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In the event you're wondering whether or not you're experiencing déja vu, you're not. It was suggested to me that I should switch to the Amazon Wishlist, rather than Wal-mart, as my options would be greater and oft-times cheaper, so that is what I have done. You can click on the wee picture to the left to be taken to mah list. Thank you for your time, patience, and willingness to read this far!

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I may drag out the bodhran and tighten the skin a tad, practice my triplets. Ideally, I'd love to join Davis and Kathleen in some music making. Maybe even Hannah too. I miss the Celtic music community sometimes I just ache with it. Bear McCreary's more Scottish-centred pieces for Battlestar Galactica poke at my Celt nerve (we all have them, those with enough Celt in our blood that is) and I get the urge to poke back. I shall poke with a Triskele-decorated beater.

Also, I'd like to find a partial poem I wrote ages ago. It was a take off on "And to Think that I Saw It on Mulberry Street," but was called "Your Pet Goblins." It's spoken from the mother's point of view and each stanza ends with "Reuben, your little pet goblins must go." I never finished it and I was thinking it would be fun to finish and illustrate or have someone illustrate for me and we could share in the royalties if the book were excepted by Fey or some other publisher. It's a far cry from The Vampire Relics to be sure.

Another thing I want to do is update my wish list. Most of what's on there are things I just want. There's a couple of things I need for the life of the computer, which is pretty much my life line. Those items will be added and then I'm gonna spread my wish list around like warm honey butter. Sweet and succulent like.
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I'm so restless today, I can hardly contain myself. All jittery inside and wanting something, I know not what.

Earlier, I was thinking that, if I hid under my desk, the Feudal Mistress may leave me alone. Not because she couldn't find me, but because I'd look extremely odd and unapproachable if I were stuffed underneath my desk. It's kinda tight in there, so the foetal position would be the way I'd have to go. I could do it though. Double-jointedness does come in handy at time. Oh, but it would be my luck that everyone except the Feudal Mistress would avoid me, leaving me contorted and miserablised in the extreme.

I was also thinking that I need to get moving on the passport thingie. The problem with this is I'm really not going to have the money to pay for passports until I get my severance; however, I wanted to be ready to hop on a plane for England the minute I was released from The Pit. So...Catch-22. As it stands now, I'm thinking that the trip may have to be moved up to sometime in early 2006 thanks to Joanie leaving The Pit. I may not get out of here until October or November.

What else, what else?

Uhm, I added some things to my Amazon Wish List. I've seen some, but not all, and would very much like to have them on DVD because I'm a shameless ho. I say this because this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to pimp my wish list in a place other than my user info. Already, I am ashamed of myself, but not enough to edit this post and do away with the disgraceful mooching.

Yesterday, during lunch, I got to see part of The Legend of 1900. I'd seen it before and it's a very cool movie. I highly recommend it if you like odd little dramas, like early 20th Century Jazz, or are a Tim Roth fan. I fit into all three categories. This is another DVD I need to acquire sometime down the road. The only problem I have with the movie is Pruitt Taylor Vince, and it's the same problem I always have with Mr. Vince: his eyes never stop moving. They constantly wibble back and forth. He's a great actor, but those eyes! Eek.

Oh yeah, I was thinking about The Person dreams, too. They span from 1981 to night-before-last, so it's gonna take me a while to gather my thoughts about all that. It's quite a bit to cover and a lot of it has gotten garbled and lost in memories faded over the....decades....oy....

Well, I think I've run out of steam for now. I think I'm thinking too much today. Thinking is a bad thing when you're supposed to be a Mindless Drone of the American Corporate Machine. I know this from experience...too much.

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