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After filling out way too many applications, taking a 10-key test that gave me one error our of 26k strokes, and driving not quite 150 miles, I'm cooked. Right now, I don't really care if I ever get another job. I'm ready to put a lily on my chest and start playing one of those cartoon harps.

No word from Llew.
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I should be officially enrolled in school. Hopefully by next week, I'll be drawing unemployment as well. And I have me a new icon. With so many references to Barack Obama being Sheriff Bart, this just seems so apropos, especially with my being a rabid Mel Brooks fan. I wish to the Mighty Goddess that Cleavon Little and Richard Pryor were alive to see this moment in history. I still think that Obama should ride up to the inaugural podium on a horse and have someone hand him a laurel and hardy handshake. ::cackle::


Nov. 15th, 2008 03:11 pm
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Klonipin is finally helping me sleep, and sleep good, with funky-ass dreams as an added benefit. The downside is that I'm seriously wibbly when I do get up. Here's a picture of my resignation letter, as well as a pic of my favourite manager Steve, and my work station.

Here's a picture of my resignation letter.

Now, what I really wanted to write was: You motherfuckers ask way too much for way too little and your human compassion was flushed down the toilet after your read that insidious brain-washing book that the company requires all managers in training to read. You're the type who'd gladly drink the Kool-Aid if it added to your store's profits for the month. You can take your cheap-ass low-grade products and shove them up your chocolate whiz-way. Oh, and that insurance I stuck around way too long to keep? It sucks just as much as you do. I pay to have them tell me that they aren't going to pay anything. You can take Cigna and swish it around in the muck in which you regularly wallow. Piss on you, piss on you store, and piss on the dregs of society that continually walk through its doors. Yours very truly, Darth Shriek.

But I didn't, as you can plainly see.

Here's a pic of my favourite manager and the one to whom I gave my resignation. He's a good guy and deserves better than being stuck at Dollar General. Here's Steve, being all cool and shit.

And here's my work station. They could have given me a stool, but they said it was against company policy. I just couldn't take it anymore. Sally Foster should end at the end of this month. When that happens, I'm going to draw unemployment and get as much assistance as possible for school. And I'm going to file for disability. Something has got to change for me. Something's gotta give. It's crazy how I'm trying to do what's considered the right thing, when I'm physically (and mentally) unable. When you can't sleep for panic attacks, you can't function at work.

I'm on my way, dammit.

So there you have it, the end of Dollar General. I'm gonna miss some of the clientele, but some of them need to crawl back under their rocks and die.


Jun. 28th, 2006 05:46 pm
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I'm in a foul mood today. Everything is getting on my nerve. I only have one left. All the rest were expunged in The Pit. 'Twas a grueling process, but it always takes a while to turn a fresh-faced 19 year old girl who is filled with hope into a scowling 38 year old crone who is riddled with fury. If I were David Banner, I'd currently be large, green, and angry.....very angry. This is the kind of mood where my insides just shift with ire whenever I have to interact with anyone. It's taken all my willpower to refrain from squeezing Aunt Tudi's neck until her head pops off. It's nothing she's done, mind. She need only open her mouth and I'm ready to strike. It's that kind of mood.

One good thing happened today. Over the past couple of years, I've gotten really chummy with this lady at Eckerd pharmacy. Her name is Paula and she works back in the pharmacy proper as a pharm tech. She and I have chatted back and forth for ever the longest and I gave her a book on gastric bypass surgery to give to her son a while back. So we're very friendly acquaintances. Yesterday, I mentioned that I was looking for a job and she suggested I fill out an application for Eckerd. She gave me one and I thanked her, telling her I'd bring it back later. I took it back yesterday afternoon, but Paula was gone, so I held on to the app until today. When I took the application in today, I asked Paula whom I should give it to. The other pharm tech piped up and said, "You give it to Paula. She's the boss." So it turns out that Paula is the manager as well as a pharm tech. She said that she'd talk to Tony (one of the pharmacists) and probably get back in touch with me in the next couple of days. So we'll see.

Other than that, though.....this day has sucked big furry yak balls. And not because it's been a bad day. It's solely my piss poor mood that's made it so sucky. Honestly, I think I'll be a lot better when I feel like I'm contributing something to the house and our livelihood. It's been fun being a slacker but, now, it's starting to get a tad tedious. I'm ready to be at least mildly productive.
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I got a call this morning that there was not enough work to keep me employed at the Waystation. I kind of sort of expected that since Heather returned from vacation yesterday and I almost perished of terminal boredom as a result. There was nothing....nothing....to do. So I'm once again unemployed. Blaaaagh!

Am I worried? Am I concerned? Am I desperate?

No to all three questions. Que sera sera. I will survive, just like Gloria Gaynor. The next job to come up will be even better. It may be further away but, hopefully, it'll have to do with animals. This would be a Good Thing.

In the interim, I'm going to sleep. Not just sleep, but turbo sleep. I'm going to engage in aggressive slumber.

Goodbye, Waystation. I barely knew thee, but I liked thee okay. No hard feelings. Au revoir.

Job Update

Jun. 1st, 2006 10:22 pm
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I got a call from that Appleone place shortly after 8 AM this morning. Mary wanted me to come in and do my skills tests today instead of tomorrow morning because a job in Duncan had come open. Dig this: it's a temp to hire position, full time, hours of 8 to 5, and it's local. Deja vu! So I cleaned up my act and was down at Appleone by 10:30. Two hours later, I was getting my results, which were surprisingly very good. I scored above average or outstanding on everything except Excel, which I've used very little. And all of this, except for the typing, was self-taught. Not only that, but I suck at tests. Usually, I type about 70 to 80 WPM when I'm accustomed to the keyboard. But a new keyboard always throws me. Even with that, I scored 66.7 WPM with 7 mistakes.

A few hours later, I talked to Mary, who told me that I'd know by tomorrow morning if they wanted to interview me or just have me start the job on Monday. ::snicker:: I will be extremely lucky to get a job so close to home again, especially with gas prices buggering everyone the way they are right now. If I get this job, I'm sooooo getting a moped. I don't care how ridiculous I look or how early I have to get up in order to putt-putt to work on time. I can save tons of dough by doing this.

If this falls through, though, I still have like 4 other possible jobs lined up, not counting the Banfield position that I won't hear about until next week. The manager is on vacation this week, so it's just a waiting game with that one. As Ethel always said: "Everything's coming up roses!"
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I'm on a roll!

I've already had a phone interview for a part time job this morning and I'm due to go for an interview at 2:45 this afternoon. Also, tomorrow, I have an interview at 3:45.

Surely something will come of these. I'm especially keen on the part-time job. Just enough to pay off my eentsy debt and buy groceries. And then I'd have even more time for school. I need good vibes people. Send in the direction of Bumfuck, South Carolina (aka Duncan).


May. 30th, 2006 09:11 am
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This job in Wal-Mart isn't going to work out. It's too far to drive for what I'd be making and it's in a fucking Wal-Mart. So I'm job searching again.


May. 22nd, 2006 09:13 pm
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Some may call me unbelievably foolish, especially in this day and age of financial uncertainty, but I literally took the last of my money and went around $800 in debt to go to England. When Aunt Tudi and I returned home, we came back to a virtually empty bank account and no idea of how we were going to replenish it. Aunt Tudi was the first in line to call me daft for doing what I did. Her level of worry attempted to rub off on me at times, but I refused to succumb. Before we left for Blighty, I told Aunt Tudi that I had a feeling that I would be employed soon after we got back to the States. My words, verbatim: "We may have a skinny two weeks to a month until I pull in a pay check but, after that, everything will be just fine. I'll pay off whatever debt we incur during the trip and will be able to save up for school in August as well as have grocery and gas money. Things are going to be fine and this is the only chance we have to go to England and have an honest-to-goddess vacation." So Aunt Tudi set aside her worries and had faith in me and my faith in my feeling.

Today I got a call from Ron at National Hearing Centers offering me the assistant office manager position for which I interviewed the week before we left for England. This is the only interview I've had since I lost my job in The Pit. It's the only job I vaguely pursued. I was certain I wouldn't get the job because Ron wanted to hire someone posthaste and I made it clear that I wasn't available until after returning from England. He told me on the phone that he waited for me to get back home to offer me the job because, of all the folks he interviewed, he was most impressed with me, that my personality was perfect for the position and my work history with BMG was evident that I was a dedicated employee. I was the type of person he needed for the job, so waiting a little while longer to fill it was worth it. Not only was I flabbergasted by this, but I was also very flattered by his words. I often feel like I come across as someone with the personality of a garden stick. It's nice to know that's not the case all of the time.

I start on Thursday, going in to observe for the rest of this week, but my actual training doesn't begin until next week. He's letting me start this week in order to get me a pay check a week earlier. How cool is that? And my training is in Asheville, so I'll get to go home for a couple of days and stay in a hotel. I'm taking Aunt Tudi with me 'cos I don't want to leave her by herself for that long and this will be a chance for her to commune with home while I'm at work in training. I'm sure she'll be toodling about town on public transport, rekindling the memories of childhood and young adulthood.

By the end of next month I will be out of debt again. I'll have health insurance that won't cost me a buttload, like the Cobra is right now. I'll have dental insurance again, and a new retirement plan. My hours should be flexible enough that I can attend school part time, and I'll be pulling in more money that I did in The Pit because all the debt will be gone. If all goes as planned, this means I can save up and maybe go back to England in a year or two, much sooner than I thought, if I ever got to go back at all that is.

Verily do I feel charmed. I can't remember a time when whatever I needed didn't present itself at the precise time it was needed. Folks in the past have whispered that I must be Witch. Well yeah, I am, but even I have no idea how or why things like this happen to/for me. They just do and, for that, I am eternally grateful. My only regret is that Aunt Tudi's birthday is on Wednesday and she's gonna have to spend the majority of it by herself. I'll definitely make it up to her though. I'll take her out to wherever she wants to go for dinner tomorrow, and take her to a movie, and do whatever else she wants to do this weekend. It'll be cool.

I guess I need to retire my "VNEMPLOYED IN ROME" icon now.
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I'm about half way ready for my interview today. Yes, I have an interview for an office administration and receptionist position at a vision center. It sounds great, except the center is located in a WALMART. But I don't care. I need to come home to a job, even if it is located in the Devil's Bedroom. I'll be heading out at 1 PM for my interview at 2. Wish me luck, dammit.

A sign that things may go well is I opened the front door to find a news bee as long as my thumb floating about between the wooden door and the storm door. I let him out, but he gave me a buzzing before he left, so there you go. A sign from the Mighties, perhaps?

What's so strange is that I'm not nervous at all. It's just a thing to me. That's not like me when I'm meeting new people, especially when I'm going to be interrogated. Gads. Maybe I'm about to have a nervous breakdown and don't know it.


Apr. 20th, 2006 01:25 am
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I just applied for a job at PetSmart. Their application process had to have been invented by Torquemada. I'm having to check my thumbs from screw prints.
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I just got off the phone with Elizabeth at Kelly Services. I know have an appointment to come in for an extended interview tomorrow at 9:30 PM. The job they're thinking of placing me in is a call-center/customer service position at $12.00 an hour. Not too shabby.

The interview could last upward to four hours, so maybe I'll sachet over to Llew's work at lunch and see if he wants to do lunch with me.
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That song, "Too Much Time on My Hands" by Styx: I'm starting to relate to it. There's a line in it, near the beginning, that goes: Is it any wonder I'm not crazy? Is it any wonder I'm sane at all? That's me and I came to grips with the truth of it earlier today when I started contemplating compound eyes and what effects on society having them would have. Yeah, I know that it's thought that the facets of the compound eye are communicated as a singular image instead of a whole lot of the same image, but I was pondering on the multiple-image eyesight during my theories regarding, say.....wasp society.

I chose the wasp 'cos I saw one on the front porch a few days ago, it's teardrop arse dangling an inch from its body as it burrrrrzed about lazily, rubbing in the promise of Spring without the appearance of Winter. Sensing my resentment, the wasp eventually floated away.

For the purposes of my theory, let's say that wasps have 10 facets on each compound eye. If each facet worked independently, that would mean that a wasp would then see 20 of everything. So wasp math would be based on increments of 20. 20-40-60-80-100 would be like our 1-2-3-4-5. This would also mean that wasps think there are way more of humans about than there really are. When it stings just one of us, 20 of us chase after it while they all freak out and swell up. It would be kinda terrifying to think that a posse hellbent on your destruction was just right around the corner. After Humanity has destroyed all the natural habitat, wasps will see the last tree alive as at least 20 trees, the beginnings of a festive little forest! All nouns would be plurals because the wasp would not understand the concept of any form of singularity, seeing everything in plural and being a member of a hive mind. When one wasp would tell another wasp it was heading back to the hive, s/he'd might say: "Yo, so we're heading back to the homes. See y'all there!"

So. Too much time on my hands. The mind is turning to overcooked oatmeal.

[livejournal.com profile] popfiend made note of my mention of "pre-Cable" in one of my posts from yesterday. To those of you born after, say....1978.....:

There was a time in history, not so very long ago,
when there was no such thing as Cable Television

  • We were lucky if we had 4 channels in our neck of the woods: the ABC affiliate, the CBS affiliate, the NBC affiliate, and the local PBS station.

  • Bugs Bunny cartoons were always shown from 9 'til 11 every Saturday morning, and none of the violent or rude parts were cut from them so as not to damage our delicate little child psyches.

  • We tuned our TV stations in with a set of "rabbit ears" antennae that sat on top of the television. Sometimes the cunning use of foil would be employed, most often using one of the kids as antennae extensions for better reception.

  • Our TVs usually didn't have remote controls. The remote control of most families' households was the youngest member of the family, who was ordered to get up and flip the channel using the channel dial attached to the front of the TV.

  • By the same token, channel surfing had yet to be invented, as it was a result of TV remotes and the wide choice of shows afforded by the coming of the Great Cable God.

  • Most kids shows were reserved for the weekend, but were often pre-empted or "joined in progress" thanks to the many sports events also reserved for the weekend.

  • If you missed a show, you missed it! We didn't have VCRs and re-runs were few and far between.

  • TV Guides were pamphlet-style, bound with 2 to 3 staples with long descriptions of each TV show because there were so few channels and not that many shows.

  • When the announcer mentioned a TV "Event," he was usually quite accurate. There was few things to inspire excitement, so the "Events" we enjoyed were truly that: EVENTS. A special episode of "Friends" isn't an EVENT. "Roots," on the other hand, IS!

  • We had no choice but to watch The Olympics when they were being held. One network showed the coverage and all the other two networks covered that covered. PBS would discuss it all.

  • The Jerry Lewis Telethon was looked-forward-to by many people desperate to break up the monotony. Actual celebrities would participate because they had nowhere else to go.

  • The stations went off the air usually at Midnight, maybe 1 AM. "The Star Spangled Banner" was played and images of America would be displayed. Afterward, viewers could enjoy the sleep-inducing TV snow and white noise. An excellent example of this would be the beginning of the movie Poltergeist. Carol Ann could never be possessed in the Cable Age. No TV snow!

  • The Christmas shows like "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer" and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" were always shown on CBS and often pre-empted in order to finish showing a football game that had gone into overtime.

  • When the President spoke, every channel showed it. You missed your shows and had one of two choices regarding his address: 1) You could watch it or 2) You could turn off the TV. Thank the Mighties for Cable, now that we no longer have a president but, instead, a Dick Tater to whom only the mentally and ethically challenged want to listen. I can switch to the Cartoon Network and watch censored Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  • For musical programming, we had "American Bandstand," "Soul Train," "Friday Night videos," and "The King Biscuit Flower Hour." MTV didn't exist. It's sad that MTV ceased to exist over a decade ago.

  • In the mornings, we had no choice but game shows. In the early afternoons, we had no choice but soap operas. Late afternoons were dedicated to syndicated shows, most usually Gunsmoke or The Andy Griffith Show. There was always local news at 6 and national news at 6:30. Same at 11 and 11:30. News wasn't at our fingertips 24/7. All sorts of shit could happen and we wouldn't know til hours later.

  • "Sesame Street" was the kids' show, then "The Electric Company" (for older and hipper kids). It only came on twice a day and that was it for the day. Kids had to enterain themselves or each other until it was time for more boob tube. Barney wasn't even an idea. TV wasn't a good babysitter back then.

  • It sometimes took years for a movie to come to television and, then, it would be edited for time and content. People were let know what special movies they had to look forward to in the Fall Issue of the TV Guide.

  • Board games were one of the main forms of family entertainment when nothing good was on TV. People did more with each other then.

Have I missed anything? Stupid question. I know I have.


Feb. 13th, 2006 01:14 pm
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Some unforeseen obstacles have been tossed in my general direction regarding employment or lack thereof. I may have to resort to Plan B or Plan C, which means severe alterations to my schooling and travelling. Damn the gub'ment! Damn it all to hell!
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I have to go to the employment office tomorrow and prove to them I've been hunting for a job. I actually found a couple of jobs I wouldn't mind having, but never heard back from either business so phooey on them. They're missing out on a great opportunity to employ a surly wage slave.

Llew's place of employment may be getting a 6-digit contract with a major local company. If they get the contract, they'll need a clerk/film technician and I'm in the running for that because of my skills both in clerical work and in media technology (from my early days in Quality Assurance at BMG). That'd be pretty groovy.

I also have the option of going to work at Dr. Patch's if they still need help, which I think they always need help. This would be a dandy opportunity to learn more about my chosen trade. My only issue with this is that I'm not certain I want to have Dr. Patch as a boss. He's been my beasties' doctor and a friendly acquaintance of mine for many moons and I don't want to ruin the relationship because I'm suddenly an employee. That's a thin line to tread right there.

Anyway, I have to go out tomorrow morning and prove myself. After I've fulfilled my obligation there, Aunt Tudi and I are going to the main library in Spartanburg to hang out for a while. Who knows what we'll do after the library visit? I may go to Circuit City and Best Buy to scope out some notebooks. In the following days I need to maintain my social attitude and go some places and do some things. The more I stay indoors, the less I want to do anything. Pretty soon, I'll be trying to roll a rock in front of my door and growing a beard. I may even purchase a soccer ball to talk to.
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My unemployment check didn't show this week, so I have to wait 20 days to see if it does show up, then call the SCEC and place a stop-check on the offending payment. I did receive my 401k money today, but it has to be held for a week before it can be deposited in my account. So I'm broke. Poor. Hittin' the skids. At least the financial crisis will be short-lived. I'll be getting another check on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I may also have a sweet job lined up at American Image Makers as their Girl Friday. Ideally, it'd be a part-time position that would allow me to be a tad closer to Tri-County Tech. The proverbial ball is beginning to gain rolling momentum. I just hope I can hang on long enough for all this to come together. Either way, I'll definitely get that ball rolling starting on Monday.
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Aunt Tudi is getting sick again. Another sore throat, congestion, yada yada yada. I'm feeling some better, but I haven't eaten a bite today, thanks to nausea. Bleh. Oh, and I couldn't file my unemployment. They're saying I have to come down to the office. WTF? I just went down there. Damnation. Surely this isn't a sign of what 2006 is gonna be, neh?

I've got me some yoghurt. Publix brand, fruit on the bottom, nummalicious blackberry yoghurt. I may try to eat some of that. I think I could eat a little bit now. Guess we'll see, won't we?

*a few minutes later*

Well, that went well! And it was some of the best yoghurt I've ever let slide down my throat. 11 grams of protein too. That gives me a total of 11 grams of protein for the day. Only 49 more to go. Like that's gonna happen. Yaahahahaaahhh, rahahahight.
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I met all the qualifications to continue my unemployment insurance. After just an hour at the SCEC, I was out of there and free for another 6 or so weeks. I think the lady who handled my case was eager to see me away from her desk since I still sound like Snuffleuppagus.

After years of serious consideration, I have decided that Garth Brooks is sexy.

Go with god.
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I've been down with a migraine for the majority of the day. But now I'm better and am collecting the information I'll need for my eligibility meeting tomorrow at the South Carolina Employment Commission. I've had to fill out the paper they sent to me in addition to filling out my job search form. I'll need to print out a couple of copies of my resume, then I should be set. My appointment is at 2:20 tomorrow afternoon.


Nov. 27th, 2005 06:51 pm
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I haven't much to write about, yet I'm keen on writing something. Actually, I should turn my attention to finishing The Chalice but, to be honest, I really need at least one day's break from it. I'm getting to the portion of the book where all the main characters are together. My head isn't large enough to fit them all in at once, but it must be done. Yes, I know this is all I've been writing about for the past month, but there's not much else going on. One thing I want to include in the book is poem I wrote that eventually came to be the lyrics for one of Magnificat's songs. The lilt and tempo might be very familiar to peeps in tune to certain things.

Enigma (the Masque of Cadmus)

As you drift dangerous past my eyes
I see the mask that once you wore
And you are hunting down my spies
That watch you, wanting ever more
The illusions far beneath your skin
Surfeit with great uncertainty
And I'm in earnest to dig in
And reach your soul for me to see

Your mask may scare me out of sleep
Your dreams are nightmares for the weak
Your passion drives my heart to weep
It's your enigma that I seek
And what I found was always mine
And what I say I've said before
Your kisses taste like blood and wine
And leave me spent upon the floor

Yes, we shall see what dreams can share
And we shall touch that holy place
And when we sleep we'll travel there
To find ourselves in sacred space
We'll go to where the fountains sing
To listen to the night's refrain
We'll hear the Bells of Silence ring
Then dance the nightmare trip again

© T.A. Evans 10 November 1992

It's not even 7PM yet, but it feels like it should at least be 10PM. After dealing with the 24-hour Belly Splooge, I'm feeling kinda of weak and tired. Here's hoping I'm not in the same boat tomorrow. I have to go to The Pit and have Jan fill out her portion of my credit card insurance papers. Once I get that done, I can mail the necessary paperwork to the appropriate souls, sit back and let the insurance pay against my debt for at least 6 months. These companies also pay like 3 to 4 times the minimum amount due, so I'm looking at very small credit card statements once my insurance runs out and my 401k money is in my hot trembling paws.

I have to get up early tomorrow to take Motley over to Dr. Patch's. Hopefully, he can treat her and give her back to us tomorrow afternoon. Aunt Tudi is quite keen on adopting Motley because she looks so much like our Paisley, may she rest in peace. The only difference is, Motley has no tail. Like her brother Lynx, Motley is a button-butt.

Tonight, I think I shall watch a DVD until I pass out. This is no different than any other night. My life is so exciting.

Early on

Oct. 25th, 2005 10:59 am
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Upon waking at 7 AM, I decided to stay up instead of lying down for a few more hours, as has been my routine of late. This gives me about 4.5 hours of sleep and, already, I'm feeling the burn of sleepies.

There are things to do today, but I'm waiting for it to warm up a little first. Right now, I'm covered with as many blankets and comforters I could find and I'm still chilly.

One thing I needed to do I've already accomplished: I spoke with Lori at Dr. Patch's office about Shmoop. She put me on hold to go talk to Doc, who suggested that I come in for more Amoxil Drops. It turns out that this medicine only holds for about 14 days, so I've been administering something that was doing Shmoop absolutely no good. How was I to know? Duh. I also asked about the symptoms of dog flu that is going around right now. For any readers with dogs, I'm typing the symptoms in large font so it won't be easy to overlook.

Make certain your dog has a bordatella shot, so you can differentiate between flu and kennel cough.
Watch for coughing, diarrhea, vomiting
If you see these symptoms, get your dog to the doctor, but don't take her/him inside
Call ahead with your concerns

To my knowledge, the dog flu can't jump from dogs to humans like the current avian influenza, so please don't banish your dog out of fear. That's wrong, man, wrong!

Speaking of dogs, Chester took a tumble last night. He was balanced on the back of the love seat when Janice came down to visit, got a little excited, lost his balance and fell flat on the floor. Later on, Aunt Tudi was cuddling him and asked him if he was sore.....and Chester answered: "uh huh." We both were astonished, but I told Aunt Tudi there was no use in proclaiming to the world that we have a talking dog. Every time we'd try to show him off, he'd just sit there and make Yorkie noises, but as soon as the strangers were gone, he'd pick up his top hat and cane and start singing "Michigan Rag." I know it to be true.

One of the reasons I was up so late last night is I was watching one of my favourite guilty pleasure movies on Turner South. Ice Pirates was on. This is the movie from which I got the notorious "space herpe," which makes me titter with glee every time I think about it. While watching Ice Pirates, it dawned on me how similar this movie is to Joss Whedon's Firefly, based on what little I know about Firefly. I could be wrong, but I can't help but suspect a little bit of recycling was performed in the writing of Firefly and Serenity. Should Robert Urich be spinning in his grave?

Also, last night, Aunt Tudi and I were discussing Christmas. She's the Bob Cratchett of our household and I am Scrooge. Most years, we don't do much because we really can't afford it. I despise the fact that what should be a holy season for so many different religions has become a commercial mishmash of horror, but Aunt Tudi gets all starry-eyed and wants to give to everybody and his brother. This year will be the first in many where we can marginally afford the kind of Christmas Aunt Tudi likes. I informed of this last night, saying "We're going to do Christmas your way this time and give shit to a bunch of people I don't like." Hey, I gotta stay in character.

I have an appointment with Jan in Human Resources at The Pit today at 4 PM. I was going to have her fill out my insurance paper for credit card payment protection, but the idjits at account secure sent me the wrong form, sending me the disability forms instead of the unemployment forms. So I'm SOL. I must call them this morning and get that straightened out.

For now, though, I'm keeping under the covers and praying for the feeling to come back in my toes.
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Last night, I apparently had some sort of reaction to the Lunesta (or something) and I put on a show for Aunt Tudi. She audio taped some of the shit I was muttering, but grew rather worried when I got up and started playing with matches. I burned an entire box of the small wooden matches and piled the burnt matches in a neat little pyramid on the kitchen table. I then returned to bed and attempted to play with a book of matches. What's so weird is, I remember parts of this, but I thought it was only a dream. Aunt Tudi told me that I proclaimed that I wanted to "do" Harry Potter, then blurted out "You ain't the boss of me!" So, yeah.... I'm a little leery of going to bed tonight.

My review at SCEC was a raging success. It looks like I'll remain qualified for unemployment benefits for at least 6 or 7 more weeks, no sweat!

After I got outta there, Aunt Tudi and I went to Verizon to renew our contract and get new phones. Mine is a Motorola flip phone and hers is a Samsung flip phone. As soon as I can, I plan on reading the instruction booklets from cover to cover, then teaching Aunt Tudi how to use her new phone. She was uncomfortable with the last phone she had, a little Kyocera, so this is gonna be fun getting her updated with something that looks like Captain Kirk would use it to have Scottie beam him up.

Shmoop is still snuffly, so I'll be calling Doc in the morning to see what the dealio is. I also need to find out the symptoms of the dog flu that's going around, so I'll know what to watch for with our beloved canines.

I'm off again now to go find a blanket for Aunt Tudi. You can read small-print newspaper articles through the one she has now and it's supposed to be colder than a witch's tittie tonight.
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There was a reason for not going to Sparkle City on Friday: I discovered upon telefiling for my unemployment today that I have an appointment with the South Carolina Employment Commission tomorrow at 2 PM. This is the meeting where I have to prove that I've been trying to find a job. So I pulled out my brand new Lexmark 2300 printer/scanner combo and installed the necessary software, then printed out all the Monster.com confirmations that I've gotten since The Pit gave me the boot.

The new printer ROCKS and is so superior to any other printer I've ever had, even though it pretty much cost half as much. I predict that, in the coming months, this printer/scanner combo is going to prove itself invaluable to me.

::does superior llama dance::
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Everything I was supposed to do today will have to be done on Monday. Aunt Tudi was rather sick all day, so we stayed home. I'm still planning on filling out the FAFSA, dragging out tax info, and setting up my printer though. I can do it in my leisure since the only thing I have planned over the weekend is a visit with Llew tomorrow.
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Tomorrow is gonna be busy.

  1. I need to go to One Stop and formally request WIA benefits and get my book signed.

  2. I need to call Spartanburg Tech and set up an appointment with admissions and financial aid.

  3. I need to drag out my tax information for last year so I can provide these records for financial aid purposes.

  4. I need to fill out my FAFSA forms and submit them to the government.

  5. I need to set up my new printer and print out my job search evidence.

I also need to find out from the One Stop folks if I can qualify for WIA if I want to go to a school other than Spartanburg Tech. If I can, then it's Tri-County for me, 'cos they have a vet tech program.

My plan is to ingest copious amounts of coffee to get me buzzing and motivated. All else will follow.
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It went well today. No testing for this portion of the workshop, and there won't be any testing for me tomorrow either. The reason for this is I'm not planning on being part of Smart Jobs, which is a quick run through school and a major push into the workforce within 2 months. I am instead going with a curriculum, which requires transcripts and the taking of either the ASSET or COMPASS test. So I won't have to be at the college until 10:30 tomorrow, but I'm still going to Sparkle City early. My aim is to be at the One Stop Center at 9 AM to get enrolled in the WIA program, which will help pay for my schooling for two years. Then I'll go finish up at the college and get home before 1 PM.

There are two hitches in my Master Plan.

  • Hitch #1: In order to have my schooling paid for, I'm pretty certain I have to attend Spartanburg Tech. This means no vet tech education until I'm in a better position to transfer schools and carry the burden of tuition myself. However, there is hope! STC has a medical technology program that sounds perfect. I get to play mad scientist and observe hideous human emissions through a microscope, but I don't have to deal with people that much. Also, the classes for medical technology sound an awful lot like the classes I'd need for veterinary technology, so I could probably transfer credits when I'm ready.

  • Hitch #2: STC's Spring Semester begins in January and ends in May. I checked the Spring Break schedule and it's from 3 through 7 of April. This will be when I can go to England. February is out because I'll be in school if everything now goes as planned. It's a bitch to have to postpone this again, but I don't see any way around it.

I'll find out more tomorrow regarding my options when it comes to going somewhere other than STC. ::firm nods::

In social news, I made a friend at the workshop today. Her name is Sherleen and she's refugee from New Orleans. She was one of the many folks who were placed in the Upstate. Sherleen was a school bus driver back in NO and she's thinking about going into early childhood development as she starts her new life in South Carolina. The poor woman was frozen stiff this morning and it was only in the low fifties. This dude Steve bought her a cup of hot chocolate. I would have, but the ATM I went by on the way to town was broken and I had no money. Anyway, I told Sherleen if there was anything I could do, just let me know. She said she would like to just hang with me during all this due process because she's just really unsure of everything, being displaced and losing so much. I feel for her. So, I think we're gonna be buds.

On my way home, I was behind a car with a rear tire swiftly losing air. I honked my horn at the driver and waved them over, rolling my window down to tell them of their misfortune. It's always best to catch a flat early, so your rim won't cut your rubber. Here's hoping she could get it patched and move along without having to buy a tire.

So that was my good deed for the day. Back to your regularly scheduled program of misanthropy and Sithliness.
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All of the rain that we haven't gotten over the past month is falling today, which sucks, 'cos this was the day Aunt Tudi and I had to haul the three dogs and two cats over to Dr. Patch's for boarding. Getting all of them into the car, then out of the car and into the office, is difficult on a pleasant day. It's just Hell on Earth on a rainy day. Blaaaagh! But they're now snuggled in their little hotel rooms and Aunt Tudi and I are back home and drying off.

Judy called me a little while ago. She was wanting to hear about my experience so far with the employment commission, so I gave her all the info I had on it so far. Damn, she sounded so bouncy! It was like talking to a totally different person. Maybe it's because Judy is away from The Pit and is feeling alive for the first time in a very long time. She said she was really happy, so I'm happy for her! I offered to give her a tutorial on Monster.com after I get back from Moncks Corner, week after next. Hopefully, we can hook up and catch up on things in a non-Pit environment.

Today, I need to pack and get ready for the trip tomorrow morning. I also need to go see Llew, since I didn't go yesterday. And really, that's all that's on my agenda. That and perhaps a wee nap. This life of leisure will be the death of me!

Ohhhh, and [livejournal.com profile] adriang: thanks for the book. It'll be going with me on the trip to Moncks Corner. :)


Sep. 21st, 2005 02:54 pm
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It's almost 3 PM. Instead of coming down from an enraged post-lunch rush buzz in The Pit, I shall commence with napping in preparation for tonight's fantastic televiewing. I still haven't gotten over the wonderment of unemployment. Of course, if I were financially worse off than I am, this wouldn't be fun at all. It'd be stressful and horrifying.

The Class

Sep. 21st, 2005 12:52 pm
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The class was long, but surprisingly informative. I signed up for a two-day information/registration/orientation fair at Spartanburg Tech. The way I understand it is I can start taking classes in certain areas now for free, so I'm thinking seriously about taking the MS Office suite class. That way, I'll have a piece of paper informing folks that I know this stuff. It'll also come in handy for later when I'm taking my real classes for veterinary technology. I also have the option of taking an eight week Certified Nurse's Assistant course for free. One can never have too much education. If I did an eight week course now, then went on for the two year course for vet tech, then I'd have several avenues open to me when the time came for me to seriously work again.

I feel really good about it all. Optimism isn't one of my strong points, so this is a rare moment. Verily shall I savour it.
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My Inner Fangirl is a squeeing lump of giddiness. That's the only thing keeping me awake right now. A horrid case of insomnia held me hostage last night, so I've only had about 3 hours sleep. In about fifteen minutes, I'm heading for the employment office for that blasted class. Here's hoping I can stay awake. I'll keep my mind on Lost and what treasures the season 2 premiere will hold tonight.

I may go by Krispy Kreme and get Aunt Tudi some doughnuts after the job-finding class. That'll make her grin like an idiot.
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Get up early..GAH! Don't wanna. Clean up my act and head for the SC Employment Commission office for a mandatory job-hunting class. I have to be there at 9 AM and the class lasts approximately two hours. Since I talked to the lady who leads the class last week, she told me that I need only remind her that we've already talked and she'll sign my unemployment book and let me get the hell out of there instead having to wait for a one-on-one interview we've already had.

After that, I must call the credit card insurance companies and have the required paperwork sent to me so I can file my unemployment claims with them. It's been a month almost since I left The Pit, so it's time to move on that little bit of loveliness.

I may then mow the grass, with the grass catcher, and make the yard surprisingly clean and pretty for Aunt Tudi to "ooh" and "ahh" over. Besides, I need to get my physical obligations in order before my Moon begins and my body falls into several large pieces on the ground.

But I have to be finished with all that hooha by 8PM tomorrow night 'cos, at 8, there's a season 1 retrospective show on LOST and then, at 9, the season 2 premiere comes on. I'm all over that like a rat's nest on a gnat's knuckle. I expect that I'll be hearing from Cherise during the show. We must to scream at each other during the commercials.

And this is my 4000th post! ::does the dance of the damned::
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My severance money has been directly deposited into my checking account and I just paid off 1 of the four debts I have left with some of it. The second debt will be toast by the end of the month and the other two will be paid via insurance for as long as allowable, then I'll pay off the balance probably after the first of the year.

::does happy llama dance:: uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh!
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Today has so far been my most productive day since the onset of my gainful unemployment. I got up at 7 AM, threw my hair in a hat, got dressed, collected Aunt Tudi and Shmoop and arrived at the vet's office by 7:35. We dropped off Shmoop for her spaying appointment and headed for Wally World. Wally World in the early morning is even more pleasant than the late morning! We were in and out by 9:30 and home by 10 AM.

By 10:30, I was outside mowing the grass for the first time in about 3 weeks (it didn't look horrible, but it was pretty bad I'm ashamed to say). I didn't use the lawn tractor; instead, I used the push mower because it has mulching action. By 11:15, I'd finished up and was jumping in the shower.

A swift clean up and some makeup by 11:40, and Aunt Tudi and I were heading back out the door to meet up with my ex-fellow serfs for Judy's birthday/farewell dinner. I followed some folks over to Charlie's Barbecue off highway 14 and we all partied down for about an hour. The Feudal Mistress was at the other end of the table from me, so I was unable to vent any wrath down upon her. Other than that, it was really good to hobnob with my homies. Everyone was keen to hear how I was handling being unemployed. I told them how wonderful I felt, that I felt 10 years younger and the hump on my back had mysteriously disappeared!

Right now, I'm home, but it's merely a pit stop. We're about to head back out to Sparkle City to the One Stop place where I'll file for school benefits. After that, I'm heading back home to work on the Shriekback and Barry Andrews websites. By then, I'll be ready to vegetate a little more. Whoooo!


Sep. 14th, 2005 07:59 pm
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I've been nauseated all day, horking up just about everything I've eaten. Yuck.

Got my first unemployment check in the mail. I'm making about $20 less than I was in The Pit. Once I have the car and credit paid off, I'll have much more money being unemployed than I did being a serf. How's that for poetic justice?

Errands to run tomorrow and Friday is Shmoop's spaying appointment.

I think I'll watch more Lost until I perish for the evening.
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I have been a total slacker these past few days. But I did get some things done. I updated my resume on Monster and sent it out to a few folks. The job market in this area sucks like a gigantic Hoover in a Japanese monster movie, which is actually working in my favour because I want to go to school instead being a corporate slave.

There is a knot of muscle the size of a large goose egg on the left side of my lower back. I'm going to see Lisa at the doc's office tomorrow morning about it. This knot is the main reason I wasn't online yesterday. I chose to lie about and moan instead of being social on The Intarweb.

After being poked at repeatedly with a large stick by Aunt Tudi, I finally gave in and went out into public today. Waiting for me at the big PO was the LOST DVD. Lo! I am excited! We also paid the utility bills and went to Wal-Mart. The shoppers at Wal-Mart during the day are a lot more pleasant than the shoppers I've always encountered in the evenings and on weekends. They're nice and don't insist on getting in my way. Of course, most of them are elderly. I can deal with the elderly 99% of the time. That 1% wherein they earn my eternal wrath is when they're driving down the road at 5 miles an hour and weaving to where I can't get around their wrinkled arses. But I like them at 1 PM in Wal-Mart.

I am supposed to go to a job-finding orientation thingie on 21 September. My unemployment insurance may be in danger if I don't attend. Well, whoopee-fucking-doo! I guess I'll be at the SC employment commission first thing that Wednesday morning.

What else is going on?

Oh! I have to renew my drivers license tomorrow. It expires on Saturday. Almost forgot about that.... So I'll be putting on make-up tomorrow morning before I head to the DMV. At least I won't have to worry about it for 5 more years after tomorrow. Lessee....I'll have to get another license in 2010....and that'll be my last one since everything is going to go kaput in 2012. Not too shabby.

I turned on my old printer so I could pull out the ink cartridges and see what kind I needed. Was planning on getting more ink for the printer as I need to print out stuff, like evidence I've applied for jobs online, and I have no way of doing it. When I turned on the printer, though, it made a sound like kkkkkkkkkkkbrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffftt and the trouble light started blinking madly. Well, shit on a stick! I think that means that the printer is no more. When I get my big honkin' severance check next week, I'll be getting a new cheap printer. I found one for 40 bucks at Wally World. That's what I'm going for.

Aunt Tudi gave me my birthday gifties early. She can't hold on to things to save her life, bless her! She bestowed upon me a wrist watch, which I really needed, and a handheld Tetris game. I have a weakness for Tetris, yea and verily. Also, she gave me a stack of 45s complete with picture sleeves! I'm blessed, I tell you, blessed!

Last, but not least, I got a call from Judy yesterday. Her last day is definitely 16 September and it seems as though she's the last in the old SOS department. The Feudal Mistress has been transferred to another warehouse to help with the Returns operations on a temporary basis. I hope it's temporary. If she gets to stay after all the rest of us were escorted out of The Pit, I will be so pissed off, I'm going to turn into Ren Hoek preparing to beat Kowalski with a wood spoon. But Judy assured me that the FM will indeed be talking the Long Walk eventually. My Pit spies will have to keep me posted on this in the future.... In more pleasant news, I'm on the calendar to join my former fellow Serfs next Friday for Judy's farewell dinner. Aunt Tudi will most likely accompany me.

Orright, I'm thinking that's all I have to offer. My life is so boring now. I love it!

Oh, here's a pic that's too adorable not to post.

meow )

The end.

To Do

Sep. 4th, 2005 05:48 pm
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Call the unemployment Telefile and file my claim for this week.
Update my resume.
Email my resume to three companies I'm certain will not hire me.
Go over the literature on schooling for displaced workers and look up driving directions to the facility where I'll apply for benefits.
Have a lie down.

I'm lovin' it, man.
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So here I am at the Saturn service center, getting my car serviced. It may be the last time I have to get it serviced. What's the point of maintaining a vehicle I can't afford to drive? My gawd, gas here is ranging from $2.99 to $3.25, depending on where you go. I'm tempted to drive up to the Smoky Mountains and buy a few jugs of white lightning to fuel the vehicle.

But I'm not here to bitch about petrol. I'm here to catch up on what went on yesterday. It was an eventful day.

First off, Dr. Sovenyhazy. The check up went well, although I didn't expect for him to give me a full physical. Being the lout I am, I decided not to shave my legs, so the good doctor got an eyeful of Sasquatch gams. Yes, I'm sure he was as horrified as anyone who looks at buttholes all day can be. My colonoscopy is scheduled for 12 September. Oh, and I got a picture of Dr. Sovenyhazy's office sign so I can prove that my gastroenterolist's name is indeed SHOVEinhozzy. I'll post those when I'm home and have time.

Before I headed out for the doc's, I got a call from the SC employment office. They said I could come in any time, that they had received all the necessary paperwork from The Pit. Since gas is so horrid, I suggested to Aunt Tudi that we go by the employment place after my appointment, since we'd already be in town. So that's what we did. I was at the employment office from 11:40 until a little after 3 PM. Never have I been grilled so thoroughly about my work and financial history. I swear to the Mighties, I felt like a wrung wash cloth after that experience. The good thing, though, is that I should start receiving benefits no later than week after next and I can go ahead and apply for financial aid for school with their displaced worker program. They not only pay for tuition for a two year program, but they also pay for all your books and even transportation costs, which will come in handy now that we're all having to sell our souls for a gallon of gas. I'll be going to the appropriate office to file for these benefits on Monday.

Since Aunt Tudi and I hadn't had breakfast or lunch, I decided to take her to the Golden Corral for a meal. They have this barbecue special during lunch hours that she had been wanting to try. When we got there and I went to pay with my debit card, it wasn't in my wallet. WTF? I've never lost any of my cards (ID, license, credit, debit, library, whatever) and was just floored. I had to pay for the meal with my credit card and immediately called Bank of America once we were seated. I can't think of a worst place to lose one's debit or credit card than at the unemployment office. I had the debit account frozen and a new card ordered within ten minutes, so all was well, I could breathe a sigh of relief. Then, I found my debit card. For some daft reason, I had placed it in a different location in my wallet. I am an idiot! But at least it wasn't floating around somewhere... Now, though, I have to wait for my new debit card, which should be to me by 8 September. Crapola. That's what I get for being a nudnick.

Today, Aunt Tudi and I got up around 8 AM and mosied to Wal-Mart for our weekly grocery shopping. We took our time and enjoyed the fact that there were few people to hamper our progress. And the blatant lack of children was quite a relief for me. Wally World isn't nearly so horrid in the mornings as it is in the afternoons. Swiftly have I grown to adore the life of the idle unemployed.

After we leave Saturn, I'm heading home for a wee nap perhaps, and then I go see Llew this evening. Tomorrow, I'm cutting grass and Saturday, I go see [livejournal.com profile] sifu_rick, [livejournal.com profile] sifu_joe, and the other fellas who make up PaYne. Sunday, I'm not doing diddly-damned-squat.
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It's a mite windy outdoors. I think I'll stay inside and loaf about. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

[livejournal.com profile] velvetsteel has tagged me for this happy little meme. I'm s'posin' I should accommodate her since I really don't have anything else to do. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

This here unemployment is pretty damned groovy. Of course, it's only a temporary high. Le sigh.

On to the meme!

meme! )

I'm not gonna tag anyone this time. Go forth and meme if you're so inclined!


Aug. 29th, 2005 11:30 am
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It means nothing to me today. No work, no work! No Pit! No Feudal Mistress! I got to sleep late and now I'm doing nothing. Absolutely nothing! It's fucking glorious, man.

I'm feeling somewhat better today, so I've decided not to go to the doctor. My main motivation for not going is that I don't want to go anywhere. I have to go out on Wednesday anyway, so I'm gonna hold out 'til then. Wednesday, I'll take the last of my paperwork to "human" resources and I have an appointment with Dr. Sovenyhazy as a prelude to my colonoscopy. Oy vey. Why do I do this?

Oh, and I'm feeling a little guilty. I have the sneaking suspicion that it's very wrong to hope to see one of the Weather Channel's field meteorologists get blown off screen by hurricane Katrina. I remember a couple of years back seeing Mike Sidell get blown away, watching him tumble out of camera range down the street while his partner gawked in disbelief. You can't get comedy like that too very often.
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Yesterday evening, I visited Diane. She gave me a "Lord of the Rings" Trivial Pursuit game that Cathy had asked her to pass on to me. Now, if I can just find some local LOTR nerds to play it with me..... Anyway, Diane is doing pretty well after her heart attack. She seems feistier than ever and ready to kick all sorts of butt, mainly her family's collective butt, but that's a tale that ought not be told here.

After Diane, I went to see Llew. We spent a couple of hours together, enjoying the music of Nickel Creek. It seems that the prospect isn't going to work out. She's wanting to breed! And she doesn't have a kinky bone in her body. So...back to the drawing board.

I got home a little before 9 PM and went straight to bed. It's a sad situation when the highlight of your life is getting to go to sleep. I've a feeling this will change over the next year. At least I hope so.

I'm thinking about the things I need to do once I'm gainfully unemployed. I will need to work on forming new habits. I'm a creature of habit and am rabid about not having to change. If my routine is broken, then everything just flies all to hell. For instance, when I'm at work, I get all my water for the day in. When I'm not, I don't drink nearly as much as I should, because I'm not in the environment that triggers my habit.

My plan for my future time off is this: Wake up naturally, because that's the most healthy way to be, drink at least 8 to 16 ounces of water, go take a walk (at least 1.5 to 2 miles), come home, drink 8 to 16 more ounces of water. Then eat breakfast/brunch and get the day started with other activities. Not only will this jump start my water intake each day, but it will also probably encourage more weight loss. I've been terrible about actual aerobic exercise. After a day in The Pit, all I want to do is go home and sleep, which isn't healthy at all. My plan is to boost my health even more and become a stronger and more physically resilient person. I also think this will help me lose that last 23 pounds I want to get rid of.

Judy is back at work today from her surgery. She looks very different! She had a face and eyelid lift because her eyelids were drooping so much that it was causing her problems with her vision. I didn't think I'd see much of a difference in her, but it's there! Quite possibly, her happiness and excitement about starting a new chapter in her life is also affecting her appearance. If I get her permission, I may post before and after pictures here later on.

At lunchtime, I'm taking Chester to Michelle to be groomed. When I pick him up after work, I'll get a chance to discuss the whole vet tech avenue with my homies at Dr. Patch's office. I think they'll be more than supportive of the decision. Here's hoping that they'll also have some advice on how to proceed other than going back to school. One thing I've been thinking about is joining the local wildlife rescue group and volunteering to care for the animals. Not only would that be educational, but it'd also look damned good on a resume for when I'm ready to work in the new career.

Plans within plans!
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When I'm in The Pit, I have a computer at my fingertips every single second of the day. It's not that way at home. At home, I have to pull out the laptop, grind it into action, then get online via a dial-up connection. Once I'm online, I have several animals and Aunt Tudi pulling my attention away from whatever online task is at hand. I don't post to LJ as much at home and understandably so.

Tomorrow, I begin my last week in The Pit. It will also probably be my last week of mega-posting to my journal. I will have to keep notes inside my head and make longer and less frequent posts. And, to be honest, I won't have as much to write about since I will no longer be enslaved in The Pit. Like any good Sith, unhappiness, anger, and dissatisfaction drive and inspire me. After this coming Friday, I will no longer have that.

T -22 Days

Aug. 4th, 2005 07:48 am
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Not much longer in The Pit. Recently, I've been tempted to continue the countdown in hours or maybe even minutes. Technically, it's only 16 business days, but my counter also includes weekends, so I'm going with the 22 days concept.

Celtic knotwork to honour my ancestors and Tradition, with a snail to indicate my current perception of time. Nice.

Really, I'm gonna have to pitch some sort of party or sommat. I'd like to engage in a big dance and rollerskate fest in the vein of the finale in Xanadu. That would be fantabulous. But it ain't gonna happen. I don't know that many people and the people I do know, including myself, don't know how to roller-boogie. I'll just have a big disco party in my mind.

In the meantime, I guess I need to busy myself getting all these 311 mailings ready to go out for tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be the last of the major crapola with which I've had to contend for eight long years.
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Once I'm unemployed, after a solid week of nothing but sleep, I plan on going through my mounds of paperwork and packed back artwork. I remember drawing a picture of Orphaeus Cygnus and his wife Genevieve, but I haven't seen it in ages. It's probably all moth-eaten and dust-covered in the back of the closet somewhere. I had to pack so much stuff back because the house is so tiny, it's ridiculous.

My major project in the interim between The Pit and school is going to be weeding through everything in the domicile and cleaning it out. We're too cluttered and closed in. It's time to breathe.
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Four weeks from today, I'll be wandering about the house trying to figure out what to do next. I won't be going back to The Pit the next day. An over 18 -year habit will be broken. It feels weird already. Just really weird.

During my unemployment, I'm thinking seriously of founding a Barbarian Horde, so like-minded folks and I can go raping and pillaging the countryside on horseback. The Rednecks around here won't know what hit them. They'd be flabbergasted at having had their butts kicked by a bunch of fur-clad anti-social women and men wearing big horn hats and carrying fabulous swords. We would have to be called something though. The Huns, the Mongol Horde, and The Goths already used the three best Barbarian names. Maybe we could be called the Thundering Gloom, or something equally as wrothful.

I got this quiz from both [livejournal.com profile] piperdawn and [livejournal.com profile] shrijani.

yes, I am defective )
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I don't want to touch my 101K until after the first of the year. I have the car and two credit cards left to pay off, but I have insurance on both credit cards that will pay my bill for up to 6 months if I'm disabled or unemployed. So.....

Upon the opening of the large creaking door that currently keeps me trapped in The Pit, I am going to fly out with my severance like the Blue Bird of Happiness and immediately pay off my car. I'm then going to file the appropriate paperwork with the credit card insurance people and get that started, but I'm not going to pay off the cards at that time. I'm going to let the insurance I've been paying for for so long do its job for a while, then pay off whatever's left after the first of the year when I pull out the 101K.

Todd is going to be in NYC in September, so I'm rescheduling the NY trip to then so I can see him and show Aunt Tudi the Big Apple. This way, I won't have to go to Portland and can save some dough.

This will move the England trip up to mid-November, I'm thinking.

After the first of the year, I'll be eligible for lottery funds for school and will register for the March classes. At that time, I will pull out the 101K and apply at Dr. Patch's for the job I hope to have. By then I'll know my schedules and won't have to worry about any conflicts.

::determined nod:: I believe I have it all under control, just how I like things. Now, if I can just pull it off.

26 August

Jul. 28th, 2005 10:14 am
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The Feudal Mistress just informed me that this is my tentative exit date.

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