Nov. 4th, 2008 10:57 pm
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People around the world are watching the American election and applauding at the apparent victory of Barack Obama. What does that say about how truly hated that bastard George Dubya Bush is? I'm hoping that the good vibes and the hopes of a world aren't dashed by some nasty last-minute trick.
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Conversation samples from my lovely night at work.

"Obama's citizenship is now in question. It's gonna finally come out that he's a Muslim."

Guess what, you dunderhead: there are millions of American citizens who are also Muslim! Islam is not a country and Muslims are not that "country's" citizenry. And Obama isn't a Muslim but, if he were, that should make no difference regarding his qualifications as president. I'd rather have a smart Muslim than a Christian idiot as a leader any day of the week, thank you very much.

"I can't believe you voted for Obama! With a middle name like Hussein, I don't see how anyone can trust him."

Hm.. Lemme guess. You think he's a Muslim because his name is Hussein. My name is Angelina, which must mean that I'm a Catholic from Sicily. Fucking idiot.

"I'm just not comfortable with a president who's affiliated with known terrorists"

You mean like the Bush family ties to the bin Laden family? Do you not remember how relatives of Osama bin Laden were swiftly spirited out of the country the day of and the day after 9/11/2001? No wonder Americans are so scoffed at by the world. It would appear that the majority of us, or at least the majority for the past eight years, has the attention span of a goldfish.

"Yay! It looks like McCain is leading Obama by several thousand votes!"

Yeah, in South Carolina. The state has a collective IQ of not quite 100 and its people are only exhibiting their mental capacity by voting the way their churches told them to, despite unemployment rates being sky high and folks losing their homes right and left. Smart. Really smart.

I'm glad I only had to work five hours tonight and that I was able to hold my tongue as much as I did. Had I been there any longer, I would have blown a freaking gasket and told all these tackheads exactly what I thought, more so than I actually did. It's so hard living in a red state, a painfully Red state.

It's heartening to see that North Carolina might actually snap out of the Red haze in which it's been fumbling for the past few decades, and go blue. Elizabeth Dole lost her seat. HA! If NC does vote blue, I'm so getting me a "Proud North Carolinian" bumper sticker.

The Stir

Oct. 31st, 2008 12:25 pm
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Just days away.


And, as an air of guarded hope begins to settle upon the heavy shoulders of so many of us here in America, my heart is stirred just a little, just enough. Enough to recapture that feeling shared by My Friend Todd and myself when we watched the election results unfold on our TV as we ate pizza, drank beer, and high-fived to the announcement of every state that aligned with Bill Clinton.

The closer we get to Tuesday, the more I hope, and the more I fear. There's still the chance of another "terrorist attack" that will change everything. I can't imagine that the Fascists would let the power they've usurped and built over the past eight years just slip through their fingers without a fight of some sort, or a ploy to rig the outcome of the People's Will.

I can't believe we're so close to finally getting rid of that cock-eyed tyrant who has held our country hostage for so long.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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All I can do is hope that it comes to pass, that Barack Obama will bring some sanity and grace back to this depressed land and her people. I hope that his presidency will persuade the world that Americans aren't a pack of single-minded, Redneck knuckle-draggers and that we're deserving of forgiveness for the transgressions of our so-called leaders. Another hope of mine is that Mr. Obama doesn't follow too closely in the footsteps of JFK, and get himself killed by the Republicans. It's difficult for me to imagine the America we would be living in today, had JFK not been assassinated. I don't think the face of the country would be recognisable. I'm certain it'd have a much happier expression than it does right now. Hopefully, Barack Obama can do something to change it, if left alone by the Fascists to do the job the people want him to do.

Although I'm probably preaching to the choir, I feel it needs to be said. Come Tuesday, go vote. So what if there's a long line and an even longer wait. Can you wait four more years to try to change what will probably be irreversible by then? No. Put in your time and cast your ballot. Even if you're not wanting to vote for anyone, just consider it a vote against the least likely candidate. Just vote. Vote as if your life depends on it because, really, it may just, at least your way of life. Don't let the Fascists and their Dominionist cronies keep us all under their thumb any longer. Eight years is enough. Too much. If the voting isn't rigged, let your voice be heard.

I'm begging you.

So bad

Oct. 15th, 2008 03:52 pm
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Things are so bad, I'm leaving early for work to take a roll of toilet paper to a friend who has none and no money to buy any. I'd like to poo and wipe my bum right on Dubya's face. Economic scat, all the rage these days.
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  • There's a reason why the movie W. is being released so close to Hallowe'en: it's a freakin' horror movie. And what makes it even scarier is that it's based on a true story. Dubya will end up in the ranks of horror movie monsters like Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees, and Pinhead. I can see it happening. He's been scaring the hell out of me for the past eight years.

  • Attention all you crazy Russian serial frienders: I don't mind you're friending me. Hell, I'd friend you back if you'd just pop onto the ole blog and tell me you've friended me and introduce yourself! But I don't like being part of some bizarre online competition. So, if that's why you friended me, please defriend me and move along. No harm, no foul. If that's not what you're doing, just let me know and I'll friend you back because I dig people on a certain level despite my rabid misanthropy. I especially like Europeans and I've always been quite fond of Russians, Czechs, and Poles. Slavs in general are of particular interest to me and I've actually tried to teach myself Russian and Czech. That was about twenty years ago, which means I remember none of what I taught myself. That said, I can't understand a word you write in your journal, but that's okay. If you're a legitimate friender, I'll friend you back and enjoy the Cyrillic appearing on my Friends Page. It may prompt me to try to learn Russian again!

  • I've decided to not return to the bakery. I'm thinking that Teresa is trying to "punish" me by not giving me any hours this week.  Actually, even though I needed those hours, I've had a wonderful weekend, thanks to Teresa's so-called punishment.  And her actions stirred within me the last vestige of pride that I possess and that the Man has yet to successfully beat down.  I'm no longer a bakery slave!  When/If Teresa calls to let me know she finally "needs" me to come back to work, I'm going to inform her that I'm no longer available to work in the bakery and that I'm going to do to her what she did to me.  And I'm going to hang up on her.  I've already told Tami that I'll be available to work more hours at the Dollar General.  When I go in to work on Tuesday, I'm supposed to write down what days and times I'll be available for work.  It's gonna be difficult not having that third job, but we'll make it somehow and I'll be saving what little pride I have left so that I can continue to partially hold my head up in this Corporate/Fascist state that's keen on eradicating any capacity for thought and self-preservation its consumers may possess.  By the grace of the Goddess and God, I will persevere!
  • [ profile] clumsycake is having a hell of a time trying to find a surgeon who will help her with her bladder problem. Since she has no insurance, she's trying to go through some charity organisations to try to get her surgery. The problem she's having is that tacking up a woman's bladder is considered an "elective" surgery, which means anyone who needs the surgery has to grovel in the gravel to maybe get it down the road. [ profile] clumsycake is in pain and can't function because of her dropped bladder, yet the powers that be have decreed that her condition isn't that serious and should therefore be treated as an elective situation, if it's treated at all. She has an appointment with a doctor on Tuesday, after speaking with an Ask-a-Nurse nurse, who directed her to Regenesis. Maybe she'll be able to get the help she desperately needs. This is America's health care in action! Stay tuned here for more riveting updates on [ profile] clumsycake's fearless sojourn into the dreadful quagmire of the US health care system.

  • There's something coming on the History Channel at 10PM which is what I'd called Must See TV. It's called Last Days on Earth. If you're even remotely sympathetic to my Alpaca Liptic message here on The Cliffs of Insanity, then you need to get thee hence and enjoy this Feel-Good Television.

  • I've decided that, the next time one of my animal companions finds themselves needing a "lamp shade" around their heads, I'm going to request the largest lamp shade available. Then I'm going to cut it into a daisy shape and paint it purple. Then I'd place this godawful thing on my unfortunate animal friend and promptly take pictures. I'm hoping that my animal friend would look like this:
     I think Riley would be the perfect candidate for this dandy pictorial project.

  • Smidgen is exhibiting something I like to call the Feline Autumn Heebie-Jeebies. When she takes herself outside for any length of time, after she comes in, she has huge pupils and she runs about like a crack whore who's on a particularly festive high. Riley and Motley get the brunt of her FAHJ. Smidgen stalks both of them and just gets the greatest pleasure when she manages a smack on the sly. I'm hoping I can get her on film, walking on her hind legs, her arms in the air, and her eyes black as night. I've noticed that many cats succumb to the Feline Autumn Heebie-Jeebies. The change in the air seems to affect most cats, making them celebrate life to the fullest of their feline abilities. This means that someone is going to suffer and someone else will be amused by their moments of suffering. And the wheel keeps turning....

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Tonight at Sally Foster, a lady with whom I used to work in the Pit asked me at break tonight what I thought of Sarah Palin.

"Oh, my, do you really want to get me started on her?" I asked.

She grinned and said, "Oh yes, I do!"

"Okay, I'll give you the condensed version. I think that Sarah Palin is a rancid bitch."

This chick about choked on her coffee from a combination of surprise and laughter.

"Do you want me to go on?" She nodded. "Okay. So, yeah, the fact that she has the audacity to identify herself as a woman makes me want to rip her skin clean off her bones and beat her to death with it. I don't know if she's just so power-hungry that she doesn't care or if she's too dumb to realise that the only reason that living wrinkle chose her to be his running mate is because she's female, and he's hoping this may get him some votes. That's the only way he'd get votes 'cos the only way he'll ever get in the White House is the same way that rat bastard currently in the White House got it ~~ by stealing it."

She chortled. "And what was it you called Sarah Palin again?"

"A rancid bitch, and you can quote me on that."

And I left amidst peals of laughter from her and those close enough in proximity to hear our exchange. I'd like to think that the laughter was tinged with approval for my words. I'm soooo gonna get shot someday, probably with a blindfold on and a Marlboro clenched betwixt my fangs.
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Stephen Leeb, president of Leeb Capital Management was on CNN saying that, without the bail-out that passed in Congress yesterday, we'd find ourselves in a dictatorship very quickly. I agree with him on a certain level. Without the bail out, the dictatorship would be sudden and violent, much less subtle than what the current controlling body wants. With the bail out, it will get the rest of the money it's been stealing over the past eight years, enough to fund a monumental "terrorist attack" on American soil before the November elections, and to spend establishing a new order in the United States after the elections have been suspended indefinitely. We'll all be too poor and overworked to rise up and protest or fight our "rulers" by then, and we'll peacefully acquiesce to the New America presented to us. That's how the dictatorship will be accomplished.

All this is theory. It's a very frightening theory. As I've said before, I hope I'm wrong. We've got a month to see if I am.
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After working 10 hours, first at the dollar store, then at Sally Foster, I come home and see the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Satan in a Dress. Already, my stress level is out the roof.

It was strange at the Dollar Store. Nine out of ten people who came in had something derogatory to say about the current economic situation and the lack of leadership our F├╝rher has displayed in all this, especially since his policies and decisions are the reason our economy is in the toilet. Some people were pro-McCain, but most everyone was keen on Barack Obama and were passionate about going to vote in November.

Michael Bloomberg is wanting a third term as mayor of New York. The law indicates that a person can serve only two terms, then they're out for good. It's mirrors the national law regarding the Presidency. But he wants to change that because of the economy. He argues that his experience in financial arenas is something that New York needs right now, so he should serve a third term, given the state of emergency in which our economy is present. This gave me a cold chill right down the old spine. If New York acquiesces to Bloomberg's suggestion, what's to stop Dubya from doing the same thing? I've said it before and I'll say it again here: something will happen that will make us have to put up with that Fascist asshole leading this country into oblivion indefinitely. He's figuratively pissed and spit upon the Constitution since day one and, now, it's so weak from eight years of abuse, it will probably be thrown out the window once Dubya and his Dominionist masters make their permanent presence in Washington official.

I'm so frightened by all this. I'm a Liberal Witch trapped on the buckle of the Bible Belt and I'm watching my country sink into the mire of Right Wing Fundamentalist oppression, and there's nothing I can do to change it or escape the horror to come.

114 Days

Sep. 28th, 2008 11:21 am
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We can hope that this sign isn't moot come November and that the bastard actually does vacate the White House after his time is up. I know I have all my bits crossed.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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I'm going to have to be really careful over the next month. After the 2000 debacle, I thought my heart was going to stop from fright. After 2004, I thought my brain would burst from frustration. I get too caught up in the drama of American politics and would like to survive long enough to at least vote before I die from the stress.

Last night I watched the first fifteen minutes of the debate, then slunk off to bed. I couldn't take it. Aunt Tudi taped it and asked if I wanted to see the rest of it, but I declined. I just can't take it. Despite my conviction that the American people will vote for Obama by a landslide, I've the uneasy feeling that McCain will still be our next president. That is, if Dubya gives up the White House at all. What I really believe will happen is there will be another "terrorist attack" on American soil that will lead to martial law in the US. All elections will be indefinitely postponed and we'll be put down if we protest the powers that be doing what they'd planned all along.

Once martial law is declared and Dubya becomes our first dictator, the Dominionist theocracy will be officially established. There will be some serious hell to pay after that.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope my proclivity for conspiracy theories is nothing more than my own paranoia singing another nonsensical song that no one wants to hear. But something tells me we're in for some severe shit over the next couple of months and the only ones to come out as winners will be Dubya and his goon squad.
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From [ profile] polypolyglot: I'm glad that you're reading the S.M. Stirling Emberverse books. Are there any other apocalypse-themed books you'd like to recommend to us?

As far as fiction is concerned, I highly recommend The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It's pretty much the bleakest novel I've ever read, which rates it high in my Gothic world. In regard to non-fiction Alpaca Liptic reading, I would suggest any books on the year 2012 and survival guides like how-to books on gardening, hunting, and defending oneself against angry mobs of hungry humans.

From [ profile] sapphirescarlet: What's a good pick-me-up now that the Red Eye Grande is gone?

Politics. Watching the political drama during an election year in the United States is enough to get your blood boiling like three Redeye Grandés drunk one after the other.

From [ profile] booraven22: Zombie George Bush tries to re-take the White House.

He lurched toward the front door, flesh dripping off his cocaine-saturated bones like dried syrup on an unwashed IHOP platter. The wet slapping of his rotten feet scared off a feral cat lurking in the shadows of the well-manicured shrubbery. The odour emitting from his dessicated body was not much different from what he smelled like when he was alive, so no alert was sounded since the Secret Service guards had long since become desensitized to that particular stench. When he finally reached the doors of the White House, Zombie George Bush rattled the handles and pounded on the wood, moaning a demand that he be granted entrance, that he was the only true leader of this country.

The door slowly opened, revealing the new President of the United States. In his hand was a railroad spike, which he swiftly plunged into Zombie George Bush's forehead. The tip of the spike exited at the base of his skull. Zombie George Bush stiffened, then crumpled at the President's feet.

"Why on Earth did you do that?" the First Lady asked, wrapping her house coat around her in reaction to the horror before her.

"It's the only way to kill zombies," the President said. "You have to destroy the brain, although I was afraid it wouldn't work on this one, considering who it was."

Both the President and First Lady laughed at this as they watch the Secret Service arrive to clean up the mess. Closing the door, the President led his wife back into the White House. It was going to be a busy day tomorrow, trying to right all the wrongs George W. Bush had enacted upon the nation and the world, and it was late. At least now, the world was safe from Zombie George Bush thanks to Barack Obama and an inexplicable railroad spike that just happened to be lying in a foyer of the White House.

And we all lived happily ever after.

So what?

Aug. 30th, 2008 12:54 pm
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So Hillary didn't get the nomination. So what? I've always liked Hillary Clinton. I admire her smarts and, yes, her cunning. She's a Liberal Sith. But Barack Obama was chosen by the party to run against the Crypt Keeper and his animal-killing beauty queen, and I'm fine with that. I like Barack too. He's not as Sithly, but that's okay. I'm fine with that too. I will support anyone running against the Conservatives, whether it's Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Smidgen. And, trust me, Smidgen would run against the Conservatives, and probably win, because Smidgen is Smidgen and she rocks like no other Earthling.

But back to serious, if not superficial, politics. I know a lot of people are unhappy about Hillary not even getting the VP nomination and are thinking about jumping ship because of it, but that's absolutely crazy and stupid, in my opinion. What are you saying, that you'd rather have yet another Republican controlling things for four more years than have a Democrat other than Hillary Clinton? If people aren't willing to compromise, then we deserve whatever horrors are in store for us if the worst happens and Dubya passes his iron hammer onto another right wing asshole.

I know there's the argument that Barack Obama doesn't have much experience, but maybe that's exactly what we need, someone who hasn't been in Washington DC for so long that the job would be business as usual and nothing would get done. We might do tons better with a president who is not yet jaded by our corrupt political system. My only concern is that Mr. Obama will be blown away before he can do some of the things he wants to do. He sounds and acts an awful lot like John and Robert Kennedy, and we all know what happened to them. If the Neocons can't cheat their way into power, they aren't above killing to usurp the positions they want. Don't think it can't happen again. If they can pull off 9/11, they can do anything. My only hope is that Barack is protected enough.

The last time I voted for a president was in 1996, when I voted for Bill Clinton the second time around. I was never so passionate about Al Gore or, especially, John Kerry. I cast my ballot in 2000 and 2004, but I was voting against Dubya more than I was voting for the Democratic candidate. This time around, though, I will be voting for someone again. Even though I was a Hillary supporter, I'm quite happy to vote for Barack Obama. I'm excited about the prospect of the nation in which I live being redeemed from the sins committed by our present Führer. I may even go so far as to say I harbour a wee bit of hope that things may be turned around, at least a little, in the capable hands of Mr. Obama. If he's smart, he'll tap Hillary for a cabinet position. If he doesn't, though, I'm not going to grouse over it.

I'll just be happy to see that bastard Dubya and his evil henchmen gone from DC and the collective backs of the world.
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For folks who came to this journal after August 2005, the Pit refers to my previous place of employment, what was once called BMG Entertainment, but later became Sony BMG. My Friend Todd still works for them. That's actually how we met, working at what was then known as the RCA Music Service way back in 1987.

Anyway, he forwarded this Billboard news article to me. I called him as soon as I got the email to see where this leaves him. He doesn't know because the weasels who run the company aren't talking. They're pretty much doing what they did back in 2004, keeping their lips closed for as long as they can in order to maintain control of what few employees they have left up until the very end when these wage slaves are no longer needed.

Apparently, the club portion of the industry (buy fortyleven CDs for a penny and give your souls to us, that club, dig?) has already been sold. This means that the folks in the last remaining Duncan warehouse are all out of a job pretty much. At least that's how it seems to be going down. I hope I'm mistaken about this, but I don't think so. Of course, no one in the halls of power will lose their jobs, just the "little people" who actually need their jobs and the insurance that comes along with them.

I spent yesterday in the emergency room holding my head in my lap after it fell off and rolled away. [ profile] clumsycake came to the house, picked up my head, and drove me to the ER. I loves me some [ profile] clumsycake. The first thing they did when they got me to the triage room was ask about insurance. Now, they can't refuse treatment to people who have no insurance, but they sure as hell harass you after the fact.

The doctor came in and shown light in my eyes. After I grabbed him by the collar and shook him to and fro for doing such a horrible thing to a person with a migraine, he ordered me up a migraine injection comprised of a cocktail of nubain and phenergin. The nurse came in shortly afterward, injected a half gallon of liquid into my hiney, reattached my head, and sent me home to die.

I told a lady at work today that, when the hospital sends me the bill, I'm forwarding it to Dubya. The bastich can afford to pay it much more easily than I, who can't pay it at all at the mo. His policies and evil deeds are the reason why I can't afford a visit to the ER and probably why my migraines have increased in severity and frequency anyway. Bastich.... We hates him, Precious. Hates. Him.
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We're being told that, if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac weren't bailed out yesterday, we would have been thrown into a brand new shiny Depression. Isn't that skipping a little technicality, like the recession our esteemed Führer denies we've been in for, oh....for as long as the bastard and his Nazi cronies have held our country hostage?

I've been corrected by News Goddess Aunt Tudi. Fannie and Freddie weren't bailed out. I thought they were. Maybe we're headed for that fun little Depression, after all. If it's a race, I've already beaten most folks to the finish line, except for maybe [ profile] angstzeit.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 11:54 am
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Thanks to our beloved Führer, I'm having to break down and try to make some money from selling my owls. Aunt Tudi and I are going back to the flea market on Saturday. If anyone knows if any of these owls are worth more than I would get at the flea market, please alert me. I don't want to do something stupid because I'm po. I feel stupid enough as it is.

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Days until Bush leaves office.

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Only 1000 more days. A lot of shit can happen in that time though. To my fellow Americans, hang tough and don't let the fucker get you down. To my fellow Earthlings, again.......I'm so sorry.

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Our Esteemed Fuhrer is making his speech tonight, attempting to convince those of us with brains that all is well while, at the same time, doing the Arsenio Hall "hoo hoo hoo!" to his Right Wing Dominionist cronies over the complete takeover of what was once a relatively decent nation. Sure, America has always had its problems (that's why I've identified as an expatriate since the early 80s), but what country doesn't? But it's like a bad joke using all the longtime threats of Fascism known to anyone who has ever read 1984. Yeah, I'm a little disillusioned, bitter, and generally surly about the whole situation and am praying ever more fervently for the Alpaca Lips to come and reset the Order of Things.

So. The State of the Bunion that was once a Union, but is now a mere achy callous on the tender toes of Mother Earth....

  • We are continuing to assert our status of Collective Ugly American around the world by enforcing torture, illegal imprisonment, and warcraft without good reason.

  • Our Blue Hairs (Senior Citizens) are being driven slowly mad from trying to figure out their new Doublespeak Prescription Plan. Many are going without medicines that help save their lives. Now I'm all for keeping these menaces off the roads, but going about it like this is just cruel and unusual.

  • The Supreme Court has been tipped in favour of the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. I've heard that Sam Alito is rereading The Handmaid's Tale to jazz up his spirit for his new position while all women of childbearing age should be practicing their new position in our happy little Right Wing Dictatorship.

  • Civil Rights takes another blow by losing Coretta Scott King as the young people of today are oblivious to the social ramifications presented by the Sixties. Young people are unaware that the Right Wing sabotaged what should have been the dawning of the Age of Aquarius by filtering addictive substances into pods of the Resistance, turning these hopeful revolutionaries into wraiths and turning the movement into a joke. Not to mention their killing Kennedy and Mrs. King's husband, Martin Luther. See where it's all gotten us?

  • Factory farming is still a fact.

  • The devastation of logging is still a fact.

  • Factories continue to belch filth into the air while individual smokers get blamed for causing cancer. Brilliant!

  • Women continue to die from ovarian cancer while scientists work tirelessly to create a new anti-impotence drug or figure out some way to stop and/or reverse male pattern baldness.

  • Our schools are being hijacked into teaching Creationism under the guise of Intelligent Design. Doesn't anyone find it funny that we were supposedly created via Intelligent Design, but we're being led by a barely evolved primate possessed by Legion? And we thought Legion only picked on swine. Silly us.

  • Reality TV is still holding the majority of the televiewing American public hostage while it perpetually sucks out our brains like the lifeforce being pulled out of Podlings by hungry Skeksis. I've come to believe that this is the main purpose of Reality TV, to do just that so we won't have the ability to fight back in any real capacity, just like the Podling zombies. Am I comparing the current administration to a pack of husk-dry Skeksis? Why, yes, I think I am.

  • Unemployment has reached ridiculous levels while we're being told on the news that the economy is going great and jobs are being created every day.

  • More people are losing health insurance every day while healthcare prices continue to rise at an exponential rate.

  • More people are dependent on drugs, particularly anti-anxiety and depression drugs, but we're being assured that life is great.

  • It's rumoured that America won't see it's Tricentennial, but would that really be a big loss now?

Okay, that's my State of the Bunion. More honest and, hopefully, more entertaining that Dubya's upcoming expulsion of vomit-inspiring lies. May he, his puppet-masters, and all of his cronies rot in the most stinking bowel of hell there is. Amen and Hallelujah.
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I was raised on his music because my grandmother was completely in love with the man. Needless to say, it's heartening to see that he shares my sentiments regarding our American Fuhrer.

Belafonte: Bush 'greatest terrorist in the world.'
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That's what I'm listening to right now. The song by Stereo MCs. I've always loved this song. LOVED.IT. "You must blind if you can't see the gaping hole called reality." Rock on!

I just saw a commercial that featured killer whales swimming gracefully over a gigantic flowery meadow. Dunno what they were advertising, but it was very pretty. Speaking of whales, seeing the advert reminded me of a square floppy record of humpback whalesong I got out of a National Geographic magazine when I was a kid. It was 33.3, but I played it on 45. Sped up humpback whalesong sounds like chirping birds. I've often wanted to get birdsong and play it on a slower speed. Betcha anything they sound like humpback whales. Just another example of how we're all...connected!

Am I the only one humiliated to the bone that WWE "rastlers" are going to Afghanistan to entertain "our troops?" Such spectacles pretty much prove the point of many Muslim clerics that America is a font of evil, don't they? What "our troops" need is some proper entertainment and little bit of culture, not to mention gobs and gobs of edumacation (just trying to speak the new layngige of our fearless fuhrer) so they won't go blindly into combat believing the lies they've been told. Ugh...

In my migraine drug-induced haze, I dreamed that I was having nightmares from which I couldn't wake up. So, in my dream, I was unable to escape the dreams I was having. It was quite distressing, as the nightmares in the dream were so real and so terrifying, I finally woke up in a cold sweat. Sometimes the Imitrex does that to me ~ keeps me in a weirdo psycho-billy state of mind. I didn't fully wake up from everything 'til around 5 PM this afternoon. I may be up all night.

"From the mind of Joss Whedon" says the advert for the release of the Serenity DVD. They talk about this man like he's the fucking Messiah. I just don't get it. So he's a relatively good writer who can create some nicely-developed characters. He's not all that. Just my opinion. Note to Joss: not every sci-fi and/or fantasy aficianado thinks you're all that. If you're anything like the folks who pump you up so much, please get over yourself immediately. Thank you.

And the wolf in the new Hall's Mentholyptus commercial reminds me of Darth Maul. I want to snog that wolf. Oh yeah.

I think I watch too many commercials too closely to not be a raging consumer. I think I'm paying more attention this year because two adverts feature ELO. Jeff Lynne will always have my undivided attention.

The procession of freaks and losers on Law & Order: SVU is sometimes overwhelming. This is, by far, my favourite show in the Law & Order franchise. The cops are visibly distressed by the work they have to do and I find that refreshing. They are far from invincible. They are sometimes as fucked up as the people they investigate. I dig it. They're always being told to go home for a week and see a therapist. That'd be the type of cop I'd be, I think. I'd be like Stabler, just one step away from freaking out and going on killing spree at Rikers. Whee! It's probably good I'm pursuing education in the animal care field instead of criminal justice.

Before I wash my hair, I'm going to give my car a lube job with my head. Yeah. Before I do that, I think I'm gonna make a poll to ensure the misery of all my readers.
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In the wee hours I decided to toddle out to feed the Pride. I also took food out for our Front Porch Felines. Since I pretty much carry my digicam around with me, I was able to capture many of these "insurgents." What happened in the 80s movies? Right? I wonder. I wonder a great deal. If I could find a job that allowed me to doze at will, I'd be all over it.

Later on today, I'm heading for One Stop to inquire as to my (and even that ploy didn't make his approval rating rise. The last time I head the news, it was stated that Dubya had lot a lot of weight he needed to lose. We can take comfort in the fact that nothing is out of sorts.

Okay, on the pictures!

trrrrrrrilllll )
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I haven't helped or donated anything to the situation in the Gulf Coast yet. Yet. I feel terrible about what's happened and I'm sorry that so many people have been displaced, their lives in shambles.


From what I've learned about hurricanes, they're nature's way of cooling off the oceans...and we're having a more active hurricane season because the oceans are warmer...and the oceans are warmer because of global warming...something Dubya contends does not exist and will not commit to trying to prevent...and Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama were all strong RED STATES.

Not to mention I am not fond of humans in general.

All that said, when I do donate some money (once I have my hot hands on my severance), I will be giving to the animal rescue organisations. The animals caught up in this horror aren't there by choice. Their human companions' ancestors were the brainiacs who thought building a city in a BOWL surrounded by WATER in an area prone to host HURRICANES was the most brilliant fucking idea they'd ever come up with. Their human companions are the ones who supported the beady-eyed sub-chimp whose policies will only encourage more numerous and violent hurricanes for the indeterminate future. Humans helped to create the mess in the Gulf Coast. The animals are the innocent victims here, as usual.

And honestly, if this had happened in a Blue State, I might be more inclined to help the humans because I'd think they were at least attempting to stop the insanity that oozes out of Washington DC like raw sewage. But we're talking about the South here, the very buckle of the Bible Belt. Most of these people voted for Dubya because they think God is on his side and theirs. Well, let God take care of them now. I'll do what I can to help the animals.
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There's a dude who works here in The Pit who's originally from Germany. Yeah, he's got the accent and everything. And he's incredibly Aryan: extra-fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes ~ just really fucking Aryan! And he's 12 feet tall and is as big around as a pencil. Very thin and vertical. His name is Juergen and I've only spoken to him once in the 3 years he's been here managing our ODS system. It's not that I won't speak to him; rather, we work on opposite ends of a very large building, so there's never been much of an opportunity.

The one time I talked to Juergen, it was in the parking lot to tell him how much I love his bumper sticker. This was a few months ago. Today, I got the chance to take a a picture of the sticker on his car. I think it's really pretty fucking cool that someone of German descent is speaking out against the asshole pigs who are essentially repeating the mistakes Nazi Germany made in the 30s and 40s. Really, someone from Germany would have more credence in saying "Hey, you fucking, beady-eyed retard! NOT.A.GOOD.IDEA." methinks.

So, yeah, Juergen rocks.

the bumpersticker )
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I've transferred the last of my personal emails from my work inbox to my home address. All these comprised of my communications with Barry Andrews from 2003 and 2004. It still boggles what's left of my mind that we've been writing for five years. You'd think after that long, my phobia would be gone. Not so.

Earlier today, I got a vox mail from Gary telling me he'd beaten me to the punch on the unemployment front. That just totally sucks yak ass. Almost everyone I know is either already unemployed or will be soon. The only one who needs to be fired is that rat-bastard who's taken the White House hostage. Corporate America takes way too many liberties with the work force now and it's all Dubya's fault and the fault of his evil puppet masters. The Great Evil take them!

I have around 15 minutes left in The Pit. In commemoration, I shall post a picture of The Bald One. Oh yes.

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Llew clued me in on it. I was planning on going to Moncks Corner for a week in October, but it may be gone by then. Ya never know.

KABOOM. the event the site is taken down, here's the article that was once there.
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First off, my heart goes out to my British brothers and sisters. You don't deserve this, not at all.


Call me cynical, call me paranoid, call me mad.

But I think it's just a little too coincidental that there are bombings on the same island which Dubya currently infests. Where there is Dubya, there is death, strife, terror, and grief.

Sure there are terrorists out there. Sure they should just stop doing what they're doing.

But the #1 terrorist, whom I believe with all my heart is responsible for the 9-11 debacle (or at least his keepers are), should be stopped first and foremost. Then let's worry about the smaller cells.

If the queen ant is eradicated, all the other ants are scattered and without purpose. Just sayin'.....


Jan. 31st, 2003 08:27 am
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My friend Kathleen sent this to me and I wanted to keep it here in my journal. I wish there was a way I could make certain I could send it to the Shrub, that is, if he's even literate enough to read and understand it. feh..
Peace )

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Yeah, I'm on a Bush kick today ~ so shoot me! I'm sure the Washington Gestapo will eventually anyway.
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President seems unable to bear the sight or sound of dissent


© St. Petersburg Times, published October 13, 2002

President Bush seems to think bullying is the only way to deal with dissent. Bush has so much trouble articulating a defense for his own policies, so little capacity to formulate a reasoned response, that he resorts to shibboleths, name-calling or worse, using authorities to shut down his critics.

President Bush seems to think bullying is the only way to deal with dissent. Bush has so much trouble articulating a defense for his own policies, so little capacity to formulate a reasoned response, that he resorts to shibboleths, name-calling or worse, using authorities to shut down his critics.

Classic Bush was his attack on Senate Democrats who refused to go along with his plan to strip workers at the new Department of Homeland Security of civil service rights. He quipped that senators were "not interested in the security of the American people."

Of course, U.S. senators can take care of themselves. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle made quick work of Bush's scurrilous claims, pointing out to the former Texas National Guardsman that a number of Senate Democrats were actually injured fighting for the security of our country.

But there are plenty of regular Joes out there who don't have access to the halls of power or C-Span, whose criticism of the administration has been sidelined by law enforcement.

In town after town where Bush has come to raise money or make a speech, his venue and the route leading up to it have been purged of protesters. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of local policing agencies and the secret service, which scour the crowd for any hint of opposition. Anyone with an anti-Bush sign is relegated into what is euphemistically called a Free Speech or Demonstration Zone -- a swath of land usually off the main thoroughfare and chained off so as to make it virtually impossible for the targets of the protest to read the signs or hear the chants. Those with pro-Bush signs are often treated very differently. They are free to cheerlead the president as he rides toward his engagement, which typically is further sanitized by being invitation-only.

This kind of censorship is indicative of a leader who lacks confidence in his own powers of persuasion and the legitimacy of his course. Why else would Bush be so interested in hiding evidence of dissent within the American populace?

The Secret Service claims that security concerns justify the use of segregated zones for protesters. That's a lot of bunk. As long as demonstrators do not impede the flow of traffic they have a right to be anywhere the general public is invited. Think about the freedom we would be giving up if police could cage anyone who wants to exercise his or her First Amendment rights.

As Bill Neel of Butler, Penn., says, "(Under the Constitution,) the whole country is a free speech zone." Neel, 65, a retired steelworker, was arrested on Labor Day for stepping outside the fence where he and a small group of protesters were cordoned off as the president made his way by motorcade for a speech to union carpenters. His sign read: "The Bushes must truly love the poor -- they've made so many of us." Bush supporters waving signs and flags were allowed to freely line the route.

Neel was charged with disorderly conduct and has a hearing on Oct. 31 at which he intends to fight the charge with the help of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. His story is part of a disturbing national pattern.

Peter Buckley, a 45-year-old Democratic candidate for Congress in Oregon, expressed his frustration with the Free Speech Zones in a commentary for the Oregonian. In August, Buckley was part of a group of people who had turned out to protest Bush's economic policies among other things. They were herded into a dirt compound surrounded by a six-foot cyclone fence, 200 yards from the arena where Bush spoke to 5,000 invited guests.

"We were not allowed anywhere near any kind of position where the president, or the media which follows him, would see or hear us," Buckley wrote. "What is happening everywhere Mr. Bush goes is wrong. The effort being made to hide political opposition in this country is more than cowardly. It's un-American."

In Tampa, three people, including two grandmothers, were arrested last year at a Bush rally when they held up opposition signs outside the far-flung demonstration zone. Once again, people with supportive signs went unmolested. The charges against the three were later dropped as baseless, and a civil rights suit is expected to be filed within weeks against the Tampa Police Department.

In the past, courts have ruled protest pens invalid. Americans have a right to address grievances to their president when he appears in public, even if that ruins a particular "photo op."

My advice to Bush is to thicken his skin and work on the sagacity of his arguments.

© Copyright 2001 St. Petersburg Times. All rights reserved

bad news

Dec. 16th, 2002 10:22 am
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Al Gore has decided not to run for president. I wonder if he was promised the same fate as Wellstone and his family had he decided to 'rock the boat' as 't'were?
I don't know of any other who could possibly rival the Shrub in the presidential elections. Could this mean 8 years of tyranny?
I'm really really depressed about this.
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to draw lines for the battle for what freedoms we have left or get our butts to Canada.

From BBC News online:
goosestepping backward to 1984 )

Bomb Iraq

Dec. 2nd, 2002 08:31 am
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Here's a nice little ditty for all the brainwashed kiddies

Sing this song to the tune of: "If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands"

If we cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets hurt your Mama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are Saudi
And the bank takes back your Audi
And the TV shows are bawdy,
Bomb Iraq.

If the corporate scandals growin', bomb Iraq.
And your ties to them are showin', bomb Iraq.
If the smoking gun ain't smokin'
We don't care, and we're not jokin'.
That Saddam will soon be croakin',
Bomb Iraq.

Even if we have no allies, bomb Iraq.
From the sand dunes to the valleys, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections;
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq.

While the globe is slowly warming, bomb Iraq.
Yay! the clouds of war are storming, bomb Iraq.
If the ozone hole is growing,
Some things we prefer not knowing.
(Though our ignorance is showing),
Bomb Iraq.

So here's one for dear old daddy, bomb Iraq,
From his favorite little laddy, bomb Iraq.
Saying no would look like treason.
It's the Hussein hunting season.
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb Iraq!


Sep. 16th, 2002 07:32 am
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This was the featured word on the Wordsmith mailing list today. Even though I know the word, I'd failed to ever apply it to W.
W's perfect appellation )
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probably at gunpoint )
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It sickens me that this "man" ~ and I use the term loosely at best ~ is still called President of the United States.

"The Upper Class": "We's jes plain folks!"

By the way, I found out that the creator of Babylon 5 sees eerie similarities between EarthGov policies after President Clark's coup and what is happening in the US after Bush's coup.

Could it be that TIPS is our version of JMS's Nightwatch??

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