sanity. What few Lie to Me Tutorials I've been able to make are all blocked worldwide on You Tube. Thank the Mighties for Vimeo! Despite the issues that come along with using that video sharing site, at least Vimeo is more charitable when it comes to free exchange of imagery. But I am babbling. I need to catch up the Cliffs with the current Tim Roth Tutorials before I make any more of them. So stay tuned for that.

Oh, one more thing on The Tutorials; I have announced to the Hooligans that, when I have run out of sufficient Archibald Cunningham footage to create new lessons, the Tim Roth Tutorials will come to a close. I don't think they were thrilled with the idea; however, I still have tons of good material to create more Tutorials, so it's not like the series is ending tomorrow.

Okay, enough of that.

Janice checked my mailbox yesterday and brought me a package from Barry. It contained three or four copies each of Shriekback's Having a Moment, his solo project Haunted Box of Switches, and Stic Basin's self-titled EP. There was a gentleman who expressed more than a rabid interest in Haunted Box, which Barry was all too gracious to share after I told him what the fellow had said. I am going to try to sell the other copies and send B the fundage I may get from such a venture. We shall see. One thing I do need t find out, though; the titles of the Stic Basin songs. I had them on my old iTunes before the computer was pulverised by Sprite. I was not so lucky with the retrieval of everything for iTunes, and that included the Stic Basin tracks. Soooo...I'm gonna have to ask him about that.

Now I am wondering if I should try to write anything of substance (as if that ever happens!) or just surf the web whilst listening to groove-ass songs, like the one playing on iTunes right now. What? "Party Man" by Prince, Joker's original theme song, and rightfully so, yo. "Why So Serious" is an epic theme, don't get me wrong. But "Party Man" so perfectly fits Joker, even Nolan's interpretation. Speaking of Nolan and Batman, it had been the plan to drive up to Concord and have a date with [livejournal.com profile] janalyson to see The Dark Knight Rises. That was pretty much tanked when I had the seizure in particular, but was indefinitely round-filed when the advent of my unexpected hospitalisation. I just hope my unfortunate travel-destroying misfortunes have not ruined [livejournal.com profile] janalyson's chances of seeing the flick on the silver screen. I've heard that's the only effective way of TDKR, preferably in an IMAX theatre. Here's hoping she and Jennifer are able to make it. As for me, I'll hopefully be able to see it when it comes out on video. If we all haven't been eradicated by the Alpaca Lips, I shall check it out then. If we are rendered extinct, it really won't matter in the end, anyway. Win-Win, as I see it.

Okie-Day, I think that's all I have for now. I'm off to either try to write, or make merry on The Intarwebz. Or I may snag a flick off Netflix, god bless 'em for their mere existence... 'Night 'Night.
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Tim Roth to play Prince Rainier in 'Grace of Monaco'

Thesp will star opposite Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly


"Arbitrage" star Tim Roth is set to play Monaco's Prince Rainier III opposite Nicole Kidman's Grace Kelly in Olivier Dahan's "Grace of Monaco."

Pierre-Ange Le Pogam is producing with financier Uday Chopra of YRF Entertainment and scribe Arash Amel.

Story finds Kelly as a former Oscar winner and mother of two who had already spent six years as the monarch of a European nation. The retired starlet was called upon to save Monaco from an escalating situation regarding its standing as a tax haven, with French leader Charles de Gaulle giving her husband, Monaco's Prince Rainier III, six months to reform its tax laws.

Roth will play the ambitious and strong-headed Prince Rainier III, who was forced to run the country at a young age and broke from tradition to marry Kelly. While he initially lets his emotions get in the way of his work and marriage, he eventually lets Kelly guide him in decision-making.

More here:  http://contenta.mkt4014.com/mson/2012/08/15/IZencYeNNEwt/index.html

Oh man oh man, this is gonna be so cool! :)

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Honestly, I could watch this .gif for hours on end. He's just so damned pretty! Of course, the Weeping Angels would totally destroy him, but that's okay because...THAT BLINK!


Okay, now for a ridiculously Flintian photie. Nothing on this man fits. Absolutely nothing.


Gads, I am so in love with this man and, by love, I mean pure unadulterated lust.
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Okay, I near about died when I saw this one.

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I swear, this chick on Tumblr is trying to kill me. The photies I've collected today are among some of the best I have ever seen! And here I thought I'd seen every Roth photo and screencap on planet Earth.

Beyond Beautiful )

Sweet Mother, how I adore this man. It may be unhealthy, how much I dig on Tim Roth.
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Look at these unbelievable pictures of the exquisite Tim Roth!

Click for the second most beautiful man in the world! )
That's it. I am done for. I think I've had a stroke.


Jul. 31st, 2012 03:31 pm
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Here's the conversation. He was grousing about how Obama is getting a bad rap from the GOP and many Americans. :)

@Caliannah true and of course W got two terms

@TRhooligan1 That is because people are INSANE. (not everyone in the South is a tackhead...)

@Tinhuviel I've met many who aren't


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Well, this night has been most momentous. B was well-pleased with the first reaction to Shriekback's version of "God's Gardenias." He emailed a response to me about that, so I'm very happy that he's happy.


And this is most monumental...

Tim fucking Roth responded to one of my Tweets! ::dies::

Here's the exchange:

TRHOOLIGAN1: true and of course W got two terms
TINHUVIEL: That is because people are INSANE. (not everyone in the South is a tackhead...)
TRHOOLIGAN1: I've met many who aren't.


So, apparently, he doesn't think I'm a complete nutter, based on nothing but the Tim Roth Tutorials. There were only supposed to be five of those anyway. I'm keeping it up because I've heard from so many Hooligans who really love them. Wonder why? Ha.

I've been imbibing Absinthe this evening, which is kind of ironic, given Flint's Vampire name (Absinthe), so I would draw on some strange inspiration from the Green Faery. Well, it's worked, and hearing from B and Tim Roth only compounded the mental state I am in. I am writing like a bloody fiend.

Who knows? I may actually overcome my prudishness about their encounter, and go ahead and write out the NC-17 activities. I am so going to Hell.

**EDIT** yeah yeah, I ordered B to go to bed, as it was 3:30 over there. WTF? Man really is a Vampire, I just know it. He responded with "absolutely." About 15 minutes later, he logged off and went to bed. Bossy Tin is BOSSY! heh.

So Lovely

Jul. 29th, 2012 12:50 am
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I've posted this before, but not this artistic rendering.

very Flintian )
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I can't believe there's even over a hundred of these. It was supposed to be a crash course in making videos. I have lost my freakin' mind.

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I've got 99 problems, but Tim Roth ain't one of them.

Okay, he may be an addiction problem.

Seriously, though, this computer has been nothing but trouble since I got it. I have saved everything to the external hard drive and I'm calling Dell tomorrow. It's still under warranty, so GODS, I should be able to get this fixed or get a replacement, or sommat.

In other news, I'm still struggling with Feeding the Tree. My mind just can't wrap around the anchors in this story engaged in anything almost remotely sexual. I don't want this to be Slash, but I do want to reflect the attraction/repulsion between Cadmus and Flint. Still though, it distresses me that such a pairing even exists in my head. It's so wrong and so many levels, I can't even adequately express it.

Also, I'm enduring another wave of love, which had been abated for a little while at least. I don't like this feeling. I'm not fond of not being in control. This may very well be a part of me I injected into Cadmus Pariah. I am after all his mother, and I am after all a part of him as a result. I consider it his inherent Virgo nature, if he in fact has a zodiac sign. I would like to think he is a Virgo, considering his parents, but that isn't necessarily written in stone. Anyway, this love crap has got to stop. I am not a little unamused by its presence, but can't see any way around its inevitablity.

There's a part of me who theorises that my desperate clinging to this idea of love is a side effect of the loss of Aunt Tudi. I have many friends, most of them online; however, this one person stands out to me. I cling to the idea of him, when I realistically should not. But he's such a huge part of me now, I can't conceive of a life without him, however small a life it may be. It may be because he was the one person I clung to during all the grief and sorrow. He was my only connection to reality and often my only consolation. What agonises me is that I can never tell him.

I can never tell the people I love that I love them. It's like some sort of karmic block. First there was Andy. I told him. He told me he was gay. Then my soul mate. He was married. Then the Harpist. That was love at first sight. Yes, it exists. It was not reciprocated. I know this latest incidence is not reciprocated, not in the way I wish it were. Besides my soul mate, this may well be my one greatest love. I'd simply accept it as adoration, but it's more than that.

I just want it to go away. I want things to go back to normal, or at least my conception of normal. I want to be normal again. I want things to be the way they used to be, instead of the uncomfortable arrangement there is now. What's so bad is, I'm the only one who feels this apparent discomfort, because I desperately want more than what I can have. That's the story of my life in the realm of love. I just want him to be as affection toward me as he can be, considering his situation.

If I could give him the world, I would. But all I can give him is a detached sort of admiration.


In even more news, I have a New Fascination, thanks to the movie Sucker Punch. One Oscar Isaac. Ain't he pretty? This is actually more my type than Tim Roth, but Timmeh is still #2 in my sick little world.

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Okay, here's the deal. I am going to post just the You Tube versions of these, but also include the links to the You Tube and Vimeo playlists where they are all uploaded. In the event I see a YT video is blocked completely or partially, I will showcase the Vimeo version instead. It'll take up less space like this and it will also save some of my sanity. So that being said, on to the Lessons!


More to come, as I restock my Roth footage. xo
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I don't make You Tube videos solely for myself. Sure, there's a part of me that gains all manner of joy when someone likes what I am doing. That's why I have 100 Tim Roth Tutorials instead just the 5 I was aiming to make. I was well-pleased to discover the Tutorials already had a growing following who wanted me to make more. And the more I made, the larger the demand became. It became an ego-booster and an exercise in how far my humour could go and would be accepted. It thrills me that I have had no objections from the Hooligans (Tim Roth's insane fanbase).

But the main reason I created my You Tube account was to show the still-feuding fans of Andy Partridge and Barry Andrews. I had a video that I had lifted from XTC's Chalkhills website that featured part of an interview between Andrews and Partridge, conducted probably sometime in 1982-83. The intention was to settle the argument once and for all, showing that the two of them were friends before the XTC debacle and they buried the proverbial hatchet only 3 or 4 years later. It was time for the fans to let it go.

It worked for most.

Then I noticed that the Sacred City movie wasn't available anywhere on the Internet. I asked Barry if I could post it in increments so people could finally see it. He said "sure." So I did. This was before You Tube wouldn't allow any videos exceeding 10 minutes, so I had to divide Sacred City into some kind of logical order. It worked out pretty well.

My mission was quickly becoming an offering up Shriekback and Shriek-related material. Not just my own, but linking to videos (like the live version of 'Despite Dense Weed') that other people had uploaded, that may not be getting the proper attention they deserved. One thing led to another and Barry allowed me to upload the 'Captain Cook' video along with Shriekback's official introduction to America. He then gave the go-ahead to post the Fluke/Shriekback collaboration "Tosh (Shriekback Wash)" and an interview he did circa 1987.

It was later, early in this year, I got to thinking that the Illuminati songs had not been available for years. James had done a remix of all but one of the Illuminati songs, but they stopped being available when the old Shriekback Digital Conspiracy was dismantled. It disturbed that so many people would never have the chance to ever hear these songs, so I asked Barry if I could post them all to You Tube, along with the lyrics. That way, people could listen and sing along if they so chose. After careful consideration, he gave me permission. With the help of Khanda Taylor and Trista Mack, with assistance from Barry, I got the lyrics right and began the task of putting up the videos. I was new at making my own videos and began the task of teaching myself how to make them.

The Tim Roth Tutorials and some of the early Shriekback videos were my attempt to hone my zero skills in this art. I quickly began to realise that, with creating videos for songs in particular, mathematics came into serious play. And I really really suck at math. It was math that held me back from being valedictorian, and placed in at merely 6th in my class. Math pisses me off. And here I was, working on projects that demanded a rudimentary working knowledge of math. I understood now why so many mathematic whizzes are often very proficient in music as well. I never made that connection until I began making the Illuminati videos. One video in particular, I made for the mere pleasure of it, not only to teach me the art of micro-second timing. I made it to literally represent the lyrics, even though Barry did not mean it to ever be taken literally. He pointed this out, but I explained to him my reason, then he understood.

During all this, I continued to make Tim Roth Tutorials, and I got permission from Barry to upload some rare Shriekback songs, along with songs from his piano solo album Haunted Box of Switches. Today, I got a very gratifying letter about this video I uploaded on 24 June .

The guy said: "This is incredible. I have wanted to own or at least hear this album for nine years, & now I have heard one track from it at least/at last. I have done everything in my power to contact Barry Andrews for a copy but it can't be done. It can't be bought anywhere so my guess is you'd not be stealing anything from Barry if you did? God it's so beautiful. Shriekback have a small private distributor - he hasn't offered it to them this past decade. God alone, and Barry, knows why not. Post more please!"

So I wrote to Barry, including this comment. He wanted me to give him the guy's email address, so he could begin a conversation with him and, hopefully, arrange for him to get the Haunted Box of Switches to him. He also told me that he liked my video interpretation of the song (noting that it ended with an image of Silbury Hill!), which tickled me to death. I have since made a video for "Queen's Beast." I hope he's as equally pleased with this one.

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I'm hoping I made #100 to be singularly and spectacular fantastic, because 'tis an Archibald Cunningham lesson, and it also marks the Tim Roth Tutorial's Centennial. So W00T!

Orright, let's have a go at these four important lessons, courtesy of The Roth.


Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #97 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.


Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #98 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.


Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #99 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.


Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #100 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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Sorry I don't have these up on Vimeo yet. I need to renew my Plus account over there; otherwise it takes me 68539274 years to upload a video. Once I have the account sorted, though, I'll upload Lessons 91 thru 96 (or whatever I'm up to by then). I'll link to the playlist over there, too. In the meantime, have some Rothian goodness.

clickie here )
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I find it hilarious that 90% of the Shriekback pictures used in most You Tube videos and online articles are pics I uploaded to the SDC site in 2000-2001 from all those magazines I got off eBay. I'm not complaining. Lord knows, All Things Shriek need to be proliferated with abandon. The images never belonged to me; I just scanned them. They belong first to Shriekback, then to everyone else. If more videos are made for the Shrieks using the pics, I say "good on ya mate!"

The world needs to hear their music and, if the pictures help you get that music to the masses, then I am all for it. Then again, I'm all for anyone reposting those pics since the Shriekback Digital Conspiracy no longer exists and I have not yet gotten permission to archive everything on another website. Something needs to be done!

In other news, since I have gotten a new computer and a couple of new Roth movies, the Tim Roth Tutorials are back in almost full swing. I need to get another month's worth of Plus account on Vimeo before I can upload anything there, because uploading without a Plus account takes 4582430975234098520394 hours. I'll at least be posting the You Tube versions here for now, so stay tuned.

I got a call from what sounded, for all intents and purposes, like Indrid Cold. It went to voice mail. I can't make out what the person is saying. It has scared me. So I will be taking one of my new sleep meds tonight since, if I don't, I know I won't be sleeping. That said, if I start making gobbledegook posts later one, please email me or comment to stop me dumb ass.

Jem just came on my iTunes, a song called "And I Pray." It's one of the songs that helped drive the Sainted Confessor "mini-novel." Faust was a very devout Christian Vampire. His main defense against what Cadmus Pariah was doing to him was to pray. Here are the lyrics.

And So I Pray by Jem
Storm is brewing in the air tonight
So many pressures on my mind
Want to escape just wanna run away
But it's not an option I have to stay

And so I pray
I wish that all these things would go away
To disappear if only for a day
Know I can't go but I don't wanna stay

Can't believe the irony
The thing I wanted is killing me
All the happy smiles I miss
Didn't think it would be like this

And I pray
I wish that all these things would go away
To disappear if only for a day
Know I can't go but I don't wanna stay

Storm is brewing in the air tonight
So many pressures on my mind
Want to escape just wanna run away
But it's not an option I have to stay

And so I pray
I wish that all these things would go away
To disappear if only for a day
Know I can't go but I don't wanna stay
To be left alone if only for a day
I wish that all these things would go away (pray to you I hope it will be alright)
To be someone else if only for a day (and over soon, I feel it)
Know I can't go but I don't wanna stay (hope that you hear me)
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Thank you God, for making me the second Most Beautiful Man in the World. ...even though I still contend I'm #1.

Those eyes. Those lovely lovely eyes.


Kinda funny I'm ending my 10-Year Blog Birthday with a Rothian picture. I'm off to Diane's for the evening.

As The Roth recently Tweeted ('cos he's in Paris), "Bonnie Nuit!"
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Someone on Tumblr did this edit of Tim Roth. Check the eyes. Flint's eyes. Tapeta lucida. Just accurate enough to piss Cadmus right off.

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I thought I'd posted Lessons #87 and #88, but apparently not. So here's a whopping four Tutorials.

I was almost convinced to stop these at Lesson 100, but probably won't for a number of reasons, the two main ones being 1) Many of the fans (or Hooligans as they are called by Tim Roth) are clamouring for these not to end and 2) I have way too many more movies that I could probably draw some unintentional hilarity from. Another reason, although not as necessary as it initially was, is making these were and still are, a great tutorial in movie-making, which has immensely helped me to get better at this, in order to represent the Shrieks, Barry Andrews, and Thee Caretakers to the best of my ability. 'Cos, seriously, these Tutorials came into existence as a fluke while I was rabidly trying to gain some sort of skill and hone it just a tad, so I could live up to the promise I'd made to Barry, to make available the Illuminati project.

There were only supposed to be five of these. Obviously, it has gotten out of hand. All that said, I've decided to make every 10th Tutorial from here on out, an Archibald Cunningham Tutorial. Because he was the driving force in creating these crazy things, and he's the first Tim Roth character I ever saw (which is probably why I've had a love affair going on with the man for almost 20 years now.).
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So, this conversation, or a pretty close approximation, was had earlier today after I showed Diane my 10 Epic Seconds of Liam Neeson I'd been saving for her.

She cackled.

"See?" I said. "This should prove that I really do love Liam Neeson. I just like to see him get his giant arse kicked by men smaller than him."
"What? Darth Maul ain't small."
"He's about a head shorter than Liam Neeson, with the horns and the hood."
"What? No way."
"Show me."

I pull up my Kicking Giant Arse music weedio. She watches.

"Damn! You're right! Well, what does he really look like?"
"You've never seen Ray Park?" I asked, disbelieving what I thought I was hearing. I was hearing right.
"Ohhhh, let me show you him!" And I played for her the Wushu Goodness video that I keep on tap, thanks to some kind soul who compiled all the footage. But it never really shows his face. So, I told her I'd show her my favourite pic of him sans the Maul make-up.

I show her.

"Okay," she said. "Stop joking around. I know you're on about Tim Roth, but I want to see Ray."
"That is Ray."
"You just let me borrow Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Tracy. That's Tim Roth."
"No," I said. "What are you on about?"

And I pull up a R&GRD picture. And put it beside my Ray picture. And...


just look )
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This is looooong overdue. Gadzooks, too many pictures, too much sexy goodness. I may perish from it all.

The Roth, being all Flintian. It's a shame that character has to eventually die. I am actually quite fond of him and how he just doesn't give one single fuck.

more irresistible photies one click away! )

I think, think, that's all I have for now. I could be wrong, there are so many this time. I'm sure I'll be back, especially with Cannes still in full swing.
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It's probably not surprising that the most reaction to these has been to #83, and who could blame the Hooligans really? Tim Roth, cookies, and milk always make a great combination. And the way he asks what kind of cookies, it's as though he's actually saying, "if I don't like the kind of cookie you're offering me, I will kill you and fold you up in a suitcase, grandma!" Gotta love a badass.

Just embedding the Vimeo version of #82, 'cos You Tube blocked it for copyright issues. Bastards.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #82 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #83 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Offering up the Vimeo embed and the link to You Tube, since YT disabled the embedding. Damn them!

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #84 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

You Tube Link: http://youtu.be/-20Ht_clC9E

More to come, although I'm seriously considering retiring the Tutorials once I reach 100.
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I'm posting this one by itself, 'cos it's Tim Roth's birthday Tutorial. His birthday is 14 May, 2012. I know it appears early for this, but he's in France right now for the Cannes Film Festival and it's just past midnight there, so it's officially his birthday. So here we go! [livejournal.com profile] paisley_daze, you'll dig this one as it has Gary Oldman in it. ;)

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #81 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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Someone just posted this picture on Tumblr. Oh Great Mother! If his hair was a bit long, he would look just like Flint.

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This is what I do when I have insomnia. Terrifying, ain't it?

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Eighty lessons? Really? Surely I've traveled far beyond Sparta. And, of course I had to use the Absinthe scene...because that's just way too bloody bizarre.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #79 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #80 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.


May. 9th, 2012 01:49 pm
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Oooookay...working on Tutorial #79 and came across a scene in Deceiver where Tim Roth's character talks about drinking Absinthe. That's Flint's Vampire name, the one he rejected in lieu of his mortal name. Why does this shit happen to me?
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Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson 76 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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Posting this one video early, because of its relevance. Will post Lesson #76 alone too, just to be able to keep to the even vids. Happy Anniversary to Tim Roth, whose first movie role was seen 30 years ago today. Once a badass, always a badass.

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So much to learn from this dude. We need to form a college or sommat.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #73 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Tim Roth Tutorial #74 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Deep Breath

May. 5th, 2012 11:27 pm
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The Crazy People have convinced me that it might be in my "best interest" to start copying The Roth on the Tim Roth Tutorials. I think I have fully joined the Hooligan ranks after being almost solely pure Rothian, because I'm seriously considering it. If I end up with a reputation of being some sort of stalker, though, just because I have a weirdo sense of humour, I'm going to lay waste to the whole of Twitter, leaving a steaming radioactive crater where it once stood.
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He's all curled up, waiting for some kind soul to give him a good home. Won't you be the saint he needs? Only after me.

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Posting this one, so I can star making even Tutorial posts in the future. This one is pretty pretty pretty steamy.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #72 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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Really, I can't believe there are this many now. What the hell am I doing?

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #70 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

You Tube Link (because they won't let me embed, the bastards!): http://youtu.be/_0Pp6oaPQFw

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #71 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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Not as many this time, but I personally think it's a miracle that I've found so many that I didn't have.

Bebbeh Timmeh straight from the 80s.

more unbelievable sexiness if you dare to click )

And there you have it. Are there more out there? Only The Roth knows for sure...
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Almost to Lesson #70. That's just wrong, especially since there were only supposed to be five of these. Five. FIVE. FIVE!

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #68 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #69 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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