RIP Pinky

May. 8th, 2017 09:08 am
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Yesterday, as the Mother Unit was walking out of the house, Pinky took a wild hair and flew out along with her, and up into the canyon. Mama fell apart. I rushed outside and was helping her call for him, and set out to try to find him further up the canyon, walking so fast, I almost passed out! Before I headed out, though, Matt rushed out to see what the commotion was about. When the Unit told him Pinky got out, he turned and screamed at me, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Mama was quick to inform him that I had nothing to do with it, that I came after the fact and was trying to help.

This is how I've been treated the entire time I've been here in Southern California. Everything has always been automatically my fault.  

We never found Pinky...

When Matt got up this morning, I asked, and he said that the temp got so low last night, there is no way the poor bird could have survived. 

Pinky was my favourite of all the birds. He was a precocious little sonofabitch and was pretty much affection in flight. It hurts me that he is gone, and I can only take comfort in thinking that his last few hours were filled with a freedom he had never before experienced and that he died as happy as he could be, given the circumstances.

Matt seems to have had his spirit stepped on by the stiletto heel of karma. I'm grieved that it manifested in such a manner that a life was forfeit, and I sincerely feel bad for him, despite his jumping to conclusions about my involvement in the situation, as usual.  It was my profound hope that this chapter in all our lives would conclude without much 
upheaval. The last thing I wanted or expected was for some of us not to make it out alive, least of all one of the true innocents in this whole mess.

Fly free and joyfully, little man.
Stay safe, cradled in the arms of Nathor.
May it someday be we cross one another's paths again, in one form or another.

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I trawled through previous posts of LJ friends and tried to post comments as much as possible. I feel like I'm neglecting everyone, not that my involvement means anything. I'm usually very involved on Facebook, because it's more friendly to media and that's what I'm focused on mostly right now. I desperately try to find amusing things in my life right now. I don't think I want to flood other peoples Live Journals with a bunch of useless crap that makes me feel better. If we're friends on Facebook, you know what I mean here.

I was supposed to have an appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday, but when I went, they said my appointment was on December 4th. I took up a couple of hours of Janice's time going there and to the store and post office, which was closed by the time I got there (I trawled through previous posts of LJ friends and tried to post brujah). The first thing I did when I got home was check my appointment card. It says November 28th. I put the card in my purse to show to the receptionist when I go back. I thought I had lost my mind, but it turns out I didn't. I had to call Janice, who had gone to a nearby K-Mart to just roam around whilst I waited to see the doctor, then I started walking up the small road the psychiatrist's office is on. As I walked, I sprained my ankle on the uneven pavement and fell. My ankle started swelling up almost immediately and it hurts like hell today. I can't go to the doctor about it because I've been tagged as a drug seeker after my suicide attempt last November. They wouldn't give me anything for the pain because of that, so I'm taking Ibuprofen, which make flare up my ulcer. If I start vomiting blood, I'm not gonna let anyone know this time. I don't really care. No one is gonna help me anyway.

It's pretty cold here. My heater won't turn on. I have propane for heat. I don't have the money to call the repairman out, so I emailed the Mother Unit to see if she could help me a week ago. She hasn't responded. I'm sure she's tired of my asking her for money. Janice brought down a small electric space heater, but those things use so much electricity, and I can't afford a large electric bill, so I'm using it sparingly only at night. At the moment, I can hardly feel my hands, they're so cold.

My life is shit. I wish I could deal with everything as well as
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Thanks to the untimely death of my former beloved Dell, all the editing I was doing on The Augury of Gideon is gone and has to be restarted. Thanks to the wonderful Mother Unit, I have a computer on which to begin the editing process again, the Microsoft Office program to allow me to see and make necessary changes, and the file she had created with all her editing suggestions. If she weren't my mom, I'd fall in love with her in a lascivious kind of way.

I lost approximately half of the short story The Star Gazer, so I'll be trying to remember what I had written and hopefully write it all better the second time around.

I also began another Harming Tree-canon short, written in longhand when I had no computer. It's working title is called "Feeding the Tree," and it's kind of a continuation of The Waltham Phantom, seeing the return of Flint. Will he survive another encounter with Cadmus Pariah? I'd like to think he does, but I don't currently see how that would be feasible. We'll see. There's something so fabulously erotic about the Cadmus/Flint pairing, but it's also a tad too unseemly for me, considering their primary anchors. Still though...I'm so tempted to try to keep that going.

And I have not forgotten the tale of Gethsymonae. Honestly, I'm a little leery of trying to open it, as it may not be around to open anymore. If it isn't, I can only hope that I posted what I had written on The Braid here on LJ. If neither brings me joy, I'll have to start the whole megillah over again. And that will make me very sad indeed.
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I've got tons to write about, but I'm gonna write about it when I have my computer and can enhance the post with photographs. Like some sort of unitoothed moron, I left my computer sitting on the couch all packed up to bring with me; yet, I decided to leave it at home for some godawful reason. I've got tales to tell, like the one about Joe on train number 2 (I think). Or my cuddling with a Trans who was incredible kind enough to share his poncho with my cold arse. Or my fantastic, and all too brief visit, with [ profile] angstzeit in the Windy City.

Traveling across country on train is highly unrecommended by yours truly if you're even remotely disabled, but is highly recommended if you want to meet an endless variety of souls. Yep, much to tell, but the Mother Unit and I have lots to do and none of it involves my favourite pasttime of being an Internet junkie, so that must wait until I get home from Todd's in a week or so.

I'm writing all this from one of the Mother Unit's extra computers whilst she sleeps. After she wakes up, gods know what we'll be up to. One thing I DO KNOW and that, at some point today, our activities will involves my going to a 7-11 and getting a cherry or grape Slurpee. Them's the rules.
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Currently, I'm looped on 7.5 Lortab and still eating amoxicillin like it was Pez candy. The receptionist at the dentist's office told me that I may need a stronger antibiotic, since I've been on this for almost a week and it doesn't seem to be working. Dr. Wyss told me to call him any time over the weekend if I needed him. I love him so much.

Before I went back to Dr. Wyss's for more pain meds, since he's closed on Friday, I spent the majority of my day at Spartanburg County Administrative Offices and the Social Security Office because SSO believed I owned two pieces of land. I had to go to the assessor's office to get that straightened out and get proof that I did indeed only own one piece of property. My social worker informed me that I would have probably already have received my retro SSI pay had it not been for this mix-up on my property. They believed that I had been less than a little honest regarding this and that I actually owned 101 Pauls Drive as well as 105 Pauls Drive. Once I got that sorted, I applied for Homestead Exemption, so that my taxes would be cheap-o, thanks to my being disabled.

I got all my paperwork in order, then made my way to the Social Security Office. Ms. Fincher made copies of everything she needed, then said she'd re-apply my disability claim. Because of their mistake, I'm going to have to have to wait one, maybe two more weeks, before receiving any retro pay. That means I have to wait on my root canal as well. Hopefully, I'll only have to wait until next week. In the meantime, the Mother Unit is loaning the money for my meds, so I don't try to lop my own head off with a dull butter knife.

I have been able to eat some boiled cabbage, as it's soft and nutritious. I'm also eating a lot of yoghurt so I don't end up with a yeast infection from all the antibiotics.

One good dollop of news I received was that I will indeed receive a retro SSI cheque as well as a SSDI retro cheque. On top of that, all of my medical charges accrued since 2009 will be covered by Medicaid, so I will be able to settle up with my debtors and pay a large chunk of fundage to the Mother Unit. Even though I feel like I could scream and die from the tooth pain, I do feel blessed to have found out all this good news.

I may have more cabbage to celebrate.
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Don't have kids.

Seriously. My maternal grandmother was never big on kids, but ended up having my Mother Unit in spite of that. She eventually left her daughter to be raised by her aunt and uncle, so she could continue to pursue her career in singing. Then the Mother Unit, who was never crazy about kids herself, met and married my father, who wanted kids. Together, they ended up having yours truly.

But it was always Aunt Tudi who expressed that maternal vibe to me, from the moment I was brought home at the age of three days old. Eventually, the Mother Unit asked Aunt Tudi if she would mind caring for me, so she could go back to work. It was a perfect arrangement for them both. When I was six, my parents split up, basically because my father was a controlling asshole more often than could be tolerated by any sane person. So my Mother Unit left him. And she returned to New York City, which was the only place she really knew. The city was a bad place to raise children during this time in the early 70s, so the Mother Unit asked Aunt Tudi if she could leave me with her, after my time in the Father Unit's custoday was an exercise in insanity. He lost it when they divorced, and he showered his venom for the Mother Unit on me, as I was the only one there to listen at the time.

I was eventually given to Aunt Tudi, who took me home to Asheville, from living in Reidville, SC. Both she and Granny, Aunt Tudi's mother and my paternal grandmother, took it upon themselves to raise me in a safe and educational environment.

As I grew up, I realised that I had an extreme dislike for children. Now, I believe that this proclivity toward finding children distasteful is genetic and that I received that particular gene from the Mother Unit, who had also gotten the gene from her mother. The big difference between me and the Units, though, is that I never had children. I made a conscious choice to make certain that I would never be saddled with a child.

Of course, I grew up in an entirely different generation where I was afforded more options and was more educated about "family planning," so I can't really blame the Grandmother Unit or the Mother Unit for the choices that they made and their basic genetic natures. Everything can be traced back to our DNA, but it is up to us, if we have the ability, to bring to a halt certain genetic proclivities.

In my adult years, I have had a very good relationship with the Mother Unit and the Father Unit, before he died. I even got to establish a relationship with the Grandmother Unit before she passed. The Mother Unit has always been a presence in my life, even though we have lived apart since 1974. She was never a stranger to me and, for that, I am grateful. I doubt I would have acted in the same manner if I had had a child.
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The septic tank has backed up and we're having to be really careful with everything until we can get the septic guy to come out to pump it out. I had to call the Mother Unit for help with the fundage because I don't have the $275 it's gonna take to pay the dude to do what he does. Hell, I don't blame him for charging what he does. If I pumped shit for a living, I'd charge a lot more than that. I'd have to charge a vomit gratuity for each job I did. Bless the Mother Unit for helping me like she does. I don't know what I would do without her. I owe her so very much.

A Good Day

Sep. 30th, 2010 03:25 pm
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I got up this morning with some good news from the Mother Unit.

Later Aunt Tudi and I shared in some peanut butter and jelly goodness. We're about to engage in some rice goodness.

I got to talk to [ profile] gunslingaaahhh on AIM for a while, the first time in a long time, so that made me happy.

So far, it's been a good day.
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The above subject line has less to do with the content of this post and more to do with my general hatred of all-confining subject lines. Sometimes, I like to let my mind wonder whilst writing these and Flying Weasels allow me to that much more easily than "I got my hairrr did today."

Off and on I've been watching Avatar on the computer today. I must say I've enjoyed it much more in this format than on the TV. I could never get the sound balanced out which made the movie unbearably loud or so low, I couldn't make out the dialogue. With my handy-dandy ear plugs, though, this wasn't an issue and I followed along much more easily and without a headache. Always good things in Tin's Land. Uncle Michael wants his movie back my Monday, so I'm probably gonna watch it a couple more times before grudgingly handing it back over to him.

One movie I've been wanting to see again is Pee Wee's Big Adventure. There are just so many comedic gems in that movie and to sit back almost 30 years later and be able to watch the birth a beautiful working relationship heartens me in a way. The world would never have been the same if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman hadn't struck up a working friendship. It's such things as that, that make me believe in a higher power.

My nails have grown out and are exceedingly strong. I'm gonna see if I have any decent nail polish and polish them sometime tomorrow. They're the longest right now than they've been when I worked at the Pit. I'm typing with my nails instead of my fingers. Yes, that long. I may just say "fuck it" and cut them down to nubbins like I've been doing. I can't see myself being concerned with nail polish right now. Just...not interested.

I'm keen on working on The Moon Myths, but I've vowed not to touch that project until I'm finished completely with The Vampire Relics. I just wonder what the Father Unit would have thought about it all. He wrote a great deal. The Mother Unit writes too. I recall reading part of a manuscript that put me in mind later on of I Am Legend, but there was a real freaky twist to it. I wonder if she still has it and would be willing to maybe collaborate. The Father Unit tended to write more comedic material and pieces that one might find in The Saturday Evening Post. Not my thing, but I respected his ability to do so. I think I fall more in the Mother Unit's category of The Strange and Unusual. She trained me early, letting me watch Dark Shadows from my crib.

I'd like to also touch on my memories of the Beezers, actual phenemona that happened to me when I was a baby and a toddler. I'd be very interested to make contact with Whitley Streiber and see what he thought about the Beezers. Personally, I think I was being dicked around with by the Greys. I'm going to be as objective as possible, but you know how time and the ebb and flow of memories can affect one's objectivity.

There are just so many projects on which I could work once the proofing and rewrites on The Relics are completed. I honestly got a little antsy toward the end of The Augury of Gideon. What would I do with my time? What would I write? Almost immediately, the answer came "write and write whatever you damned well please!" It was refreshing to hear that ~ liberating. So that's what I'm gonna do. I've lived with my Vampires for almost a quarter of a century. It's time to move onward and upward, and see where it takes me. Here's hoping Fey is on board for that particular journey.

My pain levels are high today, so my mind is bouncing around like an under-inflated beach ball soaked in BP tar balls. Lovely metaphor...shame we have to 'get it.' Aunt Tudi and I have quibbled a couple of times, mainly because I'm arse when I'm hurting and she's always the strong, hard rock of a pioneer woman who won't let anything get her down. I just want to slap up-side the head on days like today. I'm going to watch Wipe-Out, laugh at the slapstick, then go to bed early. Because I can.
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Generally just Un.

I have an appointment with a therapist for what I don't even know. Her name is Elizabeth Mantle and I'm supposed to be there at 11:00. I'm hoping to rush whatever she has planned so I can be home to watch The Mother Unit graduate. She deserves this degree, working so hard for it. I suggested she come out here to celebrate, but I doubt she will. There's nothing for her here. You can watch her get her just desserts right here:

I'm listening to the 70s pop mix on Genius iTunes. It's rocking me out, at least in my head. If I tried to get up and do a dance, I'd fall flat of my arse.

Okay, I'm a goner for now. Gotta listen to 'Disco Inferno' and pump myself full of caffeine for the day's festivities. :|
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My knee never got better from my fall about a month ago. It's still badly swollen and I can't hardly put my weight on it. The urgent care doc suggested I go see Dr. Funderburk, so I emailed the Mother Unit for the money, which will be $250, not counting the prescriptions and injections. What a party that's gonna be. I'm waiting to call him in the next few minutes. He's right down the road so I won't be wasting too much gas. I expect the doc to look at my X-rays and go O_O, like they all do. If he wants to give me new knees, I'm all for it yo.
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I woke up and got out of bed only to realise I couldn't put weight on my left leg. O_O Fantastico. So I held on to furniture, door handles, and anything else I could find to make my way into the living room. Aunt Tudi had to feed the dogs this morning because I was unable to do it. My ankle isn't so bad, but my knee is ska-rewed. We've put off going to Walmart until tomorrow because Aunt Tudi doesn't feel at all like going today and I'm hoping my leg will be a little better by tomorrow. Tomorrow I can get my prescription for the hydrocodone filled, so that'll make a serious difference. I think the knee is simply wrenched. With binding the offending joint and pain medicine, I should be able to avoid a doctor's visit. $13 is a far cry from $150 +, dig?

Around 10 this morning, I had a friend call me and ask me for a ride home. She and her cabana boy were at a local hotel, having a celebratory weekend. They were in a severe car accident last year and are now just getting their settlement money (around $16,000 each). Tomorrow, they're going to check out vehicles, since they've been without one since the wreck. I went and got them and drove them to a couple of places they needed to go before going home. In return, they filled my gas tank as full as it could go. I really really needed this as I had a quarter of a tank, places I need to go, and no gas money until June. The fill-up thrilled me silly. Now I can keep my appointments and Aunt Tudi can visit her doctors like she needs to.

Oh, Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.  I'll be calling my Mother_Unit around 4 just to be certain I don't wake her up.  She's three hours behind me and works on second shift, so I'm making sure I don't end up being a pest when I'm trying to be a thoughtful Spawn.  It's her birthday today as well.  I've bastardized the birthday song to accommodate both her birthday and Mothers Day.  I hope she appreciates it, especially since I'll be singing it in Richard Cheese Lounge Music mode.

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To my Mom!

She's the ULTIMATE!

Happy Birthday


the [ profile] mother_unit
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I've had my first bout of insomnia since beginning Zyprexa. Why? Because I'm out of the medication. I called this morning to get more samples and should be able to pick them up when I go see Rosa tomorrow afternoon. Right now, I'm so incredibly sleepy, I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience, but I'm fighting the urge to sleep, hoping that I can take advantage of the inclination at the proper time tonight. In the meantime, I'm talking Aunt Tudi to death as I strive for consciousness.

Speaking of Aunt Tudi, she caught a cold during one of our sojourns out amongst the Great Unwashed last week. It took her a few days, but she eventually succeeded in passing it on to me. We both sound like Snuffleuppagus (sp??) and feel like bantha poodoo. I went through the worst of it last night, but Aunt Tudi has really been feeling crappy. To her, most colds are near death experiences because of her compromised immune system. I've seen what is a simple case of the sniffles to everyone around her turn into pneumonia for Aunt Tudi. Fortunately, that isn't happening this go 'round. I always find myself holding my breath when she catches a cold though. Serious business.

I got a good candid photograph of Aunt Tudi earlier today. I think I'm gonna make it a habit to post at least one picture of her a week, just for the hell of it. She's gonna be so pissed off at me, but what do I care? I keep telling her that she has her own little fan club on Teh Intarwebs, but she doesn't seem to really believe me. Personally, I think a weekly Tudi Interlude-y is just what the World Wide Web needs. Once I upload the picture, I'll be sure to post it here and on Facebook. I'm sure her shriek of horror and fury will be heard worldwide.

I'm still a little blocked in the writing department. Both The Blood Crown and The Augury of Gideon are sources of angst for me at the mo. I know what I want to say, I just can't seem to say it in the manner desired. My next ploy is to drop the attempt to write prose and go into "biog" mode. What I want to do is work up a complete character study of the Apostate, chronicling his early days in the Tarmian colleges and detailing the crimes against nature that eventually earned him expulsion from the Circles of the Tarmi. I've already decided that he invented spectacles, creating them by using the alchemical tools and wisdom he learned in the college of Khemeth. I want to make him unbelievably brilliant and surprisingly sensitive on a certain level. This aspect is certainly attributable to his anchor. Once I have this character study, I think my words will begin to flow more smoothly and I can continue my work. At least that's my hope at any rate.

The Mother Unit sent me a box of goodies. Books, greeting cards, and happy bits and bobs greeted me when I cut the parcel open. I found the enclosed note nestled in the styro popcorn and chortled with glee at how she signed it ~ M. Unit! I've created a monster! I never realised how fond she'd be of my name for her, but I'm thrilled she likes it. Years ago, she referred to me as "O Spawn of Mine," so we've been using "Mother Unit" and "Spawn" for what seems like ages now. It makes me smile and it apparently does her as well.

Smidgen has a new nickname. When our weather radio alarm went off this morning (the first of many alerts to inform us that Mother Nature was trying to kill us), it sounded like it was a mile away. Why? Because Smidgen had straddled it and draped her flabby body over it like a nesting bird, effectively muffling the sound of the alarm. Seeing her like this inspired me to utter the name "Blobula." Talk about extremes. She was so tiny as a kitten, it inspired her name of "Smidgen." Now she's big and blubbery, inspiring the nick of "Blobula." I thought Aunt Tudi was gonna bust a gut laughing at Smidge's new cognomen. It is kind of funny if I do say so myself.

What else, what else? I think that's it for now. The evening brings to us new House and a new Law & Order (Linus!!!!). Then, hopefully...sleep, blessed sleep.

Bright blessings to any and all who read this scattered bloglet.


Jun. 1st, 2009 03:59 pm
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We're trying to figure out an alternative method of dialing 911 in the event our power goes out or the computer craps out, derailing Magic Jack.

The [ profile] mother_unit is talking Aunt Tudi into getting a Jitterbug. I hate the fucking Jitterbug. I even included my hatred of Jitterbug and Jitterbug users in one of my Joker fics, that's how much I hate it. No. NONONONONONONONO! Not....Gonna....Do....It.
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Granted, 'tis not the season, but Aunt Tudi just found the card, so I don't give a damn if it's the season or not, this is funny as hell, no matter what. The card was sent to me by The [ profile] mother_unit in 1987.

Here's a picture of the card.



One day Ima go to New York to a bigga hotel. I go down to eat soma breakfast. I tella the waitress I wanna two piss toast. She branga me only onea piss. I tella her I wanna two piss. She say go the toilet. I say you no understand. I wanna two piss on my plate. She say you better no piss on the plate you sonna ma bitch. I don't even know the lady and she call me sonna ma bitch!

Later, I go to eat soma lunch at Drake Restaurant, the waitress bringa me a spoon, ana knife, but no fock. I tella her I wanna fock. She tellsa me everybody wanna fock. I tella her, you no understand, I wanna fock on the table. She say you better not fock on the table, you sonna ma bitch. I don't even know the lady and she call me a sonna ma bitch.

So I go back to my room inna hotel, an there's no sheet on my bed. I calla the manager ana tell him I wanna sheet. He tells me to go to the toilet. So I say you no understand, I wanna sheet on the bed. He say you better not sheet on the bed, you sonna ma bitch. I don't even know the man ana he call me sonna ma bitch.

I go to the check out and the man at the desk, he say peace to you. I say piss onna you too, you sonna ma bitch. I got back to Italy!
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The Mother Unit is a bird lover, like her mother before her and like her spawn (that would be me). Not only does she like to go bird watching, but she's also the pet human to a bevy of birds who live in her home. These birds are now featured in a calendar she had to make as an assignment for school. In a rare LJ post, the Mother Unit is linking to the results of her artistic and computer savvy. You should go check it out or feel the wrath of the Llama Whisperer!

Here's a link to the [ profile] mother_unit's post: clickie!!!!
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My computer died today.....again. I was able to salvage the few things I've added since the last time it died, so everything on that PoS is safe and sound. I took it to the Geek Squad only to be told that my service agreement expired last month. I had been previously told that it didn't expire until February 2010, but no... It was this year. So I was screwed. I called from Best Buy to ask Aunt Tudi to call the Mother Unit and ask her if I could have some fundage to get a new computer, since I can't do any of my school work without one. She's sending me the money via PayPal today. I wrote a check for the new 'puter, a Hewlett Packard G60-235DX Notebook, and another 3-year maintenance agreement. Mother Unit to the rescue once again! I owe that woman my first born. Too bad I'm not having any kids. Besides, she'd be pissed at me if I tried to pawn a child off on her. She might even have me offed for such an offence.

I came home to get ready for work, used the bathroom, flushed the toilet and it overflowed and glugged every-damn-where. Aunt Tudi and I scrambled to clean up the mess and I began furiously plunging the toilet to get something, anything to go down. The water subsided somewhat. I called work to let them know I was gonna be a little late due to the lovely situation before me. I went to the local store for some de-clogging agents and brought them home. Nothing worked. More furious plunging. The water subsided. I'm waiting for the plumber to get here to do whatever needs to be done. I can't leave because I have to be here to pay him. Damn damn and more damn.

I'm so pissed off, I could strangle something. Unfortunately, there are currently no Right Wing Dominionists around for me to properly vent my anger in that respect.


Oct. 12th, 2008 02:33 pm
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I have a Cadmus/Orphaeus icon! The Mother Unit made it for me while she was in an animated .gif mood. This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. ::casts eyes to the incredible icon::
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The Mother Unit made these. She's so talented and insightful!

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For the short time I was at home in between jobs, I checked my email and I had one from the Mother Unit entitled "Christmas." This is what it said: So…what are you and Tudi doing between Dec. 20 and 29? If it ain’t nuthin special do ya think I could pop in for a visit? If yes, I’ll go forward with travel plans. If no, you get a crummy Christmas card. ;-)

So I wrote her back and told her to go to aytch-ee-double-hockey-sticks. KIDDING! I wrote her back before I left for work and told her to absolutely plan on coming to visit. My only regret is that I'll have to work for a goodly part of the Unit's visit. But it'll be so good to see her. I've gotten to see the Mother Unit twice since the late 80s, both times when Aunt Tudi and I went out for me to reunite with the Grandmother Unit before her passing. Since the Father Unit's passing, I've been really keen on strengthening my relationship with the Mother Unit. Maybe this is a step in that direction. I hope so, because I do love my Mother and I regret our not being able to spend more time together. It's kinda hard to do when an entire nation separates us. Come December, our proximity will be much closer. So. SQUEE!

In other news, I turned my car over to Bradshaw's body shop so they can do the necessary repairs. Within ten minutes, a dude from Enterprise was there to pick me up to take me to the Enterprise office and set me up with a rental car. It didn't take long before I was in my new rental vehicle. I didn't have much to choose from, based on what the insurance company would cover and what Enterprise had to offer. I was at first given a choice between a Chevy Impala and a Kia Rondo, but the Chevy Impala was reserved for someone else, so I was given the choice of the 2009 Kia Rondo. At first I was a little underwhelmed because I really didn't want an SUV, but what choice did I have? It turns out that this tiny SUV gets 30 MPG on the highway, so it's not that bad and, again, what choice did I have?

I signed my paperwork, thanked the dude who picked me up and got me in the Rondo, and hit the road. Wow. I was so impressed with the smooooothness of this ride, and the sound system is beyond nifty. My iPod thanked me for getting into a wreck. It pissed me off to have to go into work when all I wanted to do was ride around town and nod knowingly at people when stopped at a red light, as though to say "Yeah, I know. This is one sweet, sweet ride."

In fact, that's my nickname for this vehicle: Sweet, Sweet Ride.

cut for pictures of the Sweet, Sweet Ride )
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I called State Farm today. They've set me up with the official Saturn body shop to get the ION repaired. They also lined up a rental car from Enterprise for when I take the car in for the repairs. The lady with whom I spoke gave me the name and number of the insurance rep who will be working on this case from here on out. She said he'd be calling me about my medical bills and other expenses. I also talked to an attorney so I'd know what I need to do to keep my ducks in a row in the event I have problems with the insurance. He gave me the info I needed and stressed to me to document everything related to the wreck. Oh, and he told me not to sign any medical release forms for at least three to six months because, given the nature of my injury, it may not seem very serious right now, but it may turn out that I do have some long-term damage. Great. I'm gonna be working one of my forty jobs some night and my head is gonna suddenly fall off and roll across the floor. Just great.

When I got home from getting my paychecks and paying bills, I had a message from the Mother Unit. She'd called to see how I was since the car accident, which is really not like her. We share the aversion-to-the-phone gene, which probably originated with her father, my grandfather, G'pa Irving. I called her back and we chatted briefly. Near the end of the conversation, the Mother Unit told me to keep my chin up. I told her I couldn't, given the nature of my neck injury, which she found amusing in a dreadful, how-crappy-can-one-girl's-luck-be way. I did, however, thank her for the sentiment.

[ profile] insanity_speaks posted a picture of Sarah Palin a while back that instantly made me think of [ profile] booraven22's Schnitzel icon. The images have been lodged in my head ever since, so I succumbed to the hilarity and made this in Photoshop.

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I wrote this to The Mother Unit last Wednesday:

Why don't you come out for a visit sometime this Summer?  I miss you and, since Daddy died, I have this real issue about wanting to connect with my Units on a special level.




I haven't heard from her yet.
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Here's batch number one, with closed captioning, behind the cut. Warning!! This is a very image-heavy post and is absolutely unfriendly to dial-up users. May the Mighties have mercy on all our souls.

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I'll do more tomorrow, if'n I get my way. For now, though, I must take my exhausted behonkie to bed.
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I went to Dr. Jaworski's about my hubcap. She drew a syringe full of fluid off it, then injected it and gave me pain pills, all the while eyeballing the knee and tsk'ing, saying that she doubted I'd last long with it. Gads. My leg is going to fall off.

Afterwards, Aunt Tudi and I went to see Diane at the physical therapy center. She's supposed to be there for a week to six, depending on how well she does with her hip transplant. So far, she's doing great, considering she's only 4 days out of surgery.

We went and paid some bills, ran a couple of errands, and I picked up my meds. I also found a pair of tights that I'm gonna wear with my skirt on THE DAY. Yes, I'm wearing a skirt. A black skirt with a black blouse and black tights and some black shoes. I need to find my shoes! AIEEEE! We got home around 6 and Aunt Tudi called Janice to confirm that she was still gonna take us to the airport. No, she's not. Some emergency sprang up with Johnna and they will all be indisposed at the time Aunt Tudi and I need to be at the airport. I freaked out until Johnna had the idea that we drive to the airport and, after their previous engagement, Johnna and Janice and go pick up the car so I won't have to pay $10 a day for parking. Whew! Johnna is one smart cookie.

On my way over to see Llew, he called to tell me that he has the Slobovian Stomach Flu, not to come. He left the DVDs on the front porch and, when I picked them up, we hugged from afar. I told him I'd make it up to him when I got home and he was feeling healthier. This is what happens when you live with a walking petri dish (AKA a young child).

Coming back home, I called the Mother Unit to wish her a happy birthday. She's treating herself to ringside seats at a WWE Smackdown match. Yes, my mother is as bizarre as they come. I also finally got in touch with Timothy and we've made tentative plans to get together after I get back from Blighty, so I can see his music room. He seems quite proud of it.

Now I'm home and about three quarters of the way packed. No longer do I feel numb; rather, I am in full panic mode, hoping I don't forget anything or screw anything up.

All the beasties are safe and sound at Dr. Patch's. The Outdoor Pride has 60 pounds of kibble on which to subsist, and Johnna is going to fill their pans and give them fresh water daily. Aunt Tudi's back if doing better, and I have in my paws 5 ativan for taking off and landing maneuvers in addition to 20 hydrocodone for my hubcap, which should hopefully soon be a much better kneecap.

Tomorrow, I need to mail an eBay package, set the tape for LOST for this week and next, call some people, and write a couple of emails. I think that's it. We have to be at the airport by 2:30, just to be on the safe side. It's gonna be a long trip, but worth it.

I got a letter from [ profile] falkenna, mapping out the holiday itinerary.

OK, here are my proposals -- very fluid, and in some cases possibly over-ambitious:
Thursday:  Brighton (sleep, shopping, acclimatization, Pavilion, seafront.  Full English breakfast out. Supper to be discussed.)
Friday:  Stonehenge and a bit of Wales (I thought you'd want to say you'd been there. Could substitute Glastonbury if you'd rather).  Steve's at night, and probably his cooking (yum).
Saturday (with Steve and his daughter): Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Wayland's Smithy, and the Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill. (Not as ambitious as it sounds, but may still need to be cut.)  Country pub for supper.
Sunday:  Bath, home to Brighton.
Monday:  London -- Buck Palace and a few others, Brit Museum if you like, Stevie's for Bed Viewing, if you like (all being well), Ripper tour. Return to Brighton
Tuesday:  Party party
Wednesday:  Up to you -- more of Brighton, more of Sussex, Dover/Canterbury -- depending on your energy and interest.  May have Graham with us first thing, he's considering staying over. (I doubt anybody else will, but who knows . . .)


This is really happening.

::scampers about on one leg, like a crippled Macaulay Culkin.
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So here I am at work again, after reading an acerbic (and quite warranted) treatise against the Music Business in the newspaper over the weekend. It seems the artists are finally organising to fight The Man. I hope they win, even though it scares me that I may lose my job as a result. of the time I feel so dirty knowing that I'm part of machine that helps to enslave artistic people.

If I get the chance, I'm going to transcribe the article to the computer and will definitely post it here for posterity's sake.

Barry likes the initial title page for his website. He wants to change the banner font to a Tench-like scribble and should be sending that to me shortly. I'm fairly excited about the whole thing.

Mama sent me a website the scared the 12 year old girl out of me. I'll be visiting often, especially when I'm alone and in a dark room. Dead People

So this is the first day of Autumn and I'm kinda blue. Not really certain could just be PMS.

Lew came the house for the first weekend in a long time. He's been so busy with helping his daughter and working on Melany's house as payment for letting him and his daughter stay their for a couple of months that we've hardly seen one another in some time. Anyway, his visit was a very nice one and we spoke of plans for the near future and beyond, some of them practical and wishful, some of them terribly naughty.

Henry is still recovering nicely. He's walking about with his butt tucked in like it hurts him to move. No wonder! He has about 2 dozen staples in his gut from his wee-wee to just below the ribcage. Po baby..

I've been watching 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' a lot lately. It brings back those days when I was so immersed in the Tolkien mythos. I can almost recapture that wonder and grace in which I walked in the days I read Tolkien for the first time....especially The Silmarillion. Somehow, I can't quite attain in its fullest though, and I'm left with a longing not unlike the High Elves' desire to return to the West.

Disjointed thoughts...that should be the title of this post. My mind wanders and my fingers move.

This is the product.

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