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Jan. 5th, 2015 05:33 pm
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Best Buy contacted me earlier to let me know the computer was ready for pick up. I got home about thirty minutes ago with a happy, healthy Mac, which boasts a brand new trackpad and monitor. So so so relieved I didn't lose any files.

It's gonna take me a while to catch up on stuff that I couldn't access on the tablet so, if you're expecting emails, messages, or anything else from me, I appreciate your continued patience. For now, I'm going to wallow around in the glory that is an actual keyboard where I can QWERTY my heart out.

It took me about a minute to type all this out, even with manual HTML format. The end.

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It's been one of those days.

Everything is irking me right now. Frustration levels are in the plaid zone.

I can't access very old video files with the tools I have at hand, and won't be getting any help via the two PCs in the house. Not without a 4-hour long sermon on everything I'm doing wrong from someone who seems to not know diddly-shit about Mac and how different it can be from the realm of PC-dom. I did find the original VHS tapes, though, so I'm biding my time until I can get them converted to DVD and MPEG. I need to do that to preserve them anyway. There's a place in LA that charges $10 for the conversion, but I'm not certain I want to send the tapes away. I'm gonna hunt for someone local, so the vids will be in my possession at all times, or most of the time.

Yesterday, I read an article about that dick cheese, Pat Robertson. I shared it on Facebook. Earlier, I got a comment from a long-time friend, a lady with whom I worked at BMG, who found me on FB a couple of months ago. She was a titch defensive, not of Pat Robertson, but of the church as a whole, and its tax exempt status. We got into a tiff about it. I don't mind differing opinions or beliefs, but the whole religion thing is one of those hot-button topics that will send me spinning into a fury.

So, yeah, I'm enjoying an emotional repast of Sithly rage today. This might help me write today, though, so I'm just gonna ride the wave, and see what happens.

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It's been a tad uneventful here. I had to trade my computer in on the No Lemon policy, so now I have no client to conveniently post with. Oh, and I've lost my music. Go me.
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First let me tell a story that happened just today.

I went to Best Buy to pick up the Mac from it being repaired. The screen was wonky, and had to be replaced. While it was in the hospital, I had a loaner computer, which I have arranged before with Best Buy. They're really good about stuff like that, and I'm very grateful.

The problem this time, however, was that the loaner met with a pet-related accident. Toby. Need I say anymore? The screen got busted. So I took it back to them today, fully expecting to pay through the nose.

The girl had to get the manager to come talk to me.

Now, when I went to Best Buy, I just threw on a hat, because my hair is at one of those awkward lengths that makes me look like Beeker from The Muppet Show. When the manager came to me and looked at the computer, he then stopped and looked directly at my hat. Then he said, "I'm supposed to charge you $189 for this, but I'm going to waive it, because I know you've been a good customer in the past and I particularly like your hat."

This confused me, so I reached up and touched it to see which hat I'd put on. It was my Union Jack hat. The manager had a thick Liverpudlian accent.

How cool is that?! We chatted briefly about England and, of course, I complimented his accent, because it was bloody cool. My $12 Union Jack hat is now worth a little over $200. I am a happy chiclet.

Now, as for San Diego, it looks like I have probably another week and a half in South Carolina. I am in the process of packing up what few things I use, and will be travelling by road across the country with The Mother Unit and her friend Jean.

It's going to be all new and shiny. And I'll have roommates ~ a hippie (the Unit) and a bald guy (her bud Matt). It's like freakin' destiny right there.

I'm not fond of Southern California, but I had to be honest with myself: which state do I dislike more? South Carolina won, hands down. So off to the wild wild west I go. I'll have public transportation there, and many more options and things to do. It'll generate more journal posts, because I'll actually have a life to write about again.

We shall see.
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I'm typing on Janice's computer. I begged her to let me borrow it, and she did, but will need it back on Wednesday.

Why did I need a computer? Because the new one I got promptly locked up on me and had to be shipped to Hewlett Packered to be repaired. I was using my old computer, which had been acting wonky for some time (I dislike Dell products, I really do), but it gave me the Blue Screen of Death last night. Nothing I did could rectify the problem.

With the car issue and, now the computer issue, I've really just about had it. Dunno why, but the Mighties seem hellbent on destroying my sanity and my will to live. I'm tired of seeing Aunt Tudi fade away every time I close my eyes. I'm tired of finding out I may have about $30 for food a month, since I'm finally eating a bit more since 2011. Guess that grief and stress diet I was on is ready to be reinstated now. I'm tired of begging for rides and made to feel guilty because I have to go somewhere. I'm tired of the dogs making a mess every single day and I'm tired of cleaning it up or not cleaning it up.

I'm fucking tired. I've come to the conclusion that I'm nothing but a serious fuck-up, a burden to the folks around me, and a source of depression to my friends here. No one needs me. Probably, no one wants me. I wouldn't want me either, if I were anyone around me.

I go to my therapist and psychiatrist on the 27th, so I need to hone my acting because there's no way I'm going back to that place because I'm suicidal. Those people did not help me. It was all an act then, and it's gonna be an act now. Screw it.
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I'm sort of back, but not completely. Getting a different car, hopefully. Don't ask. :/ I have a new list of grief support groups and therapists that specialise in grief, so hopefully I'll find somebody. It's ridiculous not to be able to find anyone after 9 freakin' months. Stupide Upstate...

Oh yeah, the hard drive on the old computer is completely destroyed, so the only files I could save were the ones on the hard drive. Hopefully I haven't lost much. If I don't twig on to something I no longer have, then I didn't need it anyway. That's the philosophy I'm gonna have to take, on a account I have no choice.
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Computer is essentially ruined. It will cost more to get it repaired than it will to get another one. One's on sale at Best Buy for $370+ and it'll cost $99 to get all the files transferred. The Mother Unit is helping me get this done and I'll be paying her back. I'll probably have the loaner for the next couple of days, then there may be another two days where I will be without a computer at all. Hopefully not, but there's sometimes a PayPal delay of 4 or so days, so I'm not holding out for a positive outcome there.  At least the computer issue will be solved this week and the files will be saved, so there's that. I'm just so frustrated right now, I could go out and throttle a granny in front of her grandchildren, and relish doing it. *headslam*

So far, it's been a pretty depressing day.  I've had to bug people I really did not want to ever again, to be honest.  I've gotten crap news about a computer that was really good.  I'm scared to death the transfer of data is going to end up losing me a buttload of music.  The movies I'm not worried about.  The music?  Oh hell yes.  I want to just pour my disappointment and angst here on LJ, and I don't feel comfortably doing stuff like that anymore.  I have no one to talk to, and it's honestly pissing me off to the point of tears.
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My computer just stopped working on me while as the Flea Martet today. I susecious moisture could be found nearby. The person watching my table while I went to change, finally addmitted that some kidde has spilt a litte pit of her spite but, surely not to mess up my computer.

I won't even turn on now.

I have an extended warrantely policay. I a mo hopoinh this will take of it and of he key that popped off last week.

If not, I may lose what lttle mind I have left. This is my tenbrous hold on reality. Without it, I doubt I'd be here at all right now.
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When I got home from the hospital at the end of November, I came home to a computer that could no longer connect to the Internet via wireless. No matter what I did or tried, I could not figure out what had happened or what needed to be done to rectify the problem. I kept being told I needed to turn my wireless option on but, when I tried to do it, the computer wouldn't let me. So I found myself tethered to my modem with a cable this past month.

Now, last night I was updating my iPod Froderick, but it was taking longer than expected, so I just left the notebook top up and let the electronics do their thing. They were still communing when I drifted off to sleep. Around 4 am this morning, I awoke to my computer beeping and making other computer noises. I turned on the light and there was Steve all scrunched up on the keyboard. I got him off and saw that he'd "typed" several pages in a Word document and opened quite a few windows. Deciding to sort it out when I got up later, I closed the notebook and went back to bed.

I got up later a little before 8, fed the beasties and got myself ready to go over to Kathleen's and Davis' place to feed their cats. They're out of town this week. Before I left, I decided to check email. Much to my surprise, the computer connected me to the Internet via wireless. Steve repaired my computer problem!!

I could wonder in awe as to how he could do such a brilliant thing, but he is a cat after all. They Egyptians knew who was in charge in their ancient culture. I was reminded this morning that I don't have feline pets, I am the felines' pet and the reward me when they feel it prudent.

I'm being very nice to Steve.
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Dammit, I can't seem to get all my iTunes transferred from the external HD to the new computer correctly, specifically the videos I've bought over the years. So I've decided to wait until the other computer gets back and am going to have the Geek Squad do their magick professionally for me. I can't afford to lose any of my music, especially since I've had to sell most of my CDs over the past couple of years. There's no way I can retrieve these songs, so I don't want to take any chances with this at all. It's gonna be a two week wait but, since I have thousands of songs, it's not like I'm gonna be running out of tuneage any time soon. Still, though...tarnation! It's not like I've not done this before. I'm forgetting to do something here and I'm a feeling a bit of an idiot at the mo. Blargh....
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If there's one thing on this planet I hate (more than Right Wing Idiot xtians with no tolerance for anything but their own colour/creed/caste/what-have-you), it's transferring my files from one computer to another. I'm in the process of doing that right now and I'm up to around file #2000 of just under 55,000 files. :| This is going to take forever. I just know it. At least I can do other things while this is going on, and this is going to be going on for a while, looks like. This way, though, everything that's on Aunt Tudi's computer can be wiped clean and it'll be ready for her usage from almost the moment she gets it back from the Geek Squad.

I could have done this day before yesterday when I got the computer back the first time, but honestly, I was lazy and just put it off. Now, it's a must-do situation, as I need my Word documents and I need my iTunes files desperately. Not that I'm a writing or music junkie or anything... oh no, not me. I just hate waiting and having to deal with busy crap that could be spent doing other blinking my freaking eyes. I know that sounds like the height of laziness, but I'll be the first to admit that I lean on the lazy side more often than not. So shoot me. Honestly, I'd rather be shot than have to wait for these damnable files to transfer!

Well, Poop

Jun. 15th, 2011 09:01 pm
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We were about to set up the computer for Aunt Tudi when I noticed that the keys that had popped off the keyboard hadn't been replaced. We have to take the computer back to the Geek Squad tomorrow for them to replace the entire keyboard, which will take us about two weeks for us to get the computer back. This is kind of good in a way. I'm wanting to get a couple of 'For Dummies' books for Aunt Tudi to peruse, so she'll have the time to do that for a while before ever having to deal with learning how to work on the computer basics at the same time she's trying to make the computer her own. At least this will give me the chance to get all my files transferred to the new computer and have the old computer ready for a total clean sweep by the time we get the machine back from the Geek Squad. Still, though, it's a big pain in the ass to open the computer up, thinking everything is hunky-dory, only to discover that it's far from. So....POOP.

Even though Aunt Tudi won't officially be online until the computer is back and fully functional, I think I do have her convinced to at least begin working on the new computer so she'll have a pretty good feel for her own once it's back in town.

I'm back!

Jun. 10th, 2011 09:53 am
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After quite a few days of hell, I'm back with a new computer and still trying to get all my pertinent information retrieved. The other computer is still in the shop and will be for the next few weeks. How it got the Captain Tripps of computer viruses, I don't know, but it did. This is kind of a good thing in a way, 'cos Aunt Tudi is relatively comfortable with the older computer, so her transition into the 21st century won't be quite as painful as originally believed. I myself was able to find a super cheap computer for well under $500 with a three year maintenance agreement. The only thing I'm lacking is Adobe Photoshop, but I'm hoping my stepmother will let me borrow the one my dad bought me right before he died. I doubt it, but we'll see. If not, I may try this Photoimpact that The Mother Unit gave to me. I'm not even sure if it's compatible to the computer I have now, nor I'm a certain that I'll even be able to learn it all. The instruction book is thicker than the Talmud and Torah mooshed together, with a tad of Kabbalah thrown in for good measure. I'll also have to wait for my music for about three weeks. Thankfully, everything there is backed up except for one song, which isn't too shabby.

The only thing I'm missing is The Harming Tree, but I was assured by the Geek Squad that everything will be able to be retrieved, art, pictures, everything. And, by the time all this is over with, Aunt Tudi will have her own computer with wireless capabilities and will be well on her way to coming into the 21st century before the End of Time. Thank the Mightes for small blessings!

Barry got his package during my absence! All was safe and sound except he had to pay some sort of tax in order to receive it, so I'm planning on reimbursing him that. If he doesn't have a paypal account, I guess an international money order will have to do. Same for Colesy, whose Malicious Damage won't accept my credit card for Life in the Loading Bay. I swear to the Mighties, I wondering if I'm supposed to have this album at all.
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The keys on my computer keep coming off and I can't reattach them. How can a writer work like this? Now my backspace key has fallen off. I'm so frustrated I could scream. It's like like, if things can go wrong, they will go wrong. I'm not certain if my computer is still under warranty or still is covered by the extra insurance I took out on it. With my luck, it isn't and I'll just have to get used to using the thing with missing keys. Why the hell is this happening to me? What I'm afraid of is that I'm going to end up without a computer with upcoming books to be released. What am I going to do then? I can't very well conduct business from the library like I'll need to do. Something is going to have to give.
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Now that my computer has a cavity, I'm taking it in for dental work for a day or two. My computer guy said that re-affixing keys on a computer are a pain in the butt. I love that guy. He's a Yankee transplant who doesn't mince words in amongst the aghast Southerners. I may go to the library to keep up with things until I get the computer back. It shouldn't take but a couple of days, or so the computer guy said. He was gleeful to find that I still had all the parts. Apparently, he's used to yahoos who don't have anything but a need and a demand that things turn out the way they want.

I'm gonna be lost without my lappy, but what must be done must be done, and I trust this dude. He knows his stuff and he loves cats. What more can a geek ask for?


Aug. 16th, 2010 10:36 am
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One of my keyboard keys fell off and I can't get it back on. Looks like I'll be going to the local computer guy to beg for his mercy. It's like my computer has a cavity. I'm really unhappy about this. The computer is only a little over a year old. It shouldn't be having problems like this.


Jun. 1st, 2009 09:59 pm
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It's been decreed. I'm going to write at least 500 words a day on The Blood Crown for the month of June. Sort of a NaNoWriMo, but different. This is in addition to finishing the J-fic "To Whom It May Concern." So those here for the J-fics, don't get your panties in a wad. Hold on to your butts, I'm slow but sure, I promise.

I admire the folks on my list who blog for charity. If I could find a charity worthy of my rampant blogging, I'd do it in an instant. But human charities leave me cold for obvious reasons and that's why I leave such things in more capable hands. I don't think it'd..."appropriate"....for me to be writing every hour on the hour about how much I hate people and then ask for folks to donate to a charity that helps...people. Kinda hypocritic. So here's to you, people charity bloggers! It's Miller Time!

This laptop cooler thing is really working. The lappy is as cool as it was when I first turned it on. I think this is the key to our Magic Jack success.

Of all the movies out there, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is the one drawing my attention at the mo. I'm not big on Denzel Washington (too goody-goody) nor John Travolta (I was around during his 'Welcome Back Kotter' days waaaay before Pulp Fiction, which kinda redeemed him, but not all the way), but the movie just looks good. I love suspense flicks, especially when one mastermind villain is pitted against a regular Joe (not the plumber...). Am I too hard on actors? I mean, here I am being all picky about Denzel Washington and John Travolta only a few days after reaming Christian Bale. Should I just turn a blind eye and enjoy the show? I wish I could, but it's not in me. When I look at John Travolta, I see Vinnie Barbarino, and I saw enough of him back in the 70s. Yeah, I wasn't much of a kid. I was a smaller version of myself with a much smaller vocabulary. It should be of note that I'm just as loyal to the actors I do like, like Linus Roache. I sort of fell away from the original Law & Order, but I'll watch it now because Linus is in it. Herbert Lom is another. The man could do no wrong while he was still acting. Sharon Stone won my eternal love and devotion when I saw her kick the shit out of Ahhhnold in Total Recall. There are exceptions. Ahhhnold, for instance. I don't like him, but I love many of his movies. Total Recall is in my top ten favourites of all time. I'm rambling, aren't I? All I really wanted to say is that I think I'd like to see The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.

Just a minute ago, I felt the most incredibly painful sting on my arm. Looking down, I spied a fire ant. I picked it up whilst outside feeding the cats. This sucks. Tomorrow, I get to mow the grass and then put environmentally unfriendly fire ant killer on the mounds. But mowing the grass is gonna be tricky because the ants have formed attack battalions and are already well-organised, which means I'll have to run, screaming, as I push the mower at turbo speed, hoping that I out-trot the armies of killer fire ants hot on my pathetic heels. And people wonder why I call this place the Armpit of Hell. Wonder no more!

It looks to be a bit of a sleepless night tonight. Already almost 10 PM and still no sign of sleepiness. The body is weary, but the mind just rolls on. Goddess help me! If I have Fatal Familial Insomnia, I'm going to jump off a big tall building.

Betty White is Goddess incarnate, isn't she?
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I retired around 1 AM and, with Toby trampling me, I finally drifted off to The Chronicles of Riddick about an hour later. It was one of those nights where, even though I was sleeping, I was aware that I was asleep, just under the wire of unconsciousness, but not fully there to where I could dream or rid myself of my thoughts. And I clenched my teeth all night long. I got up about an hour ago with a low grade headache and sore teeth thanks to that. The dentist made me this plastic tooth guard to help with my clenching, but it no longer fits properly and, to be honest, I hated wearing it because it kept me from getting fully asleep, it was so weird feeling.

Today, Aunt Tudi and I are supposed to go 'round and pay the rest of our bills, but the weather is supposed to be bleak all day, so I'm gonna try to persuade her to put it off until tomorrow. I don't feel like going anywhere today and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so we have to be out tomorrow anyway. I'm supposed to wake her up at 9:30, so we'll see then.

Speaking of Aunt Tudi, she was introduced, along with myself, to the wonderful medium of televiewing via the computer last night. Under the advisement of [ profile] tryslora and [ profile] penguingirl84, I sought out the 100th episode of LOST Aunt Tudi accidentally taped over yesterday, so we got to watch it online last night. I opted for the high definition since this computer is HD and we were blown away by the clarity of the picture. That got me to jonesin' for more HD goodness, so I watched a number of things on You Tube with the HD option. One of them was, of course, The Joker Blogs' "An Apple a Day." I got a screen cap of the dude right after the fork trick and made this for a larf.

this. it was for a larf. so....larf )

I swear to the Mighties, this dude tickles me silly, and he's so good at what he's doing it's scary.

It just occurred to me that I'm hungry. I want cheesy eggs. Nom nom cheesy eggs....
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The new computer came with a built-in web cam, which I needed for my online class project. I was gonna either have to buy a webcam for the old Toshiba PoS or try to manage some time with a school computer, which is nigh impossible to do because the students in need of the school computers outnumber the computers. And Mark Sanford doesn't want to take the stimulus money to use it for educational purposes, per Obama's instruction.... What a fucktard SC guvnah is! So that makes life easier.

The plumber is working on the toilet as I write this. His ass crack is not showing.

See? I can be an optimist.
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My computer died today.....again. I was able to salvage the few things I've added since the last time it died, so everything on that PoS is safe and sound. I took it to the Geek Squad only to be told that my service agreement expired last month. I had been previously told that it didn't expire until February 2010, but no... It was this year. So I was screwed. I called from Best Buy to ask Aunt Tudi to call the Mother Unit and ask her if I could have some fundage to get a new computer, since I can't do any of my school work without one. She's sending me the money via PayPal today. I wrote a check for the new 'puter, a Hewlett Packard G60-235DX Notebook, and another 3-year maintenance agreement. Mother Unit to the rescue once again! I owe that woman my first born. Too bad I'm not having any kids. Besides, she'd be pissed at me if I tried to pawn a child off on her. She might even have me offed for such an offence.

I came home to get ready for work, used the bathroom, flushed the toilet and it overflowed and glugged every-damn-where. Aunt Tudi and I scrambled to clean up the mess and I began furiously plunging the toilet to get something, anything to go down. The water subsided somewhat. I called work to let them know I was gonna be a little late due to the lovely situation before me. I went to the local store for some de-clogging agents and brought them home. Nothing worked. More furious plunging. The water subsided. I'm waiting for the plumber to get here to do whatever needs to be done. I can't leave because I have to be here to pay him. Damn damn and more damn.

I'm so pissed off, I could strangle something. Unfortunately, there are currently no Right Wing Dominionists around for me to properly vent my anger in that respect.
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I just took the "practice test" in my computer class, where I still am, by the way, and it was dead easy. Had it been the real test, I would have made 100, 'cos I was told that each answer I supplied was correct. Here I sit now, waiting on the rest of the class to finish up. This is interminable. I know I have to take this class as a requisite for the Health Unit Coordination program, but being with people who don't know as much about computers as I do is driving me mad. And that's a short drive, let me tell you. Hell, I could walk and save the gas, the trip to madness is so short. Well, I may use a moped to save the knees.

If I had my Joker file, I could work on my latest fic, "The Dentist's Date." Yes, it's inspired by my crescent tooth with the exposed nerve and yes, I already know the Scar Story for this fic. It's particularly unpleasant for anyone with dental issues or phobias. Yeeesh. Hopefully, I'll finish that today, if I can get out of this class early. But I doubt that's gonna happen. I'm surrounded by tackheads, but what should I expect? I'm in South Carolina aka The Armpit of Hell.

I got all narcissistic and submitted my Redeye Grandé story to the [ profile] lj_turns10 community. I doubt they'll include it in the book, but at least I tried to be a bit proactive in getting published by any means necessary. Ha!

Oh gawd, this is such a drag. I want to go home, eat some yoghurt, and chill for a little bit before I have to go to work. Something tells me I won't get out of work until around midnight tonight. I don't know why I feel that way, but I do. Gads. I've been up since 6:30 and I'm already so sleepy I could just fall out right here in class and drool all over the table. I wish she'd let those of us who are a little faster than the others do our thing and just go ahead and leave. But she won't. ::bangs head on desk:: I feel like a prisoner in the Computer Lab from Heck.

So far all my classes have been ridiculously easy. If they're all like this throughout the entire program, I'll graduate with honours in 2010. I'll then get to enjoy the fruits of my acedemic labour for approximately 2 years before all hell breaks loose. Go me!
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If I save my music library as an .xml file, will I have just music or a list of titles in a particular format?
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That was a short absence, neh? Actually, responding to Aunt Tudi's bright idea, I pulled out my 5000 year old Compaq in the hopes that it would work at least marginally while I wait for my ill bebbeh to return to me. I wasn't optimistic that the Internet would work at all on it because I thought I needed the AT&T software disc in order for the DSL to function, but I was wrong. I just plugged the ethernet cable in and voila! LiveJournal. The Compaq has already shut down on me once and I've only had it on for a half hour, so it's gonna be a frustrating ride, but at least I'm in the car!
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There I was, in the throes of what was promising to be a dandy and relaxing weekend, preparing to type out the notes I've made for The Blood Crown when, all of a sudden, nothing.  My computer just stopped.  It shut down.  It ceased to Be.  Thinking that it may have gotten overheated, even though it shouldn't have since I just had the fan replaced three months or so ago, I waited for a few minutes and tried to turn the 'puter back on.  It ground into action, then suddenly....stopped.  Oh crap, I thought.  The beasties must have done a number on my AC cord and my battery is dead as a result.  I just need to check the AC.  But the power was fine.  I tried a different outlet.  Same result.  My computer wouldn't turn back on at all.  My Inner Obi-Wan began to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo-oooo-ooo-o-o."

I got the phone and called Best Buy's Geek Squad to confirm that my extended maintenance plan was still active.  It was, so off to Sparkle City I drove, my ailing 'puter in a bag.  It took all of fifteen minutes to turn the computer into the Geek Squad; unfortunately, it's going to take a little longer than fifteen minutes to get it back from the Geek Squad.  The dude who helped me said that it could be two weeks, maybe longer, before the computer is ready to come home.  I asked him what he thought it might be.  One possibility is that the cooling system has gone wonky on it again.  Another possibility is that the mother board may have died.  When he said that, I had to tell my Inner Obi-Wan to shut the hell up.  By then, though, my Inner C-3PO was moaning "We're doomed."

Truer words ha' ne'er been spoke.
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I got my computer back today. They had to replace both fans and my LCD cable in my screen. 'Tis now good as new. I've got a tad of catching up to do, but I'm suffering from a mad bout of narcolepsy. It may take me a minute or two to catch up. One thing I really want to do, though, it post a poem I wrote today. There's two main reasons I want to do this: 1) I haven't written any poetry in about ten trillion years and 2) The poem pretty much sums up what the entire trilogy will be like and how important the Augury of Gideon will be.

So stay tuned, dammit.

Oh, and let the links to important posts commence!
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Here I am at the 'libarry,' as the local yokels dare to call it. We're only allowed an hour at a time on the computer, so I zipped through my hour trying to catch up on email, then left to get cat food. After getting cat food, I apparently allowed my wallet to fall out of my purse at Bi-Lo. Only when I went to get out my library card to log on for another hour on the computer did I realise my card and the wallet in which it resides were both gone. So I hauled ass back to Bi-Lo where the folks at the front counter had my goods. Well...most of them. The $80 I had was gone, but everything else as intact. Cursing like a sailor under my breath, I thanked the Bi-Lo people and drove back to the library. And here I am ~ broke, surly, and going through Internet withdrawals bad. I hate being timed on my computer use and I despise the fact that I was stupid enough to lose my wallet. Gyah! And it hasn't even been a week that my computer has been gone. I'll be dead by the time the two to three weeks the Geek Squad may need to take to heal my computer has passed by. Dead, I tell you, dead!

I've been writing the old-fashioned way: with a pen applied to paper. My handwriting is atrocious. I figured I'd better transcribe what I have so far before I lose the ability to read what I've written. Right now, concentration on the scribblings and memory will get me through but, the longer I wait, the less of a chance I'll have to transcribing the mess. This bit was inspired by my recent reconnection with the Craft combined with the Tarmian Ways and rituals. Actually, I want to include a good amount of Tarmian tradition and way of life in this sequel. The Chalice wouldn't exist had it not been for the firm platform of dozens of notebooks of Deaghydhe/Tarmian language, ritual practice, myths and legends, and character developments on which it rests. I want Kelat's pre-Vampire days to be more prevalent in The Blood Crown. Her memories, particularly the ones she passes on to Cadmus that will help him retrieve the Blood Crown, will bring to life the ancient alien Elfin creatures who inherited the Earth millions of years before Humanity stirred in the dreams of the Earth Mother. Kelat is, after all, the Mother of Memory. I should focus more readily on that and let her live up to her Tarmian title.

Okay, so here it is.

Kelat'menan ~ the Mother of Memory )

That's what I have so far. And I have three minutes left online. Crapola. Maybe I can get back on Saturday.

Hope all is well with you people, those I call My Friends. ::blows a Sithly kiss::

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Tomorrow I'm taking the 'puter into Best Buy to be serviced. On top of it over-heating and shutting down on me, there's a loose wire in the monitor part of the laptop that keeps the screen from lighting up properly. I have to keep the screen at unholy angles just to be able to partially see what I'm doing. I don't know how long I'll be without a computer, but I reckon it'll be long enough to drive me batty. I'll try to visit from the library, but I don't know if or when I'll be able to do that.

I hate drawn out goodbyes so, like a good Sith, I'll just say screw all y'all for now! ;)
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I just found an S-Video port on the new laptop which means I can probably hook a VCR up to the computer and make DVDs of my music videos......



Feb. 18th, 2006 01:36 pm
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My connection on the 'puter finally knackered out on me so I haven't been online. It turned out that the Spartanburg Best Buy had a sale on the Toshiba I'd been eyeballing for a couple of months, so I swung by there while we were in Spartanburg today and got it (sorry <lj user="maradia"! I still haven't gotten the MP3 player, so I will be seeing you, promise!). I'm now on the new 'puter and it's sweeter than honey. I just have to transfer all my files to here now. It's gonna take me a while and I'm not really looking forward to it. Anyway, I'm hopelessly behind on email and LJ so, if something has gone on that you want me to see, please give me a link in comments 'cos I could very well miss it since I'm gonna be scanning everything pretty quickly....apologies!
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This really has nothing to do with birds or farmers. It is, instead, a random post with no strong subject to merit it being made the subject line.

First off, I would like to state for the record that I am both terrified of and appalled with the Burger King King. He's pretty much the creepiest thing on TV now, only because the scary Six Flags dude isn't currently in rotation, and I want him to go away.

The owl icon I'm using is from a picture of an owl that lives in the Wild Animal Park, which is a free range animal sanctuary in cahoots with the San Diego zoo. The Mother Unit took that picture and it's completely untouched. I just love how the black pupils turned out to be red. It is a great horned owl and one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever had the honour of encountering. But I'm a sucker for owls, any kind of owl. I think that's the one thing that sealed a bond between the Grandmother Unit and me. We barely knew each other when we were reunited, but the one thing we had in common was an uncanny adoration of owls. When she passed away, the Mother Unit passed her owl collection on to me.

My loose modem connection is swiftly driving me quite mad. I really need to get the fucker fixed before I snap and scamper through the neighbourhood offing yokels with an air rifle. What happened a few weeks ago is Aunt Tudi got her foot caught in my phone cord and jerked it really hard. Thankfully, she didn't fall or hurt herself, but she did a number on my computer. It's been a nightmare ever since and it's getting worse with every passing day. Must.Get.It.Fixed..... Ideally what I'd like to do is get the new lappie, transfer all my stuff over to the new one, wipe this one clean, then get it repaired without any of my personal stuff being on it. Then it'd be like new for Aunt Tudi to use and drive herself like a herd of wombats into the 21st Century.

I'm supposed to go see Llew around 7 tonight, but I've already told him I have to leave by 8:45 to be home in time enough for LOST. Since I've had to go out every day this week so far, I'm really not keen on going anywhere. But a promise is a promise. I just don't feel like doing anything but vegging online and giving the animals and Aunt Tudi the hairy eyeball.

After Judge Judy, I've got to shave my legs, which is a monumental task since I am Sasquatch. I need to make the legs at least marginally decent-looking for the doctor tomorrow, so he won't have to dip his fingers in an inch of fur just to get to my kneecap. I have a 10:15 appointment tomorrow morning for Dr. Yost to hopefully give my left knee an injection. He may not do stuff like that, though, and will have to refer me to an orthopaedic doctor. I had a doc for that, but he stopped taking my insurance so..... there you go.

Speaking of insurance, I need to start paying for my Cobra this month. I've decided to do the 12 month extension just in case one of my eyeballs falls out or something equally as gruesome. Perhaps by next year I'll have insurance with a new job working with animals whilst going to school.

Here is where I get to really complain: I miss having a crush on someone. Not a particular person, mind, just the crush itself. The last really strong crush was on Darth Maul. Such obsessions are very inspiring and uplifting for me. I feel kind of empty when I'm not swept along by uncontrollable feelings which I can explore and expand. No one really captures my fancy, though, so I just drift aimlessly wishing for that powerful feeling to return. I hate that.
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[ profile] falkenna has been kind enough to beta-read the majority of The Chalice for me. So far, I've taken her suggestions and corrections with 100% gratitude and have made the necessary changes to about a third of the book. There's more to do but, I'm needing to take a break as my eyeballs are rolling around like marbles dipped in a Redeye Grandé. The two files she sent to me I've saved as "chalicetallis1" and "chalicetallis2." I dig the way it rhymes, man. It's awesome.

After I finish up the 2nd Draft, I'm going to have to take my computer in to be repaired. The phone connection port is loose inside the computer and makes my connection to the Internet iffy at best. Thankfully, I am protected by a maintenance agreement with Circuit City, so getting it repaired won't cost me a thing. It's just the wait to get the machine back. Since my desktop is knackered, I will be off line for who knows how long during this time. I'm not looking forward to it.

Of course, this will be after the holidays. There's no way in hell I'm risking having my laptop get lost in the holiday shuffle. No thank you.
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I was informed that all BMG product has no invasive spyware or anti-copying software that loads onto a person's computer. This was a wholly Sony venture prior to the merger. In fact, RCA is not planning on even continuing its copy protection campaign. That said, any albums on RCA, Jive/Zomba, BMG Classics, Wind-Up, Arista, J Records, RLG (RCA Label Group ~ it's Country), Verity, Providence, V2, BMG US Latin, Razor & Tie, Dancing Cat, RCA Victor, Buddha, Sanctuary, Rough Trade, Robbins Entertainment, Windham Hill, or any other labels I may have not remembered that are distributed through the BMG portion of the new company are SAFE TO LISTEN TO ON YOUR COMPUTER. I don't think that any of the new albums under the umbrella of the new Sony BMG entity will carry any of the software currently terrorising computer users.

So breathe a sigh of relief and avoid albums made by Sony prior to October. Werd.
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I need something and I don't know what it's called, so I'm dubbing it a "contraption" until that time some kind soul enlightens my dumb ass. I need a contraption that clips onto my laptop screen on which I can perch papers. Shmoop has made it more than obvious that I am not allowed to be on the computer without her presence and it makes it nigh to impossible to work with any papers I might need. I'm gonna have to get this contraption before I start school; otherwise, I'm gonna be SKA-REWED!

I do adore this cat, though. She is such a sweetie. Verily does she live up to her name. I don't think I've ever encountered a schmoopier cat than Shmoop. Some may say I should just set her off me and continue with my work, but I can't resist her. No! I will purchase a contraption that will allow me to continue with my duties whilst basking in the presence of my Shmoop.
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I'm thinking of getting a new laptop for school, but I have no idea which one I'd need. The lappy I have now will go to Aunt Tudi when I get the new 'puter. She knows nothing about computers, so I need to get her a "computers and the Internet for 61 year old dummies" book. That'll learn her.

Also, I just took this quiz and thought it was hilarious, I guess because I do tend to be a bit of an elitist online.

cleeck for zee queez )

Okay, I'm off to window shop for laptops.


Oct. 25th, 2002 07:28 pm
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Well, my OB/GYN appointment was postponed for 2 weeks. Now I won't get all this over with until 7 November. ugh!
Took Aunt Tudi to go vote today. Since she's disabled she gets to vote on the absentee ballot. One more strike against the Fascist Pigs ~ yay!
I was reading about the 'Not In My Name' protests to be held in civilised parts of the country tomorrow. I so wish I could be a part of one of them, but it's not to be. I'll be there in spirit.
Paul Wellstone and his family have died in a plane crash. I find it very questionable and very convenient that one of the staunchest liberals in the country is suddenly dead when the balance in Congress can be so easily tipped in the wrong direction right now. I can't imagine a Republican President and and Republican-led Congress. Everyone should just tear up their Bills of Rights and bend over and kiss their arses goodbye if that happens. We're in bad enough shape as is.
What would be great is if the Libertarians were given a chance to straighten out the US. that will ever happen in my lifetime.

One bit of good news: I finally got my Yahoo account to working correctly on the lappy. Now it's time to catch up on mail, but I think I'll do that later. All I want to do now is sleep!

Where's my bed?
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It's been an eventful week and a tiring one.

In the long trend of bad luck that has hallmarked the Year of Oxygen, it would seem that the domecile may just have some electrical problems. The power in the dining room went out on Wednesday and I had to trip the breaker to get the lights back on. Every once in a while since then, the lights will flicker and dim. Not good!

On Monday, Lew went to my job for an interview for a position that has opened on first shift. It is hoped by us both that he gets this job because, if he does, he will be remaining in town and staying with me during the week so he can ride to work and back each day. The perfect arrangement! We get to spend more time together and he gets gainful employment. Needless to say I've put in several good words for him and I can only hope that my time at the Salt Mines has afforded me some clout in such areas. According to Kim, who is doing the hiring for this position, a decision should be made by Wednesday. Will there be joy? Stay tuned.

On Tuesday, I went and hung out with Lew. He took me to the local school field to show me his new plane. It's a hand launcher radio controlled plane is so very cute. I'm fascinated with his hobby. Seeing these wee planes dip and glide in the air is beyond coolness. So I asked him if I could hand launch his new plane just once. It was then I discovered that I throw like a girl. I tossed that baby straight into the air and it came crashing down like stone. Lew didn't even have time to compensate for my lack of ability. So it connected with the Earth and cracked on both sides. UGH! I felt so bad. Lew ragged me mercilessly, which actually made it all better, and he said that the damage was easily repaired. In fact, he's already got it fixed and flying again. What a relief!

I finally got the laptop back up and running to specification and now my computer at work has a virus that is slowing it down to a ridiculous speed. Bad luck looms over my technological joy. Since I have the lappy back, though, it's back to work on All Things Shriekback. I must get out my periodicals and figure out what needs to be developed and uploaded to the website.

Lew has a video capture card and has already told me that I can do some captures from the Shriek videos so I can replace the pathetic visions I currently have featured in the pictures section of the Shriekback Digital Conspiracy.

I really just need to get my arse in gear and get to work. Motivation is a serious issue for me right now. It seems like all I want to do in what little spare time I have, when I'm not with Lew, is play Neopets. Thanks, Margaret! hahahah

Two movies I really want to see right now:

"Signs" ~~ about the crop circles. I'm really keen on seeing this.
"Austin Powers in Goldmember" ~~ I have a weakness for dumbass movies that are also freakin' hilarious. It's about time I get to see Dr. Evil again.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed now. It's another work day tomorrow....12 long hours at the answering service, having to deal with the dregs of the human gene pool...mush-mouthed men and whiny women. Oh joy.


Jul. 18th, 2002 08:54 am
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I couldn't wake up this morning! It might have had something to do with the fact I was dreaming of Timothy. I still miss him mightily and long for the Good Ole Days.

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