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When Janice realised a few hours ago that I had put my feelers out for a twin/half bed, she told me that I could have hers, which is in pretty much brand new condition. She is wanting to get rid of the bed, because she has a new suit with a larger bed that's better support to her ailing back. Fine with me! I was pleased. Feelin' groovy.  Paul Simon was prepared to serenade me!  

Then, about an hour after that good news, I got a call from JoLee at Stonesthrow. I could tell by the tone of her voice things weren't good, before she even had the chance to say, "We've got a little issue with the apartment."

Oh, no.

But it wasn't a bad thing at all, except for a brief delay in when I'll move in.  JoLee went on to explain that the apartment would not be ready until Friday, June the 9th, three days after my initial move-in date.  I told her that would be fine, it was not a really big deal, 'cos I knew Janice wouldn't mind me staying a few extra days. That's when JoLee told me that the property manager had taken off the pet deposit, as well as the monthly pet rent, for one of the furkids, to make up for any inconvenience the delay might have caused me.

But wait, there's more!  Because my move-in date changed, I had to contact the power company and AT&T to change my utilities transfer and Internet installation date.  It was whilst chatting with an agent at ATT.com, it was revealed that the price of $30 the first agent I'd spoken with had locked in for me had not actually been locked in, and I was designated in the system to be paying $40 a month for Internet, after paying my $99 installation fee.  

Oh, no.

But the agent told me he could correct the mistake, that my promised price was good.  The problem was, the system wouldn't let him change anything about the order, so he had to cancel it.  That's when things got really good.  Not only did he place me a new order for the 9th of June, but he also waived the installation fee, for the inconvenience of the botched first order!  I have confirmation of the new arrangements in email and chat.

Thanks to these folks wanting to ensure I wasn't upset about [not] being inconvenienced, I now have fundage for groceries in June (and stuff to cook them in and eat them on, thanks to my Tribe, you know who you are!), barring any unforeseen horror stories lurking in the shadows of chance.

My Shivers

May. 20th, 2012 03:45 pm
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I have spent the last two nights at Diane's and will probably go tonight too. I find that I'm better able to write over there, that my mind isn't nearly as fuzzy. There's just something about this house now that makes me feel almost homeless and scattered.

One of the sentences that came to me yesterday, and it actually just fell out of my head like a mighty beautiful monster, was this:  This nameless Darkling was like a hymn made manifest, and she desired to sing him for the eternity in which she resided.

I know it's from some musical influence as well as reading Clive Barker right now. The greatest horrors have always had a deeply religious undertone for me. It's as though I am constantly approaching an altar made of blood and bone.

Musically speaking, I'm an extremely happy camper at the mo. Extremely. Overwhelmingly so. And I'm making note of that here, for journalistic purposes, but can say no more than that. I just find it amusing that the same elements that met at the crossroads decades along, once again meet with much the same effect.

I believe that there are themes in every person's life that continually repeat themselves as a way of defining the individual. And these themes, these religious icons of a sort, spiral in a dance of creation and perpetuity. My religious icons just happen to be beautiful monsters...with a brilliant disguise.

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