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I've been dealing with a serious writer's block, and I still am. It's taken me several days just get up the gumption to make this post, but make it I must because, if I stop writing altogether, and I'm very close to that already, I may never start again. Other steps I'm taking not to lose my writing mojo are rehashing my outline for The Blood Crown and listening to Crown almost exclusively. Now, yesterday, I didn't do any of that. I took a break yesterday and vegged out in front of the TV watching the Alien movies. Today, it's back to work holding on to the threads of my Vampire story.

Also on hold is the Femme Joker story. [livejournal.com profile] gunslingaaahhh and I need to get our arses in gear regarding this tale and just write it already! It shouldn't be this difficult. It shouldn't be such a task. It's supposed to be fun. I keep telling myself this and I will believe it or die trying. Harrumph!

One thing I know that's bothering me is something I thought would have been over by now is still drifting around in limbo and I'm wanting it done and part of my past. (vague much, Tin?) I'm sick to death of the whole thing, of the petty politics, and the superficialities I've forced myself to tolerate far beyond the limits of my patience and temper. When I realised that my interest had waned to the point of being nonexistent, I knew then that my association with this situation had stretched far beyond my comfort zone.

Shmoop disappeared last week. This, after Motley, Norvus, Barney, and Spectre all disappeared, and Smidgen returned to us with her side torn out. Some sort of vicious thing is stalking my feline friends and I hate it. It bothers me that I can't let Steve in because of how he behaves toward Smidgen and Aloysius. But Steve is a wily beast, so I don't think he's going to become yet another "Dead Steve." Smidgen and Al are almost exclusively house cats now, thank the Mighties.

A lawyer has taken my disability case. Well, not just any lawyer...the premiere disability lawyer in the Upstate of South Carolina. So that heartens me somewhat since I know that lawyers typically don't take on cases unless they're pretty sure they'll win. So another several-month waiting period is in store, then we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'm just gonna keep on keeping on...
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It's not that many, but it seems that way. Here's a bunch of pictures to look at for no reason whatsoever.

First off, here's a recent one of me before I headed off for a job interview. This outfit makes me look bigger than I am, but it's the only "business" outfit I currently have. Bummer. I don't think that any part of it touches my skin except the part that hangs on the shoulders and the skirt's elastic that fits round my waist.

more here. lookie )

Now wasn't that fun?
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Steve and Shmoop are currently indoors taking a nap together. I had to get a picture of them because Steve appears to be clutching his head as though he is suffering from a feline migraine.

That Steve, he's a one of a kind cat, bless him.
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Just click the macro to go rate it. Shmoop and I both thank you from the bottom of our drunken hearts.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
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My latest tacky attempt at turning one of my cat pals into a LOL-Cat.

This is pretty much my favourite picture of Shmoop. She looks like such a drunkard in this photie! And, O! How happy she is. You can tell by the shit-eating, beer-drinking grin on her silly face. I loves me some Shmoop.
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It was the dead of night. I spied a teentsy spider in a perfectly-formed web on the front porch and I wanted to get a picture of it, if I could. Because of the filigree nature of the web and the smallness of the spider, I was unsuccessful. Before I went in, however, I decided to point the camera into the back yard and see what I came up with. At night, the back yard is like a black hole. There is no light whatsoever. One has no idea what could be sitting nearby, giving you the hairy eyeball in the night. So I pressed the button on the camera and the flash went off, exposing.......SVEN!

Yes, it's SVEN! )
During Sven's photo shoot, I learnt that opossums do not lap up water, they slurp it. Opossums have no dining manners at all. I bet they even wipe their mouths on their arm sleeves instead of using the cloth napkin.

I then came in, thrilled with my photie goodness, only to find Aunt Tudi imparting top secret information to Shmoop, our little Spy Kitty. I snapped a picture of them for future evidence.

caught in the act )

Cat Cycle

Jun. 10th, 2006 10:47 pm
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Two days after losing my beloved Lynx, there arrived on my doorstep two wee kittens, one ginger and one light tabby. The ginger kitten spits at you if you blink your eyes. I think he's a boy. I've named him Spiteful, and he's a real cutie. The other, smaller, kitten is a girl and much friendlier. She comes across as being very prim and proper, so I've named her Miss Marple. Both of them have eye problems. Aunt Tudi's written a note to call Dr. Patch and order a bottle of Amoxil Drops. I'll pick them up after work on Monday. I doubt I'll be able to treat Spiteful as he's feral down to the bone, but I will be able to get some meds into Miss Marple 'cos she's already letting me pick her up and love on her.

So I lost one cat, but gained two. The great cycle continues to spin.

Shmoop's eye is much better today. The eye goo Doc gave me seems to be doing the trick. Damn conjunctivitis! Damn it all to hell!
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Shmoop looks like she's either been stung or bitten by something. She refused to come home last night and, this morning, she arrived at the door with both eyes swollen shut and her mouth wide open complaining to the high heavens. I'm having Aunt Tudi call Dr. Patch and get the girls to set up our paperwork for when I take Shmoop in at lunch time. For now, the crazy kitty is resting on the couch while Aunt Tudi pulls out one of the pet taxis for my convenience at lunch time.

I swear, that cat is dumber than a box of rocks. She should have been the dudes' cat on Dumb & Dumber. But I love her so. Her rampant stupidity is what endears Shmoop to me. It's like she has no idea how dangerous the world really is, so she just trots through life happy as hell until she gets her fool self hurt. Then she moans and whines about how horrible she feels, completely unaware that it's her own fool fault. Gawd, how I love her. I hope she's gonna be okay.
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Aunt Tudi and I went to Lyman to run some errands, get meds, and go to the local Ace Hardware store for some caulk. We need the caulk to apply to the stripping around the screen we're replacing where Foley broke and entered our home in the dead of night. Anyway, we got our caulk and was heading up front to pay when I saw a slush machine. It had two flavours: grape and blue raspberry. The slush looked an awful lot like Slurpee mix, so I bought a cup of the grape. OH.....MY.....GAWD. This is the closest thing to a Slurpee I've had since I was out in California where they have 7-11s. I told the old lady at the register that she'd be seeing more of me. It's not exactly like the Mythic Slurpee, but it's so close, I was prepared to weep with glee until brain freeze kicked in.

Before we went to town, Aunt Tudi called Morrisons in Asheville to see if they were still open. They've extended their time to 13 May instead of 6 May. Aunt Tudi started talking about how she wanted to go back and pick up more doo-dads, so I had to tell her that we couldn't go spend as much as we had the past three times we went up there, because I didn't have much money left and I thought it would be wise if we had some fundage for England. This floored her. I was hoping to keep the financial situation from her because she worries so much, but she's also a Mad Shopper from Hell, and she'd never stop until I came clean about our shortage of money. So she started freaking out and worrying and so on and so forth, but I told her that things would work out. We're out of debt, we're stocked on food and non-perishables. And I've started actively looking for a job, even just a rinky-dink job. Something that will bring in enough money for groceries and gas. That's all that's needed. I assured her that things would work out, all is well.

I don't think she really believed me, because Aunt Tudi isn't inclined to be laid back about such things. But, when we got back from Lyman, I had to messages on our answering machine from two companies with whom I applied. They're wanting to interview me and probably hire me. Even if they don't hire me, I'm still quite optimistic about finding something. It's like I told Aunt Tudi: we may have a skinny month after returning from England, but then I'll start pulling in money, a lot of which we can save. This eased her mind somewhat.

On the way back home, we stopped by the local fruit and veggie stand to pick up some tomatoes. The old dude also had freshly picked strawberries (like picked this morning) for $8.00 a gallon, so we got a gallon of those too. I've always loved strawberries and Aunt Tudi has grown quite fond of them over the past year, so they definitely won't go to waste. There was one berry in the lot that was fairly alarming, being the conjoined triplets of the berry world.

Freak Berry )

So far, it's been a really good day. I feel good about the future and even better about mutant berries that fascinate my cat friends. ::firm nods:: Everything is gonna be alllllll right.


Apr. 15th, 2006 04:47 pm
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First, I want to declare that canned crab meat tastes like San Diego's ass water mixed with the unwashed juices emitting from an aged French whore. I will not attempt that again, nay nay nay.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can continue with my happy little post.

Aunt Tudi and I hit the road a little before 9 this morning and got to the Father Unit's shortly after 12. All we've done since is pretty much chitchat with each other while Aunt Tudi and the Father Unit play some sort of Roy Rogers pinball game from their childhood. The Stepmother Unit is with her mother in Irmo yucking it up for Easter, but the Father Unit couldn't accompany her because he had surgery on Monday and isn't recovered enough to travel. So here we are. This is the first Spring holiday I've spent with him since 1974. Whoa.

We're having tilapia for dinner. Why have I just recently started hearing about tilapia, like in the past couple of years? Was it called something else before that or is it a newly discovered edible fish? Or am I just ignorant?

Speaking of ignorance, I've decided that Shmoop is an idiot savant. She is so incredibly stupid in so many areas, but shines through in others. Actually, I think she believes she is a dog. She wants to eat dog food, she fights the dogs for their treats (especially Pupcorns), and she fetches. Her catly skills are sadly lacking and I do fear for her wellbeing when she's outside because, really, the cat doesn't have sense god gave a toenail. The last time we left the ladies at home to come down to the Father Unit's, we returned to find that Shmoop had shut herself and Motley up in the bathroom. Via the cunning methods of deduction, I surmised that they'd been trapped in there for around 12 hours. So, this time, I've blocked the door so she can't do that again, but they can still have access to the litter pan.

I'm seriously considering going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on the Father Unit's gigantic TV. I'm not really all that fond of the movie, but I'd love to see Johnny Depp in pirate drag on a large screen. Surely that will give me nice dreams tonight. God knows I could use them.

Right now, I'm wrapped up in one of the Father Unit's long-sleeved shirts. Both the FU and Aunt Tudi are hotter than fire crackers and have turned the AC down to 60-something. Even though it's in the mid-90s outside, I'm sitting in here suffering from a chronic and probably fatal case of chicken pimplage.

I wrenched a quiz from [livejournal.com profile] serifem's hands and am posting it here. The other quizzes I had saved for my Friday Quiz Party are still on my laptop waiting to be posted. I feel like a dink forgetting to post them yesterday, but I have had difficulty figuring out what day it is all week. I may post them when I get home on Monday.

angeles )
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When Aunt Tudi and I got home, we found a bathtub full of Shmoop Poop! She's still doing it, which means it's the food. I took pictures of the sorry situation to show to Dr. Patch tomorrow when I see him. I'm sure he'll suggest an expensive food that we can't feed everyone, so the outdoor prides will have to be converted from free feeders to being fed once or twice a day under supervision so Shmoop won't join in. Oy....the problems this entails. ::hits head on the nearest hard surface::

I'm including a picture of the horror to which we came home. Mind, this bathtub is almost 40 years old and is cast iron; thus the dark splotches. Except for all the shite, our bathtub is quite clean! GAH!!!

shmoop poop everywhere everywhere EVERYWHERE! )

Oh, she left a couple of butt stains on my bed too, so I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. I don't mind sleeping on the couch; in fact, I prefer it. But it cramps Aunt Tudi's style, so there's that. We've already cleaned up the bath room. The tub looks wonderful, thanks to Aunt Tudi. I've redone the litter pan and did all the leg work the clean-up required. Now, we're both just sitting here, stymied.

Tomorrow: laundry (lots of it), vet visit for Motley, picking up the dogs, the last half of diabetes education for Aunt Tudi, and a visit to Llew.

Tonight: the occasional whimper just prior to passing the fuck out.


Mar. 9th, 2006 01:10 pm
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Motley has spirited away my home figure of Durga. The Goddess is now *somewhere* in the house, but Durga only knows where. At least my travel figurine is still safe in her drawstring bag in my purse. Oy....

I talked to Mrs. Patch this morning. Shmoop doesn't have a hook worm or any other type of worm. Her poop provided no information on why she has diarrhea. Doc also checked her protein levels to see if that was the problem, but everything came out okay. So they're giving her an antibiotic for a possible intestinal bug. If that doesn't work, she may have to be switched to specialty food. I'll be going to get my bebbeh in about an hour.

My neck was getting better until I tensed up when Aunt Tudi fell. I am now unable to turn my head to left even a little. Hopefully, it'll ease off with time. Until then, I'm looking straight ahead.

Aunt Tudi's knee has gone down and her lip looks much better. I think she may just survive! The jury is still out on whether or not we'll be going to the Father Unit's this weekend, though. The good thing is that Lori said I could wait to the last minute to cancel boarding the dogs if need be. There's one wee load off my mind.

I'm now off to post pictures from the Asheville trip and figure out what I need to write next about Tuesday's goings-on.


Mar. 8th, 2006 03:08 pm
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Aunt Tudi, Diane, and I went to Asheville yesterday and things didn't go exactly as expected. Aunt Tudi took a bit of a tumble and busted her lip and knee, and strained her neck, shoulders, and back pretty badly. So I've been hovering over her like a schizophrenic mother hen. To top that off, Shmoop began to suffer some serious diarrhea, so much so that she couldn't make it to the litter box during the night. I got pooped on and my bedclothes got pooped on, and I've had very little sleep as a result of the poop. Shit happened all over the place. I'm thinking she may have contracted a hook worm, but I'm not certain, so off she went to Dr. Patch's office this morning before I took Aunt Tudi to her doctor later in the morning. Oh, I also took a stool sample entitled "Shmoop Poop" on the jar. Heh. I'm waiting to hear back from Dr. Patch, but I'm expecting Shmoop may be spending the night in the hospital because Wednesday is Doc's surgery day, so everything goes rather slowly on this day. In the meantime, I'm gonna try to catch up online and do some laundry in between nursing Aunt Tudi back to health. She's looped out on pain meds right now, so I'm able to have a wee tad of time for myself.

I'm going to write about yesterday in increments, making separate posts for each major occurrence. One post with all the information would be too long and I don't think I'll have the time to write that much in one sitting. The first post will be about Aunt Tudi's fall. For now, I'll post a couple of pics of the miserable little lady. I just ache for her.

Aunt Tudi's visible injuries )


Jan. 6th, 2006 07:17 pm
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Shmoop has been found. And I admonished her for her utter disregard of my calling plaintively for her to come home. Yeah, I heaped a hefty helping of Jewish guilt upon her little shoulders. She'll be sorry!
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I'm trying to bide my time until Battlestar Galactica comes on tonight. So here I am here to torment the masses.

Earlier today, I spent over two hours on the phone and talked to 17 different people at Capital One trying to find out where the hell my car title is. I was finally informed that it was mailed out on 12/28, so I should get it any day now. Having to deal with so many idiots in such a short period of time gave me serious flashbacks to The Pit and I was literally in tears there for a brief period of time. They weren't girly oh-my-feelings-are-being-mooshed tears. They were ohmigawd-I'm-gonna-rip-somebody's-skin-off tears. It wasn't a pleasant experience. In fact, it gave me a headache and the desire never to pick up another phone for the duration of my existence here on Earth.

Sven came to dinner last night. He allowed me to step out in the back yard with him and take some glamour shots. Here's the result.

ain't he cute? )

I just adore his little hands.

Now behold the candle that [livejournal.com profile] falkenna sent to me. In case you can't make it out, it says "Nemesis Now." How cool is that?

candle )

I took some pics of Aunt Tudi and myself at the doctor's office on Wednesday. It's obvious we don't feel well.

unwell )

After having experienced a hot flash, I am now down to a tee shirt and my hot pink boob pants. I just put the flannel shirt back on because I've been outside trying to get Shmoop to come home. It's after 7 and she's not home yet. This is highly irregular. HIGHLY. And I'm worried.

A good name for a band would be Knuckletoe. I thought about that when my the knuckle on my left big toe popped like a firecracker. Ow, fucking ow.
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I was trying to figure out Shmoop's approximate birthday. We found her at about 5 weeks of age on 5/24/2005, so I'm thinking that she was born around mid-April. After looking at the first Shmoop post, I was terribly proud of how far she's come.

Shmoop before and after )

::does superior llama dance::


Dec. 27th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] luminita, I have registered with Catster. Over the next few days I'll be working on creating a webpage for Smidgen, Shmoop, and Motley. They deserve all the publicity they can get because they're the coolest cats around.
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I take pictures of my cats and post them in my journal. So sue me. Take me before Judge Judy, I dare ya!

Smidgen, Shmoop, and Motley )

It's just amazing how easily Motley was integrated into our house. I figured that there would be at least a day of hissing and smacking, but NO! Shmoop and Smidge looked at Motley as if to say: "Meh. Another one. We now outnumber the primates and will kill them in their sleep once this tiny one is grown."

They play with each other and eat together, which I think is fantastic. I can't wait to find them all sleeping together. That'll be the final indication that Motley has been completely welcomed into the fold.
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I stepped out to the front porch to get a breath of fresh air and spied Smidgen and Shmoop playing tag in the front yard. Of course, I wobbled back into the house to get my camera.

at play )

I came back in and Smidgen came with me. As I sat in my sinus-y stupour, Smidgen jumped up on the couch arm to say "howdy!"

Smidgen )

Everyone is in and snuggled for the evening. I'm waiting on Aunt Tudi to wake up from her nap so we can tend to Motley's needs and let her explore the house a little. She's still a little sick baby and, BOY, does she stink! Her poop is the worst smelling thing I've had the misfortune to encounter in a very long time.
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World, meet Motley!

new stubby-butt family member )

All in all, it's been a pretty decent introduction for Motley. Of course, she's still in her pen for the most part and has her personal play time in the isolation of the bathroom. By Tuesday, though, I'm thinking she can roam about the house and learn where she fits in. I've already asked Aunt Tudi to be patient with Smidgen and Shmoop because it's inevitable that they will give Motley a few smacks here and there. That's cat society and they'll have to work it out in their own feline way. We can't interfere without doing more harm than good.

Riley is already excited about having a new kitten to play uncle to. He's such a big softie, that dog.

I'm satisfied with our progress so far. ::nods:: Motley has gone from being a mostly feral kitten who ran every time she saw us to a mostly tame baby who runs up to my hand and begins purring the minute the opportunity arises. She's already beginning to learn her name, too. I can say "Motley" and she'll meow back and rub along the pen. Right now, she's just marking territory but I've found her doing the "you're family" head butt as well. Very good!
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I jumped up late and ran to the ATM to get some moolah. Got the moolah, left my debit card. Had to go back to the bank and eat crow whilst dressed like a bag lady and wearing toe socks. They have me a new card on order.

It's cold, rainy, and grey. Wonderful weather to snuggle in. I had to wrestle one of the blankets away from Shmoop, who was certain both blankets were hers alone. She's now snuggled in on the bed and I'm on the couch. What would be better is if she'd come snuggle with me. I love that cat, words cannot express how much!
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After having paid the bills in all haste, I had some leftover time and decided to waste it going over to The Pit to visit with my homies and gloat about the fact that I'm deliriously happy with unemployment and no longer having the boot heel of the Feudal Mistress in the small of my back. I spent about thirty minutes with the people who count and had a really great visit. I plan on going back soon.

Everyone seems as miserable as ever and they've actually hired a couple of people back because the Feudal Overlords realised that they couldn't run the place on a wing, a prayer, and three temps. Why anyone would go back is beyond me, but everyone's situation is different, so I'm not judging or hating. I wish them all very best of luck if they remain in said Hellhole.

Am now waiting on Aunt Tudi to finish getting ready, then it's off to the doctor! I may take the laptop with me since the battery is charged up, and write some on The Chalice while I wait on Aunt Tudi at Dr. Boscia's. Then we're off to Dr. Patch's with the ingredients of Sleepytime Tea in tow. Gloria is going to ask doc what herb is it in the tea that is the equivalent of crack for cats, and if it's safe. If it's safe, I'm going to ply Shmoop with an abundance of the brew. She could use a downer.

No sign of "Cormorant" yet. And I weep.
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Shmoop loves Sleepytime Tea. She just finished rubbing all over a used tea bag, purring, and acting the fool. I checked the ingredients to see if catnip was in the tea, but it's not. But there's something in that tea that makes Shmoop all flippy. It's adorable. At one point she was lying on her back with the teabag on her chest. Adorable.
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I need something and I don't know what it's called, so I'm dubbing it a "contraption" until that time some kind soul enlightens my dumb ass. I need a contraption that clips onto my laptop screen on which I can perch papers. Shmoop has made it more than obvious that I am not allowed to be on the computer without her presence and it makes it nigh to impossible to work with any papers I might need. I'm gonna have to get this contraption before I start school; otherwise, I'm gonna be SKA-REWED!

I do adore this cat, though. She is such a sweetie. Verily does she live up to her name. I don't think I've ever encountered a schmoopier cat than Shmoop. Some may say I should just set her off me and continue with my work, but I can't resist her. No! I will purchase a contraption that will allow me to continue with my duties whilst basking in the presence of my Shmoop.
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She's feeling much better today, although she's giving me harsh glances after I pour that icky goo down her throat. After pretty much ignoring me all day long 'cos she was too busy being a teenage cat on the loose, Shmoop suddenly decided it was cuddlin' time when I drug out my computer. I would have made this update some time ago, but Shmoop was lying on the keyboard, vibrating with Power Purr. How can I compete with that?

Speaking of Shmoop, I bought her her very own Kennel Cab yesterday. She was not amused. I'm planning on getting some sticky letters that look really cartoonish and spelling her name out on top of the case so it can be ID'd at Dr. Patch's when Shmoop is staying with them. Again, she's not amused. Both Shmoop and Smidgen prefer staying at home and lording it over the rest of us. Isn't that cat nature?

Early on

Oct. 25th, 2005 10:59 am
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Upon waking at 7 AM, I decided to stay up instead of lying down for a few more hours, as has been my routine of late. This gives me about 4.5 hours of sleep and, already, I'm feeling the burn of sleepies.

There are things to do today, but I'm waiting for it to warm up a little first. Right now, I'm covered with as many blankets and comforters I could find and I'm still chilly.

One thing I needed to do I've already accomplished: I spoke with Lori at Dr. Patch's office about Shmoop. She put me on hold to go talk to Doc, who suggested that I come in for more Amoxil Drops. It turns out that this medicine only holds for about 14 days, so I've been administering something that was doing Shmoop absolutely no good. How was I to know? Duh. I also asked about the symptoms of dog flu that is going around right now. For any readers with dogs, I'm typing the symptoms in large font so it won't be easy to overlook.

Make certain your dog has a bordatella shot, so you can differentiate between flu and kennel cough.
Watch for coughing, diarrhea, vomiting
If you see these symptoms, get your dog to the doctor, but don't take her/him inside
Call ahead with your concerns

To my knowledge, the dog flu can't jump from dogs to humans like the current avian influenza, so please don't banish your dog out of fear. That's wrong, man, wrong!

Speaking of dogs, Chester took a tumble last night. He was balanced on the back of the love seat when Janice came down to visit, got a little excited, lost his balance and fell flat on the floor. Later on, Aunt Tudi was cuddling him and asked him if he was sore.....and Chester answered: "uh huh." We both were astonished, but I told Aunt Tudi there was no use in proclaiming to the world that we have a talking dog. Every time we'd try to show him off, he'd just sit there and make Yorkie noises, but as soon as the strangers were gone, he'd pick up his top hat and cane and start singing "Michigan Rag." I know it to be true.

One of the reasons I was up so late last night is I was watching one of my favourite guilty pleasure movies on Turner South. Ice Pirates was on. This is the movie from which I got the notorious "space herpe," which makes me titter with glee every time I think about it. While watching Ice Pirates, it dawned on me how similar this movie is to Joss Whedon's Firefly, based on what little I know about Firefly. I could be wrong, but I can't help but suspect a little bit of recycling was performed in the writing of Firefly and Serenity. Should Robert Urich be spinning in his grave?

Also, last night, Aunt Tudi and I were discussing Christmas. She's the Bob Cratchett of our household and I am Scrooge. Most years, we don't do much because we really can't afford it. I despise the fact that what should be a holy season for so many different religions has become a commercial mishmash of horror, but Aunt Tudi gets all starry-eyed and wants to give to everybody and his brother. This year will be the first in many where we can marginally afford the kind of Christmas Aunt Tudi likes. I informed of this last night, saying "We're going to do Christmas your way this time and give shit to a bunch of people I don't like." Hey, I gotta stay in character.

I have an appointment with Jan in Human Resources at The Pit today at 4 PM. I was going to have her fill out my insurance paper for credit card payment protection, but the idjits at account secure sent me the wrong form, sending me the disability forms instead of the unemployment forms. So I'm SOL. I must call them this morning and get that straightened out.

For now, though, I'm keeping under the covers and praying for the feeling to come back in my toes.
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Last night, I apparently had some sort of reaction to the Lunesta (or something) and I put on a show for Aunt Tudi. She audio taped some of the shit I was muttering, but grew rather worried when I got up and started playing with matches. I burned an entire box of the small wooden matches and piled the burnt matches in a neat little pyramid on the kitchen table. I then returned to bed and attempted to play with a book of matches. What's so weird is, I remember parts of this, but I thought it was only a dream. Aunt Tudi told me that I proclaimed that I wanted to "do" Harry Potter, then blurted out "You ain't the boss of me!" So, yeah.... I'm a little leery of going to bed tonight.

My review at SCEC was a raging success. It looks like I'll remain qualified for unemployment benefits for at least 6 or 7 more weeks, no sweat!

After I got outta there, Aunt Tudi and I went to Verizon to renew our contract and get new phones. Mine is a Motorola flip phone and hers is a Samsung flip phone. As soon as I can, I plan on reading the instruction booklets from cover to cover, then teaching Aunt Tudi how to use her new phone. She was uncomfortable with the last phone she had, a little Kyocera, so this is gonna be fun getting her updated with something that looks like Captain Kirk would use it to have Scottie beam him up.

Shmoop is still snuffly, so I'll be calling Doc in the morning to see what the dealio is. I also need to find out the symptoms of the dog flu that's going around, so I'll know what to watch for with our beloved canines.

I'm off again now to go find a blanket for Aunt Tudi. You can read small-print newspaper articles through the one she has now and it's supposed to be colder than a witch's tittie tonight.
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Shmoop is sick. She's come down with some bug. This morning, I gave her some Amoxil Drops and will do the same tomorrow morning. If she's not considerably better by Tuesday morning, Shmoop is going to see Dr. Patch. For now, she's all puny and clingy, wanting "mama" to make it all go away, so I'm going to have to put away the computer and snuggle with her. She's already lying part way on the keyboard.
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I got a call from Llew earlier wherein he cursed me mightily and thanked me profoundly for getting him into LOST. He has two more discs of Season 1 to go, so I expect he'll be calling me again to babble incoherently after he's watched those. Before I lent him the DVDs, I told him that he would have questions....many many questions....but don't ask me any of them, 'cos I don't have the answers and it would only serve to piss me off.

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to make others as miserable as myself. That's why I convert folks to LOST. I shouldn't be the only soul writhing in confusion and wonderment!

There is a gentleman on the telly who has had extensive body modifications to turn himself into a part reptile, part human. Aunt Tudi is predictably flabbergasted and I am predictably in awe. Although I wouldn't go so far as Lizard Boy, I would undergo a couple of body mods. [livejournal.com profile] obie posted a link to some photos of someone who had gotten surgery to make his ears pointed. I would so do that. That's something I have always wanted, pointed ears and a tail. I probably wouldn't do the tail, but the ears? Hell yeah! If I ever have enough money to do that, I would be all over it. I'd probably get some permanent eyeliner as well. Eyeliner is probably my favourite makeup because it helps my eyes look much larger and darker. Having it permanently would be incredibly convenient.

Shmoop is a menace to Aunt Tudi. Because Aunt Tudi slips the beasties treats on the down low, Shmoop has it in her head that, whenever Aunt Tudi is in the kitchen, it's treat time, and she deploys her claws into Aunt Tudi's legs to express her bountiful anticipation. After doctoring Aunt Tudi's thigh with merthiolate, I advised her to cease the distribution of treats. The animals really don't need them and it only serves to encourage bad behaviour on Shmoop's part. Whether or not Aunt Tudi will comply with my requests is anybody's guess.

The Random

Oct. 21st, 2005 07:22 pm
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It's been a very slow day. Aunt Tudi has slept for the majority of the day and I took a killer nap myself. As mentioned in my previous post, nothing was really accomplished today, so Monday is going to feel more like a Monday for the first time in a very long time. Business, business, business.

A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story just came on. This movie is for me what Mommie Dearest is for [livejournal.com profile] green_goblin70. I'm horrified by it, yet I must watch it. After this, the sequel comes on. It's called Her Final Fury. I'll be here until 11 PM, wincing and fidgeting in response to the horror of it all.

Aunt Tudi took this picture of Shmoop and me all unconscious last night. This is our state every night: me on my back and Shmoop spread out on my abdomen and chest like warm kitty butter.

kitty spread )

I saw Rick yesterday. He invited Llew and me to his Hallowe'en party next weekend. I'm planning on going and may go as Sadako. This way, I can wear my nightgown and be all comfy. Of course, I'll need to shave my legs if I do this. If I don't, I'll be attending the party dressed as Sasquatch impersonating Sadako, and that would just be uncool. I suggested to Rick that he dress up like Darth Maul and then I would molest him. He said he'd have to have someone paint his face, that he couldn't do it himself. I volunteered. Of course, we were both just kidding. He mentioned he was planning on being a vampire. That would work, methinks. I'll be taking pictures. Lots of 'em.

Earlier today, [livejournal.com profile] clumsycake called, but it was during my nap so I think I said a couple of incoherent things to her, and then hung up. I tried to call her a little while ago, but the phone was busy. An apology is in order, methinks.

My visit to Llew last night was brief. He's still not feeling well, so we rescheduled for Saturday. I lent him my LOST DVDs, informing him that he would have a number of questions upon viewing the show, but don't ask me any of them, 'cos I don't know and it'll just piss me off. He asked me what it was all about and I told him that LOST as like The X-Files meets Gilligan's Island meets Land of the Lost in Hell. That peaked his interest considerably.

I am hellbent on going to Asheville one day next week. The colours on the Blue Ridge Parkway will be near peak by then. It's always nice to go back home and soak up the town's ambiance. Someday, I hope to move back home.


Oct. 20th, 2005 10:51 pm
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Here I sit with a wee cat curled up in my lap, purring so hard, she sounds like a jackhammer. I've noticed that I talk to Shmoop all the time. I'm usually not one to carry on conversations with animals but, with Shmoop, I find myself carrying on long conversations. It's so cute how she listens intently to everything I say. Really, it wouldn't surprise me to learn she understood what I was saying. She's a smart one, Shmoop is.

Her ear is almost completely knitted back together, which is a relief. It would be a shame for her to have a permanent battle scar. When I take her in to Dr. Patch next month for boarding during mine and Aunt Tudi's New York trip, I need to make sure I ask Doc to double check Shmoop's ear to see if everything is in order. I'm hoping he'll say that my first aid was the best route and he doesn't expect any complications from Shmoop's injury.

I can't imagine not having Shmoop around now. When she first came to us, I figured that I would eventually return her to Mama Agro because she really wasn't so keen on being around any of us. But, as she grew, she became very attached to all of us and she bonded with me. When her medical treatments were over with, I offered to let her back out to be with her family, but she came back to me. And, when she's curled up on my lap like she is now, I have no doubt that she considers me her family now and this makes me incredibly happy.
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I woke up unbelievably early with a migraine that just didn't seem to want to quit. Popping an Imitrex, I lay back down for a short while. Thirty minutes passed and the headache was still raging, so I took another Imitrex and lay down again. The time I had allotted to get cleaned up and ready for the second part of the College Workshop 100. I was now officially late.

The headache continued, so I ate a pain pill and lay down on our marshmallow sofa. It was 9 AM by then. There was no way I would be able to go back to STC today. Actually, I'm not much concerned about it anyway, 'cos this is aimed toward folks who want to be art of Smart Jobs. Today would have consisted of listening to representatives from various local businesses while they told us what their expectations of new employees may be. What a crock o'doody.

Instead, I'm going to go over to One Stop, hopefully tomorrow, and see about WIA. I'm also going to call admin at STC and set up an appointment to tour the school and learn more about it, as well as taking my placement test to get that out of the way. I also need to fill out my financial aid forms and get that ball rolling.

The head has calmed down considerably, which is why I'm no online. If the head were still raging and vibrating, I would still be lying down preparing myself for the Big Sleep.

I have four unusual cat photos.

click here to see them wth commentary that's only available on the collectors' DVD )

There are gnats in our house. There are gnats all over the place. Everyone in the neighbourhood is having serious gnat issues here. I don't mind gnats and I don't kill them. Why bother? Their fucking gnats. The only problem I have with them is that they are quite inclined to fly right into your eyeballs. Why the hell do that do that? Don't they know it spells doom for them? There's really nothing worse than having a small creature struggling for freedom on the surface of your eyeball. I shudder from the mere thought of it.

Rumble Cat

Oct. 18th, 2005 06:29 pm
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Shmoop has gone and gotten herself into a feline bar room brawl. She came back home with a tear in her right ear and a few tufts of fur gone. Smidgen was around Shmoop's age when she came home with a bite on her toe. With Smidgen, I lean in the direction of her being the victim in her fight, because Smidge is simply a sweet-natured little lady. Shmoop, on the other hand, most likely deserved the ass-kicking she came home with because Shmoop is a little loud-mouthed brat.

I've washed her ear thoroughly, dried it gently, and applied polysporin. I'm also on high alert for the next couple of days to see if any of those missing tufts become abscessed bites. I'm hoping that's not the case. The entire time I doctored Shmoop, she talked to me, not in an "ow you're hurting me" way; rather, in a "fake animal doctors make for such iiiiiinteresting people" way. Just very conversational, like she was at that beauty shop in Steel Magnolias. I adore that kitten, even if she is a little smartass.

I expect her to come home with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in her arm fur and sporting a "MOM" tattoo.
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6 AM jangled my nerve (singular) and I slithered out of bed, feeling as hideous as I look. At 7:30, Aunt Tudi and I gathered up the dogs and Shmoop, and took them to the vet's office. Michelle is supposed to call us when the pups are ready to come back home. Shmoop won't be taking much of Dr. Patch's time since she's only there for a quick recheck from her surgery. Gravy.

Speaking of cats, while I was in the backyard feeding the Pride, Lynx came up to me and started rubbing along my leg. I scritched him behind the ear and picked him up to pet him some more. He's a real sweetheart! I checked out his rear parts to see if he had any tail at all. He has a furry button of a tail. So, now, Lynx has a nickname: Button Butt!

I believe it's time for a nap. This Moon is kicking my behonkie all over the place. My tentative plans to drive up to Asheville have been put off until that time I'm feeling considerably better and not so achy and hormonal. Aunt Tudi is cool with staying home. In fact, she's asleep on the love seat as I type this. Neither of us are worth crap.

Oh, and I'm a Socialist.

Like really! )

I want to write more, but I can't think of what I want to write. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. I may just force myself, though. Sui Generis is just frothing to be completed. Maybe I'll work on that later.

Ho hum.
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I was up and out the door by 9:30 to go pick up Shmoop from Dr. Patch's office. Did that and came back home with the irritable little babe. She's all puny and moody, poor thing. I don't know where she is now. She's crawled off in a dark place to rest, as cats are prone to do after surgery. Po bebbe.

Once I had her settled, I popped online to find an email from B. Already the release date for "Cormorant" has changed. It's now scheduled to hit stores on 27 October. Music companies are so indecisive.... I changed the sites accordingly and sent an email out to the Shriekback Digital Conspiracy mailing list to let them know.

Aunt Tudi mentioned our going to see a movie later on. Maybe we will. I dunno. I'm in the mood to close all the doors, turn out all the lights, and sit in a corner. Yes, it's PMS time! At least this month, I will be able to shut out the entire world and be left to my own devices. I'm hungry and I'm craving chocolate. Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

On the way to Dr. Patch's, I was listening to some ELO and letting Jeff Lynne lighten my poor mood. "Sweet Talkin' Woman" came on and I got to thinking about what a motherfucker Huey Lewis is. He had the audacity to sue Ray Parker Jr. over "Ghostbusters" because it sounded a little too much like "I Want a New Drug." Excuse me, you talentless, wedge-headed prick? Don't you think that "Do You Believe in Love" was a little too much of a rip off of "Sweet Talkin' Woman?" Huey Lewis needs to be crushed by a rogue Killdozer. No, really. He deserves killin' with extreme prejudice. Prick....

And what's up with this blogthing, telling me that I like people? Excuse me?

a quiz )

I need to go get something to eat. I've been up for hours with nary a bite so I'm a wee bit peckish now.


Sep. 14th, 2005 07:59 pm
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I've been nauseated all day, horking up just about everything I've eaten. Yuck.

Got my first unemployment check in the mail. I'm making about $20 less than I was in The Pit. Once I have the car and credit paid off, I'll have much more money being unemployed than I did being a serf. How's that for poetic justice?

Errands to run tomorrow and Friday is Shmoop's spaying appointment.

I think I'll watch more Lost until I perish for the evening.

La Vitesse

Aug. 20th, 2005 03:16 pm
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I'm about half-watching the movie Speed. The thrill is gone, since I've seen the movie a quarter of a million times. But the first time...whoa! My ass chewed a hole in the set at the movie theatre. Thanks to Eddie Izzard, neither [livejournal.com profile] clumsycake nor myself can say Speed without saying it with a French accent.

It's been a blah sort of day so far. I slept late, really late, and have basically just lain around and bled all day. My home is the closest thing to a menstrual hut I can get. I have all the doors and windows closed and the A/C going strong. It's still hot in here because I live on the fucking sun. It's just not this hot in Western North Carolina. The mountains make it to where there's almost a constant breeze and the higher elevations make the air cooler. I'm just really missing home today.

Now that Shmoop has had her boosters, she can now go outside if she so desires. She doesn't. I've let her out twice today and she ran right back in when she realised she'd left he nest. Unlike Smidgen, Shmoop is quite timid it seems. So we may have a true blue house cat on our hands. That's okay. I don't mind. In many ways, it's a relief, because I always worry about my cat friends getting into trouble out of doors. I won't hold any cat hostage though. They can all come and go as they please, as is their cat nature. It's just hard to see them walking off and wonder if you're ever going to see them again.

They just pulled Keanu out from under the bus. Yay for action flicks!
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Now tell me she doesn't live up to it. I double dog dare you.

shmoop )


Aug. 5th, 2005 09:04 am
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First off, WORK. These people are driving me fucking batshit. Yes, it's true! The 311 mailings are still loitering on around my cube. I have a publicity list that seems to go with nothing else. I have a press kit that apparently is still missing the photo and order. I now have an order for a mailing that doesn't match up with anything else I have. And I have the Winits order finally, but the authorisation code isn't valid, so I have to wait for a new code or new order before I can proceed. All this is supposed to go out today. Ain't.....gonna....happen.

Also, I have an order for Classics that this dude called about last night, wanting it to go overnight. Excuse me, but we are all gone by 5 PM and this order came in at 5:44 last night. Now, I'm waiting to hear back from him to see if he still wants this overnighted or if I should disregard.

I hate having shit on my desk with which I can do nothing. It makes me paranoid that I'm missing something, so I'm constantly shuffling through papers and getting all antsy. Three more weeks of this crapola.....three.....more.....weeks........three.....more..........weeksssssssssss.........................................

I had a very alarming dream last night that shall haunt me to the end of my days. It involved someone who shall remain nameless who proceeded to seduce me during my visit, then engaged in terrifying me during "the deed." I also asked him about his girlfriend and, at first he said "who?" then said, "well, we just won't tell her, now will we?" Then he grinned maliciously and molested me vigourously. Never have I had such thoughts much less dreamed about him in such a way. Never do I want to again. It was too....too...::shudder::

The weird thing about the dream though is that his home was a floating home. It was like a big rickety longship in the sky. Very rustic and sci-fi all at the same time.

Lately, I've gotten in the habit of calling Shmoop "Cat Meat." It's her new nickname and she's beginning to answer to it. Why I have started calling her Cat Meat is beyond me. Somehow, it seems to fit though.

Lastly, I'm pissed with Aunt Tudi. Having decided to go comfy to work today, I donned my black jeans and headed out for The Pit. On my way out, Aunt Tudi commented wondering where the small family that should move into my pants was. Yeah, I know my pants are loose. Yeah, I know I have no ass. Thank you very much Aunt Tudi. It reminded me of Joanie, constantly saying, "Tracy, you have no butt!" Being Laotian, she sounded just like that lady on "King of the Hill" when she says "Peggy Hill got big feet!" I told her that one day, too. She just laughed.

Thank the Mighties it's Friday. Even though it's gonna be a busy weekend, at least it won't be here in The Pit.
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Honestly, this is how she sleeps most of the time. I'm gonna have to take her to a chiropractor.

Shmoop )
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Only because it's a major breakthrough. Tonight is the first time Smidgen and Shmoop have actually slept together. They've been bonding on all other levels, including cleaning each other and eating together, but they'd never snoozed together until tonight. As far as I'm concerned, they have completely bonded now and will always be true sisters in Bastet.

Despite the horror of the last few days, this makes me so happy I could pop. For the first time in days I am glad.

sisters in bastet )
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Both came to me very sick and on the edge of death. Both are now healthy as horses and the very best of friends.

I present Smidgen and Shmoop )
Aloysius is still doing fabulously, as is Biafra, although I don't see much of Biafra. She comes to eat, but often when no one else is around. She's feral and will always be so. It saddens me.

As for Iggy, she will have her stitches removed on Monday. Her ferality also seems irreversible. It seems that, since she's no longer in heat, I have nothing to offer her. She growls and warns me off every time I come near her. Honestly, I think she'll be happier back outdoors. [livejournal.com profile] dr_nebula, I am so sorry! I've tried my best, but I really don't think it would work out. Neither she nor you would be happy in Iggy's current state of mind.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle trying to save all the cats but, when I look into the faces of Smidgen and Shmoop, I feel better and move along in the quest. I just need to keep it all in perspective and know that I can't save everyone, but I can at least make everyone's life a little easier, if it's ony by putting out some food each day.

::firm nods::
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GAH! I can't bring Iggy home until Shmoop has her boosters next week. Good news is the doc is working with me, so all is still well. I've had so many cat issues lately, it's a wonder I haven't grown whiskers.

On the way out of the house with Shmoop, I enjoyed the lovely sensation of a raindrop plopping in my ear. By the time I was at Dr. Patch's for an hour, I had that weirdo pressure thing going on in my head, like when you go up to the mountains and you need to pop your ears. The only problem is, I can't pop my ear! I have this dollop of water floating around in my head and can barely hear out of my left ear. Oh, the misery!

No BSG tonight. I may turn in early. After spending 2.5 hours at the vet's office and developing some strange version of swimmer's ear, I need a long lie down. And I'm gonna have one, dammit. No one can dissuade me!

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