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The latest Tweetage from Andy Partridge got me to re-pondering one of the Great Mysteries of musical life, and one I often shared with the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade in '99 and 2000.

It has always been my contention that Andy Partridge was a Jedi and Barry Andrews was a Sith, just from the music they each make. Now, I don't believe that so much anymore, considering some information that has come to light since that time; but the music is still very much Light Side/Dark Side sounding. Here's a fine example.

The Jedi:
"Don't you know, in this new dark age, we're all light."

The Sith:
"I feel our two young deaths so close now, smiling soft and shiny, the blade is sharp and fine, it could just slit us open."

So yeah. To this day, the dichotomy strikes me. They're like the faces of Janus or sommat.
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Oh, nice! I found this whilst waiting on a major file transfer to finish up (still waiting). This poem is from 1997, or 1 BSE (Before the Sith Era). I was in love. No, I wasn't just in love. I was hopelessly in love at first sight even! Of course, we're dealing with Humanity, so things turned out badly. Ah well.

I'll Sing His Song

When I looked into his eyes and saw his spirit there
Dancing in tranquility like down in Summer's air
I fell like leaves from maple trees and plunged into his heart
To rest in fragile symmetry no grief could tear apart.

I'll sing his song unto the moon, the Lady silver bright
And cherish every melody he heralds in the night
No light is keener 'mongst the stars that shimmer in the sky
Heaven's gentle symphony shines sweetly in his eyes.
©Tracy A. Evans
21 October, 1997

I can't believe I was ever that big of a ninny. But I was, and here's the proof. I'd rather shove a spork in my eye as to ever have gone through any of that.
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There are a lot of things I'd like to talk about that I just...can't talk about. It's irksome, but there you go. If a Sith's life weren't irksome, she'd no reason to live. Sith are supposed to be irked. That's what being Sith is all about: honing your rage to a nice fine point, then rising up and striking down your master. Of course, I have no master, so I'd just go on a killing spree because, as we say in the South, people "need killin'." It's just a fact of life and that defense has been used in Southern courts in the past: "So-and-so needed killin'." Understandable. Not-guilty, next!

I've reached a bit of a snag in my Sith duties here of late. I try to maintain an underlying low-grade anger, just to hold on to for any ungodly situation that may need my full-blown ire. I've encountered someone twice, someone I was a tad irked at, at the time. Each time, I went away all sunshine and flowers, and pissed off that I was no longer pissed off. How conflicted can one person get? The soul in question has some serious Anti-Tin scary fairy dust on hand and I am to steal the crap for to bury it. Today, however, is not one of those days where I want to sing-a about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a. Today is one of those days I want to rant and be writerly and moody, and.....do the things that I want to do! Not what my brain wants me to do. So I'm back to being filled with ire and nursing my low-grade anger. Let's hope the Anti-Tin doesn't show up with bunnies....

Have a video for your trouble. I would have put it on You Tube, but the bastards said it was too long. And here I thought I was only long winded in words..

The Writer's Rant from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

**EDIT** Perhaps I would have been taken more seriously if I'd worn a different tee shirt that day. Maybe my 'I Haz a Bukket' or 'Can't Stop Writing or My Music Will Eat Me.' Pre-plan, boys and girls... Lesson here.
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Would you rather be very attractive and have no friends or be very unattractive and have many friends?

I would rather just have a legion of minions because of some kick-ass charisma that gives me the appearance of attractiveness. Muaahahahahaha!
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Me (griping about the wonderful effects of colitis): I just get sick of it sometimes. And it never happens unless I'm out in public. I swear, I'm so pissed off I could scream. No doubt, I'm honing my rage to a nice fine point!
Aunt Tudi: ::quiet chuckle::
Me: What?
Aunt Tudi: ::more quiet chuckling:: Oh nothing.
Me: Why are you laughing?
Aunt Tudi: Your rage.
Me: What about it?
Aunt Tudi: You have so much rage. ::chuckles some more::
Me: You're laughing at my rage? My rage.
Aunt Tudi: Yep.
Me: What, does my rage amuse you?
Aunt Tudi: As a matter of fact it does.
Me: And can you enlighten me as to why this is?
Aunt Tudi: You're always raging about something. It's funny how full of rage you are. Everything has the potential to hone your rage some way or another.
Me: ::huffs:: Well, I'm glad my rage-honing is so chuckle-worthy.
Aunt Tudi: ::chuckles some more::


What the hell? These days, Sith get no frickin' respect. We can't even hone our rage without somebody dissing us. It fairly pisses me off. Aaaand here we go right back to the beginning of the aforementioned conversation....dammit.
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Aunt Tudi and I found ourselves at Wal-Mart today. As we were checking out, the cashier eyeballed Aunt Tudi's sunflower blouse and said, "Oh, I like your blouse!"

Feeling particularly Sithly, I said, "What? No compliment for my ensemble?" I was wearing my 'Sith Happens' tee shirt and 'Sith Lord' baseball cap.

"Well, I wasn't sure what it all meant, so I didn't want to say the wrong thing," she said diplomatically.

"You're not a Star Wars fan?" I asked, aghast.

"Well, yeah, but I don't know what a Sith is!"

"Darth Vader, dudette! Darth Maul! Both of them are Sith. See? Double light saber," I said, doing the Vanna thing on my cap.

"Oh! Well, I guess I do like your shirt then! I'm more of a Jedi person, though."

"See, if I had a real double light saber right now, I'd have to kill you!"

And we all laughed heartily.

Of course, if I really had had a light saber, the Jedi cashier would so have been history.

In other Sith news, I would like to note the passing of Bea Arthur. All I have to say about it is: "SHADY PINES, MA!" Those in the know, realise and appreciate this. May her days in the Summerland be filled with joy and laughter, and a very happy reunion with Estelle Getty, another Great Sith Woman.

::makes sign of Pentagram on her chest::

Okay, back to writing. This Nun's Date is going to be the death of me.
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Leaving that up to the illustrious [livejournal.com profile] popfiend, who does it so much better than I, but I can't resist posting this one. It was sent to me by a fellow Shriek fan and, I think, Sith!

Mass murderin' Sith Lord!
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A continuation of the "war."

I got a response back:

You are a twit first class, flaming?! Is that an internet term? You must be a stay at home to use email/internt terms, please do you sit at home with your hand out too like a  perfect democrat, hand out, crying for help. 

Insidious? Now that's funny, really life must just be too much for you to handle if an email is insidious, try not reading and simply deleting next time.

and Cheers to you and your regards

Of course, I couldn't let it go. It would be....unSithly.

How sad that you're unable to form coherent sentences.  A stay-at-home what?  Could you possibly include a verb and a noun in each sentence, or are you too busy name-calling to speak proper English?

Your assumptions about my private life are insulting and typical of your ilk.  I'm certain that you'll be sitting in church, turning the other cheek, come Sunday, secure in your imagined superiority.

If you have any problems understanding any portion of this email, I would direct you to http://www.dictionary.com, in hopes that you're literate enough to comprehend it.  It's been my experience that many Right-leaning types are big on arrogance and aggression, but sadly lacking in intelligence.  You're doing nothing to dissuade my opinions.

Should you care to engage in a civil conversation, I'm open to share ideas and opinions, and learning of yours.  But, if you're keen only on attacking the character of someone who has had enough of unwelcome emails, I would ask that you take your hatred and ignorance elsewhere, like Nazi Germany, where such behaviour was welcome and celebrated.

I'm not certain I'll continue this discourse, though. My heart is about to beat out of my chest from the distress at knowing I'm far outnumbered by people like this. These are the people who held the auto da fé and built the concentration camps. I don't, for one second, doubt that these brutes could and would do it all over again.
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After several requests to be taken off her Fascist mailing list, I received yet another offensive email this morning from a former classmate. This one was called "Spreading the Wealth" and it featured this political cartoon.

bullfunky )

I snapped. Instead of writing to her privately, I copied everyone and said:

What a pile of crap.  Please don't send me any more of this pro-Republican dreck.  Anyone who believes the propaganda they're pumping out of their bullshit machine, especially after the past eight years of TERROR perpetrated by that idiot in the White House, is a moron who deserves to end up living in a cardboard box and panhandling for a gallon of gas.

So some tackhead who was copied on all this replied to me, copying everyone as well:

Next time you want to espouse your vac quid mind try not too reply to "EVERYONE"  I didn't send it to you and I'd appreciate you keep your rudeness to yourself!  JACKASS! or at least address it to the right person.  And yes I replied to "EVERYONE"  cause I'm sure the others are too kind to call you the JACKASS that you are.

I couldn't let it go.

I've replied to these insidious emails privately before with no results, so I figured a public request might do the trick.  Glad you think I'm a jackass and that you've resorted to flaming because you've publicly exposed your level of intellect without my having to do a thing.

Kind Regards

I doubt this person will get the sarcasm because s/he is obviously a slack-jawed drone of the Fascist machine, so I expect another attack in short order. Bring it, bitch. I am a Sith and I will kill you with my brain.
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I found my Sith Lord hat yesterday. It was buried under a bunch of other hats. Needless to say, I'll be wearing it more often, now that I've recovered it.

When I got home from the bakery today, this was sitting on the kitchen table waiting on me. What powers the Swiss Cheese that is Aunt Tudi's brain baffles me to no end, but it's damned entertaining.

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[livejournal.com profile] aki_dreaming actually requested I caption this picture she sent to me. I had to give it some thought, but here's what I came up with.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
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Yep, this is pretty spot on. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] dr_nebula

You Are 48% Good

You are a fairly good person. You strive to live a moral life whenever possible.

You are usually kind, generous, and loyal. However, you do have a dark side that even you may not see.

When it comes down to ethical decisions, you tend to take the path of least resistance.

So you may end up lying, cheating, or engaging in other bad behavior... because it's just easier to do so.

You are also probably: Conflicted and confused about the current course of your life

Right now you are on track to being: A slightly crooked politician

To be a better person: Break one bad habit - whether it's telling white lies or spending too much money.

Jedi Gym

Jul. 16th, 2008 06:15 pm
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I don't know whether to laugh, vomit, or laugh until I vomit.

Of course, anyone privy to anything knows that the Sith Gym is the Beijing Wushu Academy. And Goddess forbid we ever forget the The Sith Academy!g
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Most every time I'd bellyache about my life, Granny would pipe up with this dollop of wisdom: I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet. That is to say, "there's always someone worse off than you, so shut your pie-hole." Even though this pissed me off, it often made me a bit more grateful for what I did have, and it always shut me up. Until....

Until I grew older, more cynical, a tad jaded, and a whole hell of a lot snarkier. I took Granny's dollop of wisdom and updated it. Since I have no children onto whom to pass this, I'm sharing it here, so that your children's children might take solace in the words.

I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet. So I took his shoes, as he obviously wouldn't be needing them.

::tosses crap glittery fairy dust for to cut your eyeballs with::


Mar. 10th, 2008 09:31 pm
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It's been so long since I've done High Ritual, with all the accoutrement's, I've lost my ritual gear. Damn. So I'm going through the house, rooting around for my bag of goodies. I've gone through most everything, but I still have a few places to look before I resign myself to the fact that I'll need to find a new athame, make myself a new robe or go skyclad, make myself a new pentacle or buy one, not to mention the other things I need to replace. Blech. I'm disheartened about this. But I'll continue my search tomorrow.

But I did find a bunch of other stuff. My folder stuffed with Old Rhyllan language translations. A press kit created for Barry Andrews back in 2003. The lyrics to "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan only hours after I'd heard the song and thought to myself that I needed to get the lyrics and relearn it. Funny how that happens sometimes. Yep. I found some stuff that I'm going to send to [livejournal.com profile] booraven22 once she sends me her address (hint hint). My Sith Lord ball cap (on the back of it, it says Jedi do not concern me.' Tons of old family and friends photographs. The official Xanadu magazine, which includes the graphic mini-novel of the movie, put out by Marvel Comics, and a plethora of other things. I'm going to be scanning, taking pictures, and transcribing a fair amount of what I've found.

For now, here's the letter that introduced the press kit for Barry Andrews, transcribed of course.
21 July, 2003

Dear Listener,

Enclosed is the latest offering from Barry Andrews.

You may know Barry from the early years of XTC, him being one of the founding members and the keyboard player on their first two albums. You may also know him as the driving force behind the avant garde New Wave band, Shriekback.

Not only was hie instrumental in these project, but he also lent his talent and skills to the formation of Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen and Iggy Pop's Soldier project. In addition to this, he was creative consultant for fluke during their recording of OTO, which boasts the songs featured in the first X-Men movie and a recent GMC automobile commercial.

His reputation as a consummate musician and keyboardist precedes him, and I'm very pleased to find him once again ready to share his incredible talents once more with the public. I hope that you will be inclined to provide for him the medium by which he may accomplish this.

Enjoy the CDs and the literature provided and, if you wish to contact Barry Andrews, you may do so by writing to either address below.


Kindest Regards,

Tracy Angelina Evans
Barry Andrews Resource Center
Shriekback Digital Conspiracy

So yeah. I was a busy girl back then. Not so much now. ::sigh:: At least he has a recording contract now, and that's all that matters. So yay!!!

Tomorrow, I'll continue my search for my ritual gear. Who knows what treasures I'll come across as I seek my greatest treasure.


Mar. 30th, 2006 10:57 am
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So I thanked Barry and Colesy for the Cormorant Egg.

I wrote:
It's definitely the most unique treasure I have and I will most assuredly treasure it.  Oh, and the accompanying Vile Homunculus card was more than appropriate.

Barry replied:
you're very welcome Angelina
wot was the homuncular card?

I replied:
"with barely concealed rage"
That just sings to my Inner Sith.

To which Barry commented:

ahh I see. You weirdo..

Well, he thinks I'm a weirdo and I think he's a spook. Those, my friends, are the building blocks of a fabulousl friendship!
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Earlier Aunt Tudi and I were on the road when "Procession Toward Learning Land" from XTC's album Mummer came on iGor. Aunt Tudi was all like, "What the hell is that?" And I told her it was one of Andy Partridge's experimental pieces from the early 80s. So we chitchatted about XTC and the Dukes of Stratosphear for a few minutes when Aunt Tudi asks me which I prefer, Barry Andrews' music or Andy Partridge's music.

I told her that I really couldn't compare the two, it's like apples and oranges. But she pressed the issue. Of course, I chose Barry Andrews and, as expected, she said she preferred Andy Partridge's music. It's like I explained to her, though. XTC music is, for the most part, very much on the Jedi side of sound. A lot of their songs, especially from their Pastoral period, are full of hope and religious imagery (Pagan religious, although I don't think Mr. Partridge subscribes to any specific path) and the music itself gives off that groovy, happy, psychedelic vibe. This even more evident in their Dukes of Stratosphear incarnation. Shriekback, on the other hand, touches on a more primal sonic path and, in my opinion, is very Sithly in nature. A lot of the songs tackle darker religious issues, death and transformation, sacrifice, and general bloodymindedness.

I started out with XTC and, as I learned that life is not a giant garden filled with faeries, I converted to Shriekback. So it's weird for me to see Andy and Barry reunited and making music together again. It's like spying Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul at a pub being all chummy and shit. The latest development in all that is unfathomable to me because it's like my happier, less realistic days are merging with my more cynical and darker days, and they're having a party. The mind boggles, or at least mine does.
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If I had access to a knife right now, I'd saw off my left leg right above the knee just to get rid of the knee. I have a new doc appointment, this time with Lisa, tomorrow at 1:15. Word.

The PMS Psychosis is much worse than it was earlier. My patience has run out with humanity as a whole and I am now prepared to lay waste to small villages. Instead, I'll lay waste to LJ. It's time to make some long overdue changes. Sith shouldn't care about hurt feelings and, when it comes to being fucking miserable in what is supposed to be my own space, neither should I!

This is where I should screech "DEATH TO ALL INFIDELS!" and start swinging the sword of justice.
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That was the catchphrase of the main character in Mad TV's fake sitcom My White Momma. I haven't been awake for very long, and no one has pissed me off or triggered my Inner Sith, but I am still eager for a reason to say it. And then, just the literal thought behind the threat....fucking hilarious. HI-LAIR-EE-USSSS. And a tad uncomfy if you're on the receiving end. Heh.

Today we're paying bills. I'm online earlier than normal so I can take care of one of these bills via the Blessed Holy Intarwebs! Soon soon, I shall be rolling in dough (after penalties, tax, and regular whippings in the yard) and can say for the first time in almost twenty years: "Yea, I am debt free, peoples of the Earth! Debt free and, therefore, truly free! No longer am I a corporate slave! No longer must I answer to The Man! I am freeeeeeee!" And then the soldiers will come get me and transport my sorry liberal ass to Gitmo for to be poked at with hot sticks and generally abused.

Soon I shall be laptop shopping. I need something that will allow me access to the Intarwebs in a wireless capacity. I also need lots of power, space, and whatnot because this is the computer I'll be using for school. So, any suggestions would be most appreciated yo. Once I'm in possession of the new laptop, the one from which I am currently transmitting will go on to Aunt Tudi. I think I'll be setting her up a Live Journal account now so it'll be ready for her when she officially gets online. That way, she'll already have a welcoming party. ;) Yep, that's what' I'm gonna do.

Once Aunt Tudi is set up on LJ, I'll make an announcement here. Then you all must go add her. That's an order!


Dec. 24th, 2005 03:59 pm
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So here I sit with a small red bow affixed to my head and grin plastered across my face. It's not necessarily Krimmus spirit, but I am in a fantabulous mood. I feel all warm and gooey inside, and I'm ready to bounce about and titter with glee.

I feel so good, I wouldn't even punch [livejournal.com profile] clauderainsrm in the face if he were close! I'm afraid that Palpy will barge in any minute and take away my Sith membership card, slowly ripping it up in front of me and tossing the pieces in the air like so much confetti.

Tonight is the Evans family brouhaha. It used to be held at my house when Granny was still alive. After she died, though, we started having it at Uncle Michael and Janice's abode. This year will be different. Little Michael finished his and Jenni's new home and, as a result, they wanted to host the shindig there. So we're off to Campobello around 6 PM. I thought they lived in Boiling Springs, but I was mistaken.

Aunt Tudi has asked me not to be too critical of Colby tonight. I'll do my level best to honour her wishes even though he deserves to be beaten with a large spiked club. He sure as hell doesn't deserve to be visited by Santa Claus because he's an unruly little bat-faced reprobate. I'm the only one who lets him know that too. I make him and everyone around him aware that I know he's a criminal in the making.

BUT!! I feel too good to let that speck of bad behaviour ruin my day. I'm gonna have at the good times and enjoy myself to the max. And then I'm gonna come home and stay up 'til shortly after Midnight, like I always do on Krimmus Eve, hoping that one or all of the animals will speak. If nothing happens, I'll retire for the evening. If one of them does start speaking, you'll hear my YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!! echoing around the globe. Yea and verily.
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Thanks to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] mightywombat, I will soon be in possession of one of these.

I am a very happy Sith. So happy, I'm almost Jedi, but not quite.
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That first bit is from Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill" show, when he was making fun of John F. Kennedy saying "Ich bin ein Berliner." The cuckoo clock bit comes from my favourite Orson Welles line:

"In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed - they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock."

I knew it would happen, but I didn't realise it would happen so quickly. I've overdosed on happiness and respite. Since my departure from The Pit and my separation from my arch-enemy The Feudal Mistress, I feel that I have swiftly lost my edge. I've become a doughy lump on the couch, spending way too much time actually enjoying Lifetime Television. Aunt Tudi has been passing by on occasion and checking for a pulse. There have actually been some days that not one expletive would come out of my mouth ~ not one!

I feel de-Sithed. It's like I had Maul's balls until my release from The Pit, whereupon I was swiftly castrated. Woe is I!

Before I ever left The Pit, I had expressed dismay at no longer having strife and turmoil in my life, no longer having a nemesis with whom to spar. Now that this has come to pass, I feel out of sorts. No more am I Italy, producing Da Vincis of dread. Lo! I am now Switzerland, popping out cuckoo clocks of contentment! What the hell am I gonna do now?

I'm beginning to hope that school won't be what it always was before, a walk in the park. I'm hoping that I hate my teachers and I struggle with the work. At least, then, I'll have something to bitch about and will once more feel whole.

My problem is that, even though I'm displeased with being happy, I'm too happy to ruin my current state of bliss. I am a bad Sith. Bad, bad Sith!

There are no words for how much I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow. Judy's farewell/birthday dinner is tomorrow and Aunt Tudi and I will be in attendance. I'm planning on looking fabulous, bright-eyed and rejuvenated for the dinner just to show everyone how much good getting away from The Pit has done me. But I'm also planning on pouring my derision all over the Feudal Mistress with extreme prejudice. It's long overdue and I need to prove to myself that I haven't lost my Sithly mojo.
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[livejournal.com profile] green_goblin70 popped in to bring me a Darth Maul comic book. In thanks, I bestowed upon him a hefty baggie of Reeses Pieces. This is what happens when Sith and Jedi get along. Pay attention.

The Goblin )

In other news, I'm looking for the rhino's butthole to crawl out of because it's WARM!!!!!! The only explanation is that I'm inside a fucking mechanical rhino.
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Well, this is interesting. ...and amusing.

I would have liked to have taken them seriously, but am incapable of doing so, simply because of this one line found in their "Becoming a Member" page:

You will get top resources, news, headlights, and upcoming movements of the entire galaxy. Fan developement on star wars movies, comics, books, and new star wars events will be given to you first hand.

Wow, I get headlights if I join! I am so there, man!

Oh, and by the by, assholes: you misspelled DEVELOPMENT.

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This has got to be the coolest quiz I've taken in a long time..

Here is your dark calling.

Sith Warrior
Your savage and aggressive nature does you credit, my apprentice. And it will serve you well when you learn the ancient battle arts necessary to become a Sith warrior. There are weapons, powerful weapons, that I will teach you to use - not the least of which is your own formidable body. Your lessons will be harsh and painful. But you will use that pain. It will make you invincible. Not even the most accomplished Jedi Knight will be able to withstand your onslaught.

Take the test
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I just found this essay I wrote at the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade a couple of years ago and thought I'd post it here. Not only is it what I believe to a great extent (not only on a Star Wars level), but it also includes one of my favourite bits from any libretto ever ~ the eloquent and infamous intro to 'Big Night Music' by Shriekback.

Tales from the Darkside )

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