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For some idiotic reason, I had no clue that such a thing as an author's page existed on Amazon, so I'm playing catch-up now. I've uploaded a blurb about The Chalice, which will be live in 3-5 business days, according to Amazon. My page URL is http://www.amazon.com/Tracy-Angelina-Evans, if you're interested to see how I fare in filling in so many long-standing voids.  For now, though, here's what I wrote about book 1:

From the Author

The Chalice was originally born in 1987 from a dream I had about Vampires that involved the songs 'Mercy Street' by Peter Gabriel and 'Theme from Harry's Game' by Clannad.  In my dreamworld, Vampires defined in equal measure both blasphemy and sanctity.  Even though I grew up with Vampire myths and legends, beginning with watching Dark Shadows in my playpen with my mother, I began a quest to learn as much about these beings as I possibly could, from the perspective of the many global cultures from which they sprang.  One of the most influential books in my research was A Dream of Dracula by Leonard Wolf.  Combining his profound scholarship with the myths of an alien race I had been writing about since 1983, I wrote my first short story about a Vampire turning a human to the night over the course of three days.  This was my first Vampire character, Vasily Tenin (Thiyennen), who became one of the main characters in the book series.  Also, in 1987, I read the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln.  The idea of the Grail not actually being a cup set fire to my imagination, as did the subtle references to a centuries-long conspiracy that involved the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati.  A fascination with Romani and Jewish culture also had a major hand in the formation of what would become the first book of The Vampire Relics.

Even though I was doing a great deal of research and myth "redefinition", I still struggled to write anything with which I was comfortable.  The main female character in the bones of The Chalice, Kelat, did not fit my idea of a proper antagonist, especially after I became involved in Goddess worship.  Kelat, for me, was an ideal - a character that accepted herself for what she had become, but never lost her divine identity.  She was an archetype of Kali or the Cailleach made manifest.  I could not make her evil.  So the story languished until 1990, when I discovered Shriekback, whose song 'Deeply Lined Up' gave me my first visions of who would become the primary antagonist in the stories, Cadmus Pariah.

Writer's Block haunted me for years, though, between 1990 and 1999, at which time I began to write Cadmus' biography, which became the chapter in The Chalice entitled 'Sui Generis'.  From there, the writing and myth-making began in earnest, and produced the first book of The Vampire Relics, which was completed in 2005.

My hope is that, when someone reads The Chalice, they are inspired to do their own research on the Vampire phenomenon and its apparent presence throughout the world, despite nations and cultures having no contact with one another at the time rumours of Vampires came to the fore, and seek to learn more about cultures like that of the Romani, as well as mystery traditions practiced by Kabbalists, Gnostics, and Cathars.  It would be heartening to hear of people leaving the book with more questions than answers, so that they might expand their knowledge and the realm of possibilities in this incomprehensible world.  And I would also be very happy to have been instrumental in the broadening of readers' musical tastes by introducing them to artists like Shriekback, Concrete Blonde, ELO, XTC, Oingo Boingo, and composers Antonin Dvořák and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Lastly, I hope that American readers come out of The Chalice with the realisation that America has an incredible treasure of strange tales, and a newfound interest in those legends and mysteries, like that of the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare.

Please enjoy The Chalice and The Vampire Relics.  Pass the tales on to those you love.  Everyone in this book and the others in the series were written to encourage people to never turn away from the Magick contained in this crazy reality we all share because, if you imagine it or believe it, whatever you believe or imagine exists on some level, and may already be imagining you back.

Even monsters like Cadmus Pariah.

Illustration for the first Vampire story I wrote in 1987, called Vasily's Kiss.

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As previously mentioned, Matt and the Mother Unit gave me a Wacom Intuos art tablet for my birthday. For the past month, I've been trying to get acclimated to my new reality of digital art. The hand/eye coordination I learned from a very young age is out the window, as I have to relearn the effects of "pen" to "paper", since neither thing exists in the traditional sense of the words. It's very strange to not look at where I am applying my pen, or stylus, as it's called but, instead, keep my eyes on the computer screen. I imagine artists throughout time, on up to the 1980s or 90s, would look at the Intuos and intone dramatically, "What sorcery is this?" I know I've certainly asked that question more than a few dozen times since 9/10.

I am of a mind that I will be in student mode, probably for the rest of my life. That being said, I have created a few pieces that are really nothing more than doodles, of which I'm kind of proud, considering the first few attempts of drawing on the Intuos resulted in what looked like stick figures having strokes.

So, I am posting the drawings that don't suck like a porn star on overtime. I've arranged them in order of when I drew them, to show my progress (and I use that term very loosely) in hand placement and graphics manipulation. They are all behind the cut after the pic I just finished of Richard Ayoade.

Click for more grade school hilarity )

And that brings us to today's graphic treat, Mr. Richard Ayoade. I have to say, I am really proud of this picture, even though I know I have a long way to go before I'll think I'm worthy of this glorious art tablet. If RA ever sees the picture, I hope he likes it.

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So where did I leave off on the whole changing roles subject?  I think I was just addressing Orphaeus’ relationship to Kelat.

I will freely admit that my giving into Danny Elfman love was what created Orphaeus Cygnus.  I’d always enjoyed his singing, but something about his score and vocals for A Nightmare Before Christmas triggered full-on obsession for me.  As a result, Orphaeus became a former Austrian opera singer who was brought over to the Hive of the Beast by Rebekah of Judea, Thiyennen’s blood daughter, a Dhampir, who was turned by her Blood Mother Kelat, making Orphaeus Kelat’s grandson.

Because of that, I always saw him as aligned with Kelat, and he would have actively sought out her prison tomb to release her.  Of course, the prison tomb scenario never came to fruition, but Orphaeus’ connection to Kelat was seemingly etched in stone.  It became part of the story arc, and the core reason for her choosing him to become the first Father of Memory.

His closeness to Kelat also dictated an unmitigated enmity between Orphaeus and Cadmus Pariah.  Actually that, combined with Orphaeus’ desire to reconcile the Hive of the Beast with the Great Hive, pretty much put the last nail in the coffin as far as those two were concerned.  Beasts were for Cadmus’ use until he was ready to dispose of them, and they had no other purpose.  For them to become upstanding citizenry within the Great Hive would be counterproductive to Cadmus’ motives, so the attempts of Orphaeus to redeem his tribe met with violent reprimand by Cadmus, and led to Cadmus being named Pariah, as was prophesied by Gideon the Mad.

At first, though, Orphaeus was only supposed to have a short appearance in The Chalice, and possibly be slain by Cadmus in the end.  But that honour fell to Paine Bryerson, who was the character anchored to my best friend Todd.  When Todd read about Paine, his first reaction was “You write about me, and I will sue your ass.”  To which I responded, “You threaten me with litigation, asshole, I will kill off your character.  In fact, he’ll be the only main character to die in the book.  And Cadmus will kill him, ‘cos I know how you hate Cadmus.”

Of course, all of this was joking between us, but Paine did turn out to be the one killed.  That was no joke.

I was so enamoured with Orphaeus Cygnus, though, I decided to thrust him and Cadmus together in a much closer proximity to one another in the next book, just to see what would happen.  At that point, Cadmus was already writing himself, and Orphaeus was close to that zen state of character development.  The Blood Crown was established almost solely on this premise, and it became my Vampiric answer to the Hope & Crosby Road movies.  Of the three books, even though The Chalice is my baby, The Blood Crown is my favourite, because it centers almost completely on my two favourite characters, Cadmus and Orphaeus.

During the time I was writing The Blood Crown, another incidental character of mine, who was mentioned only in passing in The Chalice, flared to the forefront as my friendship with Scott, of The Joker Blogs fame, began to develop.  Faust, the Disco Darling so brutally murdered by Cadmus during the Summer of Sam, demanded that his story be told.

And this turned out to be the most difficult and agonising piece of writing I had ever tackled.  I ended up soliciting impromptu therapy sessions from Megs and [Bad username or site: ”gunslingaaahhh” @ livejournal.com] during the long nights of my writing what would become a novella inside The Blood Crown novel proper.  I also profoundly apologised to Scott on more than one occasion.  Faust went from being a Vampire with a cameo appearance, to an actual Vampire saint who would prove to be of great importance in the third book, mainly because Megs couldn’t bear to think he had actually been slaughtered.  Thanks to her, Faust got to live, albeit in a different incarnation, but live he did.

And now I’m working on The Harming Tree, which was initially going to be a collection of short stories on how Cadmus came to grips with his newfound emotions, one by one, with the help of his “new relic” for the New Hive, the dastardly and bloody Harming Tree.  But the writing of one of these short stories, introducing what was supposed to be another throwaway character that Cadmus would get to destroy, turned everything upside down.

Enter Flint.

This time, the character was one I couldn’t bring myself to kill.  And this pissed me off, because such a new character shouldn’t gain so much creative power in such a short period of time.  But there it is, and his existence has turned the original plans for The Harming Tree upside down.  I’m now thinking that it may be a fourth novel set in my Vampire world, dealing primarily with Cadmus’ assimilation of emotion and his repeated conflicts with a young Vampire he can’t seem to slaughter.

Needless to say, Flint pisses off Cadmus as much, if not more, than he does me.  And something tells me that his role in the arc stories of Cadmus Pariah is far from finished evolving.  Time only will say for certain what the future holds for the Relics characters and how they interact with one another.  One thing’s for certain, though; Orphaeus will definitely be making another appearance in the new stories.  In fact, I’m playing around with one right now.
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What eventually became The Chalice started out as a poem and a milky vision of a story that would help me deal with coming face-to-face with my Soulmate in 1987 only to find out he was married in this latest incarnation. The poem featured at the beginning of the the book with a dedication to him.

If I were a Vampire
To live in the night
And partake of forever
On an eternal flight,
I'd take you up with me
Beyond all human sight
You could drink from my chalice
Then I'd be your light,
And we'd fly through the centuries
In passion and fright
For we'd both be Vampires
To live in the night.

I had already written a short Vampire story about Vasily Tenin back in 1986, so I had the idea that the new story would incorporate the poem and bring back Vasily, who would battle an evil Vampire hellbent on taking what she felt was rightfully hers, her soulmate. I knew how it would end, with her entombed in a mausoleum forever, lost to the world and longing for her ancient lover. Yeah, it was sort of autobiographical. This is how I felt.

The first song to help flesh out this character was "Something in the Air" by Information Society. It's when I first saw my character, with her long dark wavy hair and Gypsy-style clothing, dancing in night clubs and hunting for her next victim. It was during this time, also, that I was reconnecting to my Jewish heritage, and first learned about Adam's first wife and her association with owls and succubi.

So Kelat's first name was Lilith. This is why today, her full name is Lhihlhishian Kelat'menan, and her primary residence was Jerusalem. Ohhhh, and she was a real baddie, killing her prey most of the time, but also creating new Vampires when the fancy struck. Night clubs were not safe when she was in town. No one was safe. She was the most powerful Vampire on Earth, matched only by Vasily himself. It was natural that they became siblings.

I tried to write what little of the story I had, but just couldn't. Something was blocking me, so I set it to one side and dreamed of the characters, and what they may be like.

Two years passed and, during that time, I discovered Witchcraft and learned the true nature of Lilitu. It just didn't seem right anymore, that Lilith would once again be relegated to the realm of the demonic, so the story suffered a little bit more while I tried to make it so She did not have to go down that road. But now I was without a villain.

But not for long.

I won't rehash how Cadmus came into being. Suffice it to say, he did, and he took on a lot of traits I once attributed to Lilith, most importantly making night clubs his happy hunting ground. I had a brand new band to listen to, and their music lit a match under the dry kindling that would eventually become The Chalice. A prologue was written, and kept safe for when the real work would finally begin.

Over the course of the next three years, I did even more research on Vampires, and collected more Vampire music to help me on my quest. During that time, I had the idea that Vasily would be misled by Cadmus into completely turning on his sister Kelat'menan and imprisoning her in a marble tomb. It was also during this time that I first saw the Oingo Boingo video for 'Dead Man's Party.' Even though I'd known about Boingo for ages, and loved Danny Elfman's movie music, it was this video that triggered the creation of Orphaeus. I really didn't have much to go on, but the name and a vague idea that he was scalped by Cadmus and that he banished Cadmus from the Hive of the Beast as a result, essentially making him a pariah. Then it occurred to me that maybe Orphaeus is the one who finds Kelat'menan and rescues her from her tomb. Maybe he was actively hunting for her, but why? Maybe he was her grandchild.

More on this tomorrow...

30 Day Meme

Sep. 4th, 2010 07:44 am
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30 Day Meme )

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?
When Kelat and Cadmus interact, sparks fly. The air is heavy with magick as they battle silently to take the upper hand, while they do the same thing verbally. One many levels the two are equal, which makes this particularly scary for Kelat because she knows that, if she loses this battle of wills, Cadmus will immediately move in and kill her.

30 Day Meme

Sep. 1st, 2010 08:28 am
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30 Day Meme )
17. Favorite protagonist and why!

Kelat is my favourite because I love writing ancient characters. Her story, spanning from the days of the tribal humanity, is filled with love, loss, joy, and terror. As a result, she's become a Goddess in her own right, guarding the triple helix of the Tarmi in the heart of Jerusalem. She makes me poetic and patient. She's everything Cadmus is not.

1780 Words

May. 27th, 2010 09:39 pm
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I didn't do too swell with my word count, but after writing almost 6000 words yesterday, I guess I slack day is to be expected and possibly even deserved. My word count for today is 1780 and I think the ebb and flow of the language is pretty nifty. Take this, for example, the beginning passage of chapter 5.



Those dark eyes conceal their life within them. Buried secrets – the flesh won’t keep. ~ Shriekback “Evaporation”

She opened her eyes, all silver-blue and awash in alien resplendence. Kelat, the queen of the Great Hive, looked up at the waxing moon and reflected its lunar loveliness to grace the night sky and the world that revolved within it.

“Gentle Kessilon, ye in the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven, whose body encircles this Universe and all the verses that have been and are yet to be sung, I call upon thee to witness this, my offering of honour to thee.”

Kelat extended her ivory arms and, out of a pitcher, poured crystal clear water into a marble basin. The light of the moon was captured by the water, making its reflection shimmer and undulate with the movement of the liquid.

All was silent as Kelat poured wine upon the ground, her lips moving in silent reverence to her patron Goddess, She Who Wrought the Stars of Heaven.

It had been at least a century, maybe longer, since Kelat had visited the Canopy Ruins, one of the last untouched natural circles of Tarmian worship. The only other one she could think existed that was still diligently tended and pristinely kept was Avebury. Avebury was well-known by the Goddess peoples of the world, but no one save Dmitri knew about the Canopy Ruins. It was kept hidden by layered geasa to where only Kelat could find it and enter into that hallowed existence. Even though Dmitri knew about the Canopy Ruins and had, in fact, been transformed into a Vampire there, he could not find it or enter therein without Kelat guiding him.

And so she was here, acting out the ways of worship so old as to make the ancient look young, yet using the modern language of the spiritual children of the Tarmian Ways.

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Okay, I've compiled what prophecies I already know. I'll have to go mad to summon up more, so that'll be fun. Good ole Gideon. Based on Syd Barrett in spirit, but not in looks, he said such wonderful things before he set himself on fire at the Woodstock Festival. Good times, man. Good times...


the prophecies )

Thank again to [livejournal.com profile] booraven22 for the moleskin journal. You are a beautiful soul!
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Basic plot: Cadmus Pariah and Orphaeus Cygnus grudgingly team up to take a Vampire Relic called the Blood Crown away from the Apostate, who is hidden in the catacombs beneath the Vatican. But they need the secrets of ancient Tarmian history and natural magick on their side in order to ever hope for success.


· Sets the tone of the story

The Veiled Sanctuary

· Cadmus comes to visit his mother Kelat in her hidden home in Jerusalem. He tells her of a Vampire Relic called the Blood Crown and how he intends to reclaim it from the Apostate.

Mother of Memory

· Kelat joins minds with Cadmus to show him the Ancient Alien Elfin Days of Tarmian Earth and how the first warnings of a human student of the Tarmian Magickal Arts had gone rogue and was threatening everything the Tarmi had worked for with their human charges. The story of Pretani Kelat’Menan, Kelat’s mother is told.

The Dragon and the Swan

· Kelat reveals that Cadmus is to travel to Rome with his most despised Nemesis Orphaeus Cygnus. A battle of Wills ensues until Orphaeus arrives at the Veiled Sanctuary, where plans begin to unfold.

The Tale of Mary Magdalene

· Needing to get their personal affairs in order, Cadmus and Orphaeus first travel to the West Country of England to deal with Cadmus devotee and former band mate in Magnificat, Mary Magdalene. We learn about her history, how she came to be devoted to and fall in love with Cadmus, and what Cadmus does to rectify the situation.
(chapter driven by ‘Blood of Eden’ by Peter Gabriel)

more )
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Aunt Tudi and I have some errands to run later. After that, though, I have some things I want to do.

I've begun a new quote renovation, taking old quotes and giving modern interpretations, usually Sithly in nature, 'cos that's how I roll yo.

I'm also going to be writing a thing for the mods on TJB on how to deal with 'problem children' on the forums and on their networking sites. We're all being friended and followed from You Tube to Twitter and, sometimes, it gets little hairy with some of the more obnoxious Nerfs. Since I've had experience with folks like this in the past, especially whilst working in The Pit, I'm gonna impart what knowledge I have regarding this to the mods, one of which is relatively new to the net and are a little freaked out by what she's recently had to deal with. I expect things are only gonna get worse in the respect with the release of the next couple of episodes of The Joker Blogs. Tasks will be involved, so things are sure to get crazy.

The next part of The Blood Crown is for Kelat to pass on to Orphaeus the body of knowledge she carries within her infinite memory. He'll be come the keeper of all the Tarmian history and wisdom in relation to the Tribes of Thessaly, making him the first male to hold such sacred knowledge, and the first human. I think his title won't be Father of Memory, but Bard of Memory. In Tarmian, the word would be Kelat'lihar'vha, which essentially means the Singer of Memory. The memories will come unbidden to him as they are needed on the journey to and quest within Rome. Cadmus will be furious that he must depend on Orphaeus for knowledge they need for the success of their venture, but it won't matter because this ability Orphaeus possesses will be the one thing that will keep him alive in the presence of such a volatile and vicious Vampire.

I'm thinking of seeking collaboration in turning The Chalice into a screenplay. The book was always a movie in my head first. I'd had the thing cast, the person I wanted to score the film, and possible directors. I never stuck with one director, because none of them seemed just right for maintaining the vision I wanted. Maybe Peter Jackson, but I'm not sure he'd want to move away from the central goodness he tries to instill in his films, even though he comes from a gory, ridiculous background. Neither one really fits The Chalice anyway. Sure there's fantasy and blood, but neither really fits into the Jackson world. I need a director who has a hint of sociopathy, who can tap into the soul of the Cadmus character and allow the actor to bring him out in all his horrible glory. Personally, I'd like Ed Kowalczyk to play Cadmus Pariah. After seeing the 'Freaks' video, I really think he could pull it off, and he's had acting experience before, having appeared in The Fight Club.

I added that extra video to show his stage presence. He has that hypnotic charismatic power over his audience that I've described in Cadmus more than once. I think he'd be a dead ringer for the Cadmus character. Of course Barry would be my first pick, but I don't think he'd be willing to do that and, honestly, he's too old for the young Vampire now. Not that he doesn't still look uncannily young for his age, don't get me wrong. I just wonder if Ed could do a British accent and if he'd be willing to work with Barry Andrews in the creation of the character for screen. And, of course, Barry would have to do the songs for Magnificat. I'd like for Danny Elfman to score the film.

Gods listen to me. I talk like it's already a given, and I still don't have anyone who could help me make it into a screenplay. Pathetic much? I'm way too much of a dreamer.

Speaking of music, [livejournal.com profile] booraven22 sent me a bunch, including "I Like It" by Moby. I was listening to it while on chat with one of the TJB mods, [livejournal.com profile] luvthyjoker, who also happens to be a fantastic video editor who shows her fine work at her You Tube channel. I sent the song to her with the message "Nerfs the world over would worship at your toes if you made a tribute video to this song." Well, she did. And I've been laughing uncontrollably ever since. I'm not posting the link here because that'd just be wrong of me, and I feel dirty enough as it is. Anyway, that's a lot of what I did yesterday, just cackling at the absurdity of what we'd done. I blame [livejournal.com profile] booraven22 for sending me the song. I have to blame someone.

These new meds are kicking my butt. I fell asleep during Knowing last night, so I need to watch the rest of that. For now, though, I think I'm gonna have another lie down.

Long Day

Jun. 14th, 2009 01:38 am
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Driven by 'Daylight' by Matt and Kim, I've chewed the fat most all day with a variety of people. Got the new Blog up everywhere, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] gunslingaaahhh. I love this shit. LOVE. IT. It's like a revolution. Anyway, I now have 2500 words to write tomorrow, so I'm swearing off 'Daylight' because I just can't write Vampirically when t hat song is on. I want to flail about like a rag doll on a string and think happy thoughts, which is like the anti-Tin. So tomorrow, it's Shriekback, through and through. Cadmus has some issues with which to deal. And I still need to get those memories transferred from Kelat to Orphaeus. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] dandyxrandy said she'd have The Interview (working title), draft 2.0/1 ready probably tomorrow, so I guess I'll be working on that as well. Aaaaand, I still have to write that review for "Nowhere, Nothing, Ever" for Barry. He needs incentive and, by the Mighties, I'm gonna give it to him if I can. Gods, it's a wonder I have any flesh on my fingers, I type so much.

I'm off to go find Smidgen and Shmoop and put them out for the night, then I'm going to bed. John Doe in all his Se7enish glory is my bedmate this good eve.
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More so than usual, I'm in a quite writerly disposition. It must be something in the thick, barely-breathable air! [livejournal.com profile] dandyxrandy sent me the first draft of our collective narrative, with some additional commentary by her Jess to my J's answers. J couldn't very well let that go, so I just finished up Draft 1/2.0 and shot it off to her in an email. Now, I'm staring at The Blood Crown. Kelat has informed Orphaeus of her plan to give him the memories of the Tarmian race. My task is to figure out how this is going to happen and, then, how I'm going to describe it happening. Honestly, I'm struggling to maintain the poetic tone I established in The Chalice, so this is slower-going than I would prefer. I want it all done now now now!

Speaking of poetics, I need to sit down and listen to 'Dreamlife of Dogs' and 'Nowhere Nothing Ever' while perusing the lyrics until I can sufficiently put into words what I think of the songs. Barry is feeling a little creatively blue and, if I can cheer him on with one of my reviews then, by the Mighties, that's what I will do!

There are storms once again predicted for this afternoon, so I'll be doing all of this whilst dodging lightning. If we get another major thunder-bumper like the one that came through late yesterday, I may have to take a movie and post it. All hell broke loose in Duncan and it was so much fun.

**Note to [livejournal.com profile] song_tothesiren: I promise to read more of your fiction very soon. I cycle it dribs and drabs of either writing or reading, and I'm in a writing jag at the mo. Please don't think I'm ignoring you!
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Apologies to my Joker homies, but I'm a bit focused on original fic work today. I promise to get back to reading your lovely words and writing more psycho crap of my own tomorrow, hopefully. In the meantime, for those who are fond of Cadmus Pariah (because you're loonie) and/or Orphaeus Cygnus (because what's not to like?), here's the first portion of the chapter called The Dragon and the Swan.

I realise that the Dragon and the Swan never encounter the other without the Swan getting singed )
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I've been trying to figure out why Cadmus would even tolerate the much younger (not to mention cheekier and more likable) Orphaeus, but it came to me today while I was writing the story that Kelat shares with Cadmus about her mother. I'd established early on in my decision to plow forward with The Blood Crown that the stories of the ancient Tarmi would play heavily in the plot. Initially, I thought that Kelat would just do a telephathic download into Cadmus, who would share the stories as the need arose. No. Instead, she entrusts the memories to Orphaeus, thus ensuring Cadmus' dependence upon the Swan (not the station LOST) for the duration of their little...adventure. Without that, Cadmus would, without a doubt, kill Orphaeus. He's stronger than my beloved red-haired opera singer in every single way, being older and born into the Blood. That's not a diss on Orphaeus, it's just the facts. Cadmus is centuries older, has dreadful forms of magick at his fingertips, is physically stronger, and also has the advantage of being able to tolerate the sun in limited doses. If Orphaeus went into this with nothing on his side, he'd lose more than his scalp this time. Cadmus wouldn't follow Kelat's command, he's his own free agent. And he has no conscience, so it wouldn't faze him one bit to squish Orphaeus like a bug because, honestly? That's how Cadmus perceives him. And, now, to be saddled with Orphaeus without the ability to eat him alive is frankly going to drive Cadmus crazy..er.

So, I've got a great exchange between Kelat and her Blood grandson planned. I'm excited about this. It's gonna be fun, so more than 500 words will get written today. Probably a lot more. If any of it is any good, I'll post it. See, this is when I dig insomnia.
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I attribute theme songs to every character in my stories, mainly because I see the stories as movies and every movie features theme music for the characters therein. Very rarely is the theme song replaced because that music is intrinsic in the creation of the character. For instance, Kelat's theme song is the woeful "Exile" by Enya. It perfectly reflected Kelat's longing for her soul mate and her quest to find meaning in the signs and portents that define her Vampiric existence.

Cold is the northern winds in December mornings,
Cold is the cry that rings from this far distant shore.

winter has come too late. too close beside me.
How can I chase away all these fears deep inside?

I'll wait the signs to come. I'll find a way.
I will wait the time to come. I'll find a way home.

my light shall be the moon and my path -- the ocean.
My guide the morning star as I sail home to you

I'll wait the signs to come. I'll find a way.
I will wait the time to come. I'll find a way home.

who then can warm my soul? who can quell my passion?
out of these dreams -- a boat. I will sail home to you.

Her theme song has been the same since 1988.

Just to let [livejournal.com profile] booraven22 know, Orphaeus Cygnus' song is "No One Lives Forever" by Oingo Boingo (of course!).

As best as I can tell, the only exception to my theme rule is, of course, Cadmus Pariah. His was an almost instantaneous creation with the initial auditioning of "Deeply Lined Up" by Shriekback. I heard the song in 1990 and was instantly transported to an orgy of blood and pain, orchestrated by the angelic demon I would come to know as Cadmus. His song was the song of his creation for nine years, until I heard "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan. With "Clubbed to Death," I could see Cadmus better in mind, and he had a certain depth I'd never been able to flesh out before. It was "Clubbed to Death" that helped bring about Sui Generis, making Cadmus even more dangerous than he had previously been.

The funny thing about "Clubbed to Death" is the scenario it brought to me of Cadmus at the piano. Prior to this song, Cadmus didn't play any instruments. In Magnificat he only sang, leaving the keyboard work to Mary Magdalene. But every time the piano solo came in "Clubbed to Death," I saw Cadmus at the piano, alone and barefoot in a well-lighted room. Strangely, it was the most sinister image of him I'd conjured, and it still is. The vision was four years old when Haunted Box of Switches was released and blew me out of the water. The Poetry of Coincidence was definitely at play there, of that I have no doubt, especially since I'd never really associated the piano with B, seeing him as a synth maestro more than anything. Anyway, I'd always had this image of a barefoot man at a piano since childhood, but I'd never put a face to him until "Clubbed to Death." As I grew older and learned about the animus, I came to believe that this was a mental picture of my animus. It's no wonder I'm a little wacky, given that my animus has been taken over by an abomination.

Anyway, even though "Deeply Lined Up" will always be important to the Cadmus character, having essentially created him, "Clubbed to Death" better suits him now. It's odd that a Shriekback song isn't Cadmus' theme song, but Cadmus is an odd entity. I've come to accept that. Here's the song. It's not the original video, but it's more conducive to one's own personal mental imagery.

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I've been making some notes about this since day before yesterday. I'm not really clear on how the relics are used to kill Cadmus, but I know that they must and that do. I'm just not sure that I'll ever get all the stuff written from where I am to where I need to be. So, as with most of the books I read, I'm skipping to the end just because.

It's inevitable, I suppose. My most feared and most precious child is destined to be conquered, not necessarily by good, but by something not nearly as bad as he. And, with his death, perhaps my own phobias and my own fear of death will wash away and bring me some semblance of peace. Just as the Cadmus of legend slew his dragon, so too must I slay my own dragon-chylde.

the end )

I find it sadly appropriate that the song being played at the time of this post is the one The Mother Unit used to sing to me when I was a kidlet. Mothers, how your children do stray....


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:44 pm
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It occurred to me that I've placed Kelat in Jerusalem clearly without the presence of her beloved one, Thanatos. So I've got to explain that. What I have so far is this, written during my 30 minute break at DG.

"What happened to your Eternal Pioneer, O Mother of mine?" Cadmus asked, his voiced tinged with an innocence and concern offered up to vex more than to console. Kelat did not take the bait.

"He heard the calling of his heart and had to follow it through," she whispered, remembering the night of their parting.

They had returned to Asheville after a long sojourn in Europe. Thaddeus' neighbour, an elderly lady with a dog of her own, seemed genuinely sad to see Dare go back home with her Vampire companion.

"Don't you hesitate to let Dare come live with me again," the widowed Mrs. Abernathy said, her voice a-tremble with age. "She's a good dog, that one. Right up there with my Roscoe!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Abernathy," Thaddeus said. "I'll bear that in mind the next time I have to leave town and take Dare with me."

There had been a hint of foreboding in his words then, but Kelat let it go, hoping against hope that things would be different this time. She remained with Thaddeus for five months after their return to the Land O Sky. But one twilight, she woke to Thaddeus shaking the bed with a body anxiety she knew all too well.

"What is it, Thanatos?" She asked, hoping that his answer would be what she knew it was. Thaddeus turned to Kelat and hugged her tightly.

"I can't stay here anymore," Thaddeus murmured against her skin. It's been forty years and the world....the wilderness....calls out to me."

Thaddeus pulled away from Kelat's embrace and met her gaze with his own fierce eyes. "Come with me, Kelat! We can make this work!"

"You know that we cannot," Kelat said, trying desperately to keep the tears from showing in her voice.
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Who are these people? asked Cadmus, who stood beside the dream Kelat a ways away from this fascinating scene.


The High Priestess and Priest sitting before the altar are my parents, Cadmus. Kelat replied.  Before me, my mother was Kelat'menan, the Mother of Memory, for her tribe.  She was seeress, mother, grandmother, matchmaker, adviser, songstress and protectress of her people. There was none greater or more beloved than she.


But what of you?


What of me? Kelat replied bitterly.  I was nothing compared to Pretani. Am nothing compared to she who led two thirds of our tribes to theTarliman after its discovery by Ladnor.  She who travelled onward to settle in what would become the holy island of Meyhelahn, where still she dwells today, looking upon her daughter enslaved by bloodlust.  No, my son, I am nothing like Pretani Preallanua, Pretani Land-dancer.  I am...nothing.....compared to her.  Nothing. 




But she named you Memory.  She knew that you would follow in her footsteps and become a Mother of Memory  yourself.  You may not dance the land, or have found magickal strongholds to protect the faithful, but you are Mother to us, the Darklings of the Earth.  You are our Mother of Memory, despite my discomfort in saying such a tfing.  What was your full name, Mother of Memory?


Kelat paused, looking upon the sunlit ritual calling for a gentle starsun and abundant harvest.  Would it surprise you, Darkling Chylde, that this Mother of Memory fails to recall the entirety of my cognomen?  In those days, names could go onward for what seemed like days, the utterances demanding many pauses for breath.  The tradition continues in what is now known as Wales.  But I do remember a bit of it:  Lhihlhishian an'Dharwen'na ap Kelat Sheshanna'dah mar'hahiah Kessilon'mhriah Chompatta-zhah Chiams'rhawhna.  It roughly translates as Lhihlhishian, daughter of the high Mother of Memory, a child dedicated to Kessilon the Star Goddess, She of the Chiamsa mane and Princess of Chompatta, the multi-handed.

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Here I am at the 'libarry,' as the local yokels dare to call it. We're only allowed an hour at a time on the computer, so I zipped through my hour trying to catch up on email, then left to get cat food. After getting cat food, I apparently allowed my wallet to fall out of my purse at Bi-Lo. Only when I went to get out my library card to log on for another hour on the computer did I realise my card and the wallet in which it resides were both gone. So I hauled ass back to Bi-Lo where the folks at the front counter had my goods. Well...most of them. The $80 I had was gone, but everything else as intact. Cursing like a sailor under my breath, I thanked the Bi-Lo people and drove back to the library. And here I am ~ broke, surly, and going through Internet withdrawals bad. I hate being timed on my computer use and I despise the fact that I was stupid enough to lose my wallet. Gyah! And it hasn't even been a week that my computer has been gone. I'll be dead by the time the two to three weeks the Geek Squad may need to take to heal my computer has passed by. Dead, I tell you, dead!

I've been writing the old-fashioned way: with a pen applied to paper. My handwriting is atrocious. I figured I'd better transcribe what I have so far before I lose the ability to read what I've written. Right now, concentration on the scribblings and memory will get me through but, the longer I wait, the less of a chance I'll have to transcribing the mess. This bit was inspired by my recent reconnection with the Craft combined with the Tarmian Ways and rituals. Actually, I want to include a good amount of Tarmian tradition and way of life in this sequel. The Chalice wouldn't exist had it not been for the firm platform of dozens of notebooks of Deaghydhe/Tarmian language, ritual practice, myths and legends, and character developments on which it rests. I want Kelat's pre-Vampire days to be more prevalent in The Blood Crown. Her memories, particularly the ones she passes on to Cadmus that will help him retrieve the Blood Crown, will bring to life the ancient alien Elfin creatures who inherited the Earth millions of years before Humanity stirred in the dreams of the Earth Mother. Kelat is, after all, the Mother of Memory. I should focus more readily on that and let her live up to her Tarmian title.

Okay, so here it is.

Kelat'menan ~ the Mother of Memory )

That's what I have so far. And I have three minutes left online. Crapola. Maybe I can get back on Saturday.

Hope all is well with you people, those I call My Friends. ::blows a Sithly kiss::

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I saw the truth of their existence in the eyes of an actor who played a vampire when he was a child. He grew to exhibit all the wonderment and beauty one should look for when dealing with the Immortal Cursed. He haunted my dreams this morning, staring out at me from my own mind, waiting for a new story to be told.

So we have the three-leaved floret that establishes the root of Empirical power and existence in our otherwise mundane world. We have the chalice forged by the living Goddess Kelat in ancient alien magick and the blood of her own body. We have the blood crown, made by the Roman Apostate and charged with the blood of the last of the human Magi as he is forced to walk the station of his death at the command of the Apostate. And we have the Augury of Gideon, proof positive that memory can be held in biological cells.

The chalice is in possession of Cadmus Pariah, but there's an unspoken knowledge that, someday, Kelat will attempt to take the chalice back from her son.

The blood crown is still in possession of the Apostate. It was the final blow of magick with this item the drew the trap around the Original Ten and the Apostate himself. He's compelled to wear the wreath of thorns and allow the points to sap him of his strength as much as they fortify his powers in the forgotten halls of ancient Rome.

The Augury of Gideon is in possession of the mortal Agatha Crawford, who inherited it from her companion Paine before Paine was murdered by Cadmus. No one knows that this marbled petrified Vampire Blood has any semblance of power or destiny.

Given the characters tied in with the relics, it stands to reason we'll be seeing more of Cadmus Pariah (of course), Kelat, Agatha Crawford, and Gideon. A much earlier incarnation of Gideon. I see Gideon in the eyes of Joshua John Miller. There's a soft, mad, intelligence there. Like song. And Jesus. Jesus will be making a very important appearance.

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More on "Sui Generis."

cut for graphic violence, so don't clickie if you get sickie. )

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I didn't think it possible, but I guess it is. While I was waiting on Aunt Tudi at physical therapy, I had my laptop on and rearing to go to write more on "Sui Generis." The only problem was that I could barely hold my eyes open. Somehow, I ended up writing a good thousand words that document the act of ambrosciata between Cadmus and Kelat. Ambrosciata is essentially vampire sex, the mutual exchange of Blood between two or more vampires as an act of pleasure and intimacy. This means that Cadmus has now had sexual relations with both his biological mother and father. What a twisted, perverse, deviant being he is. And what a freak I am, for writing this and drawing it from my sleeping thoughts.

It's things like this that make me wonder about myself.
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Of interest to no one except perhaps [livejournal.com profile] falkenna

Cadmus and Kelat )

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Main Entry: sui ge·ner·is
Pronunciation: 'sü-"I-'je-n&-r&s, 'sü-E-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin, of its own kind
: constituting a class alone : unique or particular to itself

Black within black within the darkness at the center of Emptiness clung to Kelat, a cold and insipid shroud. There was nothing here, nothing at all. Fright skittered across her body as she found her mind treading the barrenness of Cadmus' spirit.

Hello~ ~ ~
her voice echoed across his desert, seeking some sign of sentience.

Leave here heretic
, the reply came in the dulcet voice of Cadmus, no evidence of harm in his tone. You are not welcome

I must know what you are, who you are.

You do not want to know this....Your Majesty.
Spite for her dripped from his thought to Kelat.

You will show me. You have no choice, Darkling. No matter how powerful you feel you are, you cannot deny me, who am your Domina and the Domina of your Dominae.

Pressing against the Will of Cadmus, Kelat tapped into his memories and beheld the abominable.
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So I woke up late this morning with a stuffed-up nose and a headache. I'm not sure if it's a cold or allergies, but it was bad enough that I had to cancel with [livejournal.com profile] green_goblin70 today. He was going to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. We're supposed to meet for lunch on 2 May, so we've rescheduled the ride for then. I've never ridden on a motorcycle before, so I'm really looking forward to it. One disclaimer: just because I'm riding on the back of [livejournal.com profile] green_goblin70's motorcycle, this does not mean that I am his bitch. Just sayin'.

Anyways, I'm sick. I'm kinda hoping it's an actual cold or something 'cos I haven't had a cold in ages and it's starting to alarm me, how healthy I've been of late. It makes me think that, when I do get sick, I will die.

Today has consisted of my working on the second draft of The Chalice. I'm still in the "Sui Generis" chapter, which is quite dear to me for a number of reasons. It's the biography of Cadmus and explains why he is the way his is. It graphically describes the death of Earth's last dragon, Cadmus' surrogate mother. It's the only written account I have, so far, of Kelat after having found and then lost Dmitri/Thanatos/Thaddeus. And it will, I hope (once I conclude the story within "Sui Generis"), set the stage for the conflict later on in the book as well as explain Kelat's urgency in usurping the chalice from Cadmus and perhaps why she relinquishes it to him at the last moment. Oops, a spoiler. Ah well.

Ideally, I'd like to finish this chapter and give it to Barry when I fly over. Realistically, I don't see that happening, because I've been struggling with the story for well over a year. Once it's done, it will be the longest and probably the most important chapter in the book. I will have put more work, heart, and blood into this chapter than I did with "The Fur Trader" and "Lady of the Night" put together, and that's saying a lot, considering the first two chapters are driven by my connection to my soul mate and our shared past-life memories.

And....vampire names. This is specifically for [livejournal.com profile] piperdawn, but anyone can use it if so inclined.

  1. Malathia [Mah-Lah-THY-ah] (no origins but my head)

  2. Eve (she's a character in a Cadmus short story, so named because she was "the first" and only soul transformed by Cadmus, but the name can be used by anyone, right?)

  3. Braecca [BRECK-uh] (supposed Atlantean heroine name)

  4. Dhrynn [pronounced like 'then,' but with an r] (Tarmian variant for the word Dhraicynn and Dhrynna, which are words for 'dragon')

If I think of any more, I'll reach out to you, my Witchly friend.

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